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Diocese of Kirinyaga (from 2004)

During the 2004 SOMA mission to the Anglican Province of Kenya, we were able to offer 2 Rooted in Jesus seminars in the united dioceses of East Kenya.

In Kirinyaga diocese Lucy Mgwanja began by using Rooted in Jesus in Sunday school. She then set up groups for the Mothers Union and for men, drawing together people from different denominations in her home town of Kerugoya. In July 2015 Lucy told us that her own church has 100 children in RinJ Junior groups, and there is an adult group in each of the 8 churches in her parish.

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Diocese of Bungoma (from 2006)

In 2006 David Munby, a Canon of the Diocese, ran some Rooted in Jesus training as part of a wider team visit. 25 evangelists and 5 clergy took part in a pilot project, and some groups were soon established. A return visit in February 2009 found that despite the troubles Kenya was then facing, some groups were still continuing. The Provost was using it very successfully in his cell groups and also amongst the displaced people he was caring for. By December 2009, six groups had completed the course.

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Covenant Church International (from 2009)

Covenant Church International was founded by its General Secretary David ole Kereto in 2006, and by 2008 it was identified as the fastest growing denomination in Kenya. CCI works primarily in rural locations amongst the Masai, and places its priority on evangelism. We were invited to introduce Rooted in Jesus to pastors in Kajiado and Narok. The two conferences were attended by leaders from 5 denominations. A second team visited in March 2010 to run further introductory conferences in Rotian and Ntulele.

Rooted in Jesus is used in Masai and in Swahili, in the local churches and in Narok prison.

The following year David wrote: "We have had a long drought that affected Maasailand so much that the Maasai people were scattered everywhere but we thank God that we now have rain and people have returned to their original homes. The ROOTED IN JESUS seminars that we had last time help individual Christians to grow spiritually and also the numbers of people in Churches where the Conferences were done have increased. There is a huge multiplication both in quantity and in quality."

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Diocese of Kericho (from 2011)

Jackson ole Sapit is the bishop of the Diocese of Kericho, founded in 2008, and now the Archbishop of Kenya. The diocese covers the South Rift area of SW Kenya, and has 107 congregations across this mostly Masai region. Bishop Jackson is also the Chair of the inter-denominational Masai Pastors Association, with whom we worked in 2009 and 2010. The diocese held two Rooted in Jesus conferences in October 2011, attended by leaders from 40 churches from the Narok and Transmara districts, facilitated by a team from the UK and Tanzania.

In October 2013 a further conference was led by a team from Trinity Cheltenham, which has strong links with the Diocese of Kericho. 34 people, including the 18 clergy of the diocese and Bishop Jackson, attended the conference. Tim Grew reports that 'there was a strong sense of engagement, and high levels of participation, interest, involvement throughout', and one man was particularly touched: 'There was one lay leader, Frances from Narok who was so enthusiastic about the whole thing that it kept him awake on return to his town that Friday night. And at 2am in the morning he felt the Lord prompt him to go to the church (ACK St Luke's) where they have an all night prayer meeting every Friday. He spent from 3am to 6am in utterly abandoned joy and laughter! He is now the area coordinator for RinJ.' We hope that this conference, and the strategic planning which followed it, will provide the additional impetus needed to establish Rooted in Jesus throughout the diocese.

In July 2015 coordinator Dominic ole Santeto reported that 17 churches now have established RinJ groups, some of which have reached the fourth book of the programme.

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Diocese of Kajiado (from 2013)

In October 2013 we accepted an invitation from Bishop Gaddiel Lenini and Archdeacon Obadiah Mushene to lead two Rooted in Jesus conferences in Kajiado and in Oloitokitok. Each was attended by 40 pastors and lay leaders; 47 groups are now planned. The conferences were marked by remarkable outpourings of the Holy Spirit, and several miraculous healings.

The team was led by Mike Edson, with Chris Clark, Stephen Barbor, Sylvia Barbor and Obadiah Mushene.

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Pentecostal networks (from 2014)

In April a team from the UK Leadership Development Partnerwship lled two conferences to introduce Rooted in Jesus to two Pentcostal networks of churches. In Kombewa, SW Kenya, they worked with the Glad Tidings Churches and trained 66 people from some ten churches; Rooted in Jesus will be used in Swahili, Masai and Luo. In Bungoma, Western Kenya, the trained 103 people from a network of four church groupings, collectively known as Vine International. Bishop Dan Makecho of Vine International wrote afterwards "There  already testimonies about Rooted in Jesus. Yesterday there was no preaching at Bungoma church. We just enjoyed Rooted in Jesus and the result was that two people gave their lives to Christ; it was a wonderful time for us. I have never seen people excited and participating as I did yesterday, no dozing off, very  attentive and full of enthusiasm. People contributed so much and at the end of the service every body could describe what is a Christian. It was just a trial for us but gave great results. We are looking forward now to study lesson one together in groups.”

In September 2015 the team returned to Kenya to work again with Vine International and Glad Tidings churches, and for the first time with two groups of leaders from the Pentecostal Evangelical Fellowship of Africa (PEFA). They ran four conferences, in Ruiru (Nairobi), Bungoma, Kombewa (in Nyanza Province) and Muragng'a (Central Province). They trained 155 leaders. Reports from those who had started RinJ groups in 2014 were encouraging, with reports of church growth, multiplication of groups, identification of new leaders, spiritual growth in group members, increased commitment and discipleship, and a new group dynamic. The conferences were all marked by answered prayer and physical healings.

In November 2016 the team returned to Bungoma, Kombewa and Ruiru to introduce Rooted in Jesus Junior to some 70 Sunday School teachers. The conferences were marked by the presence of the Holy Spirit, with people being touched both spiritually and physically.

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Diocese of Maseno South (from 2014)

In October 2014 a team from the UK and Kenya travelled to Kisumu at the invitation of Bishop Francis Abiero and Capt Joshua Opondo to introduce Rooted in Jesus to the Diocese of Maseno South. 37 delegates attended, both clergy and lay. Team member John Guest reported that "The Lord was greatly glorified during our conference and there were many miracles of grace, healing and renewal." Joshua Opondo, the diocese mission coordinator, has used Rooted in Jesus with both adults and youth, and has taken part in a number of teams to other dioceses.

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Diocese of Bondo (from 2015)

In April 2015 a team travelled to the diocese of Bondo in SW Kenya, at the invitation of Bishop Johannes Angela. The team, with members from the US and from Kenya, led two introductory conferences at which 127 people were trained to lead Rooted in Jesus groups. The Diocesan Mission Coordinator Revd William Otieno Abungo was appointed diocesan coordinator, and Bishop Angela tells us that RinJ has now become the primary focus of William's ministry.

Diocese of Butere (from 2017)

In June 2017 two introductory Rooted in Jesus conferences were held in Butere at the invitation of Bishop Timothy Wambunya. We sent a small team of just three people from the US and from Kenya to run what turned out to be the biggest conferences in the history of Rooted in Jesus. Over 300 leaders were trained. Rooted in Jesus will be used to form discipleship groups throughout the diocese, and to follow up the hundreds of new Christians from a recent mission. We have received reports from Diocesan Coordinator Benjamin Kibara detailing the growth of the groups across the diocese since then - more books have been printed, and further training is planned.

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