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Rooted in Jesus is a group course in Christian discipleship written for use in Africa. It is the only material of its kind written especially for the use of ordinary African Christians, rather than translated from material developed for the West – where people face different problems and challenges in their Christian lives.

a RinJ group in Zambia

Since its beginning in 2002, Rooted in Jesus has been adopted by over 100 dioceses and denominations in 19 African countries. In 2010 we developed a companion Rooted in Jesus Junior programme for use in Sunday Schools, and that too is in wide use. The two courses have now been translated in whole or in part into 48 languages.

Whether you are an African diocese or network considering introducing Rooted in Jesus, or a UK church or individual considering joining a team or supporting it, you will find all the information you need on this website. To catch up with the latest news do sign up to our blog, or follow us on Facebook.

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Rooted in Jesus is published and supported by The Mathetes Trust, a UK registered charity. It is financed entirely through donations - if you would like to help please click on the purple button or visit our giving page.



Making a difference

Rooted in Jesus was introduced to the Diocese of Butere, Kenya, in July 2017. From the beginning Bishop Timothy Wambunya observed: "“They seem to have embraced or understood this Rooted in Jesus training, and they seem more determined to go forward and share it with other people, which we haven’t seen before in any of the other courses that we have done – and we have done many other courses! This Rooted in Jesus seems to be the one that has finally helped us turn that corner.”

Three years on, there are 710 established groups across the diocese, including 91 new Rooted in Jesus Junior groups in the Sunday Schools. Many of the original groups have completed the course, and a second generation of groups is now being formed. Coordinator Benjamin Kibara reports:

"We have seen the Lord using the Rooted in Jesus groups to bring hope and transformation. This resource is indeed a gift from God. Many people came to know the Lord through the RinJ groups. Broken relationships in families were restored. There was increased commitment and engagement from RinJ members in church activities. Giving in churches has gone up tremendously in parishes that have engaged actively in the groups. Many gave testimonies of healing that occurred, especially during the conference prayer ministry time. I was encouraged by the way 110 high school boys have demonstrated maturity in schools due to their learning from RinJ groups." Revd Capt Benjamin Kibara, Diocesan Executive Secretary for Mission & Ministry Training


Rooted in Jesus training in Butere, July 2018