Revd Jacob Lihhima, a group coordinator in Tanzania, wrote to us :

The testimonies of the groups, their cheerfulness and generosity, their gentleness and desire to know the word of God - causes me to be in debt to them. I saw with certainty the way in which the teachings of Rooted in Jesus change people to live lives that glorify God and live in God's love.

Many of the group members are reciting the verses, even those who cannot read or write; the old men are able to tell you the memory verses - this truly is encouraging.

But I cannot forget the testimony of one brother from a group in the parish of Logoeti. His testimony is that he had bad habits, but now he really thanks God. Before he started hearing the teachings of the group he left his wife to be with another woman. He really tormented his wife and gave her no money and abandoned his children so that they were no longer able to go to school. But after learning about the word of God he cried and decided to return to them and to take back his wife and to totally leave the other woman behind. Now they live with great joy because Jesus has turned their lives around and he reigns and is the shepherd in their lives.

Another thing that I learn was that when students finish learning Book 1 they go on to receive certificates. Because of this I have seen students longing to learn the word of God in order to receive a certificate, something which gives them respect. As a result their family and visitors see how they have roots in Jesus.

Jacob has now travelled to DR Congo to help introduce Rooted in Jesus to the diocese of Nord Kivu.

October 2006