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We have received many frankly astonishing testimonies from those who are overseeing Rooted in Jesus, from the group leaders and from the group members themselves.

‘There has been an eruption of spiritual growth and strong faith amongst many Christians in the parishes which have been practising the Rooted in Jesus course’, Isaiah Chambala wrote from Arusha deanery, Tanzania. ‘The testimonies of the groups, their cheerfulness and generosity, their gentleness and desire to know the word of God – causes me to be in debt to them,’ Jacob Lihhima reported after visiting the Kiteto groups. ‘Thanks to God I am again in Lichinga after seeing the miracles produced by the Holy Spirit in the Zambezia Ecclesiastical District,’ Amorim Rocha wrote from Mozambique. ‘There is tremendous transformation going on. 'Old ladies are giving testimonies of how they are being healed and touched by the Lord’s hand,' Cornelius Chalwe reported from Zambia. We have had too many stories to include them all - but we have posted a selection below.

The long term aim of Rooted in Jesus is to see changed lives, changed churches and changing communities as people grow in faith and discipleship.

In their own words: testimonies from group members in Burundi
"The leaders of the churches testified they benefitted the knowledge of the Bible through Rooted in J. Christ and the Christians who participated enjoyed it also throughout the programme. They shared the word of God: each has to speak and read the Bible and met regularly in fellowship included also the company of fellowship inter their friends. Many Christians committed their lives through Rooted in Jesus Christ from leaders reports. The new converted returned back the good news to their family, some of their relatives also get saved. Report shows that the church in South of Burundi has increased and growth quickly through the programme" - Canon Simon Sibomana, Diocese of Rumonge
“We are encouraged by the testimony of returning leaders.They are testifying to lives transformed, people giving up alcohol, people being healed, Christians who have stopped praying praying again, and a pastor who was tempted to convert to Islam staying rooted in Jesus" - Kevin Roberts, team leader, Diocese of Muyinga


In their own words: testimonies from group members in DR Congo
“I like very much these teachings because they help us to solve the problem in the marriage, in our village, in a church and even in our life. The recent problem was between a wife and her husband, for six months the wife refused to share the same room with her husband. The RinJ mothers advised her by teaching her the word of God and telling her memory verse from Rom 6:23 and Jn 1:12. She accepted to go and ask her husband to forgive her for everything she has done! The same evening there was joy in their couple and they live in peace even now." - Veronica
"Brother Felix said that the RinJ teaching created a new thing in him and gave him a spiritual tonic; changes were seen by the people nearby him and in his church they gave him opportunity to lead the Youth group" - James Mayundo, Kalemie
“After my training in Lubumbashi on how to use the Rooted in Jesus Christ programme, I went to Kolwezi for my final academic placement. I travelled by bicycle, and I have now been ministering there since April 5th 2014. When I arrived at Kolwezi I began to attend a church in my placement parish where there were 6 people. I decided to begin by teaching the Rooted in Jesus material every Sunday, and it captivated more and more people. After two months the number attending had grown to 45. God continued to help us by calling further people through healings and answered prayers. We have numerous testimonies, and today the church has at least 95 members and we have groups such as the choir, the prayer group, the Mother’s Union, the Boys Brigade and prayer cells each with their own leaders.” Catechist Joel Ngoy Makobo
“I was lost and I had abandoned the church, but when I discovered the teaching of Rooted in Jesus I received the Lord Jesus for real. I didn’t know how to share my faith or stand against witchcraft, but now I can do both these things. Certainly Jesus Christ has saved me.” - Erick
“I was a self employed miner, searching for minerals. I was fond of brawling and drunkenness, and each time I did this I would dream that I was fighting against supernatural aliens – they were like wild beasts. After receiving the teachings of Rooted in Jesus Christ, I now share the good news of Jesus Christ. I now know to pray for myself and for others. I love Jesus Christ.” Isaac
“I was a slanderer, adulterer and thief, and I had never loved the church. Today I have been saved through the teachings of Rooted in Jesus Christ, and I love Jesus Christ.” Felly
“As for me, how these lessons make me grow! No one will separate me from Rooted in Jesusduring my life on this earth, because I do not think I can testify one minute and not the next. I have been awoken from the deep sleep and from the distractions in which I lived. May God bless the person to whom he revealed this programme!” Regina
“I thank God because he has shown his power in me since I had an accident and broke my pelvis. When I received the teaching from the Rooted in Jesus course, especially John 16.24, I prayed according to what it said. One night while I was asleep, I saw someone come in and cut my hip, and my leg fell out of my trousers, so I cried out to my wife that I have lost my leg, it has just been cut off! When I opened my eyes, I could feel no pain and all my limbs were there, healed – as they have remained to this day. So I can travel by motor bike either to church or to the hospital. My family are all saved, and we believe in Jesus Christ. He is our Lord and Saviour forever.” Kulita
“I am a soldier, and although I would go to church I had no foundation of faith. But with all these teachings that I have just received, my faith is now founded on Jesus Christ. Me and my family, no one can snatch us from his hands. He is our only Lord and Saviour. We will feed on his words in the same way that we feed on real food.” Francois
“I am a pastor and preacher of the gospel, but I have always been weak. However, I now feel as if I have been vaccinated, so that I can exercise the ministry to which the Lord has called me. Already many have been saved, and have placed their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. They are now united with him and will remain so throughout their lives, thanks to the teachings of Rooted in Jesus Christ. They are no longer ignorant. They were ensnared in the teachings of the world, and they want to leave this and base their lives on the teaching ofRooted in Jesus Christ.” Revd Ngosa

In their own words: testimonies from group members in Malawi
"Rooted in Jesus has helped me know the Bible and stand firm in my faith. I work for a Muslim factory owner and the Muslims in my factory try and get the Christians to convert. Before Rooted in Jesus I didn’t know how to cope with this but now I can teach the other Christians in the factory the memory verse and help them to stand firm in their faith”, Group Leader, Blantyre
"Before Rooted in Jesus I wasn’t interested in reading the Bible or prayer – now I read the Bible and trust God every day." Group Leader, Blantyre


In their own words: testimonies from group members in Madagascar
“Before I came to Rooted in Jesus, I just came to pray at church on Sundays but there was no time
to learn the Bible. Nobody was teaching me. My life is changing because God knows me and loves me. He knows everything that I do. This makes me happy because whatever is happening in my life, my heart is full of peace. He is my shepherd who takes care of me.” Saintia
“I’ve learnt about temptation. As a young man I am tempted. The memory verse about temptation (1 Corinthians 10:13) helps me to resist. This verse makes me strong when temptation is in front of me. There is no temptation that is too difficult for us.” Andry
“Since coming to Rooted in Jesus, there have been some changes in my life. Now I like to read the Word of God and I learn the memory verses every night. Because I read the Bible every day it is making my family understand too. I can show them a good way to live.” Andrienne


In their own words: testimonies from group members in Tanzania
These are some of the testimonies given by group members in Tanzania, sent to us by the diocesan coordinators:
In Africa point of view, testimony has power in it, it is an easy way of presenting a message to  audience or individuals. Recently I visited a group at Mazame parish and found an interesting  testimony from three sisters who because of their parents divorce,  they remained alone at home, their father ran away from home. The life became very difficult to them, thus caused both of three decided to sell their bodies (prostitution) for their daily bread. They stayed in that life for a  long time, untill they heard about the love of God. The Family of one heart and mind [RinJ] meets near their home. One day one of them went to fetch water in one of nearest spring and saw people gathered in their neighbouring home. She went back home and tells other two about the gathering. They went together to hear what is going on. The word was about the Love of God without measure. It touched their hearts and gave them bad image of their parents. The message reminded them to love their parents. The message reminded them to love one another. They have now planted a church with  more than 130 Christians - Canon Jacob Robert, Diocese of Mara
"A young boy of 13 years old, whose parents are seriously traditionalists and still believe in ancestors gods,told us a story about his own life before he converted to become a Christian. He narrated to us his life at home: My father is a traditionalist god worshipper, he killed my mother and gave sacrifies to local gods. She died into my hands. We are 6 children from the my mother's womb. After the death of my mother, I joined Uncle's family where I am still living. My Uncle used take us to church. In church I met with the family of one heart and one mind and I joined them. I heard a lesson about how Jesus was crucified and died and on the third day He rose gain. In the group they said that there is no other Love like this of Jesus to take a cross for our salvation.This touches my life and I committed my life to the almighty God. From his heart, we saw God and we glorified God for what He has done to that young boy. We said, truly, the Lord comes to save" - Canon Jacob Robert, Diocese of Mara
“Judith had been a delegate in 2011 and shared her testimony. Her marriage to Michael was not good. Following a time of ministry at the previous conference she received the Holy Spirit’s joy and power into her heart and she was like a new woman. When she returned home her husband could see such a change in Judith that he wanted to come to church. He now knows Jesus and he received the Holy Spirit too” – Hilary Buckingham, Diocese of Mpwapwa
“Before to receive my life to Jesus I had one big problem, my problem was anger. Every day I was quarrel with others and my wives, but since I started to learn the Word of God and to repent this sin I feel free. Now I have peace and joy to all and my friends they wonder as well and my wives trust that real Jesus has power and all of them are in a group”. Simon has now completed Rooted in Jesus and is now training as a deacon, along with 4 others from the first generation of groups. Simon
"For long time ago I was fear as well about witchdoctor to destroy my animals and my children and everything that I had, but when I started to learn the Word of God I don't fear anything. I have power to invite my friends who are the same age to come to Jesus, because I understand and I trust in him that there is no name has power than Jesus Christ. Jesus is my protector with all that he gave me. John 20:28-29." Abraham
"More than five years I live with my husband without to get a baby. But when I started to learn the Word of God, I don't feel well because always I was feeling about baby. One day I ask my group members to pray for my problem. I remember very much the time of my group members were pray for me, from that time I conceived and now I have a baby. I thank God and I thank to all who made preparation of this lesson. John 16:24." Leah
"In beginning before the group I was dreaming bad things always I was met with bad snakes in my dreaming and the day light real I was meeting with the snakes I had seen in the night. But when I started to learn the lesson I began dreaming about heaven and I meet with angels, I don't see again any kind of snakes, I can't leave this lesson forever I will learn the word of God. 1 Corinthians 10:13." Paulina
"If you want to know the value of this book, start yourself, with your family. I can tell you I also have followed this book with my family. So I have seen how this book has helped me myself and my family. When we were starting to pray in my family, my children, who are happy to sing and dance, when we come to the Word of God, all of them go to sleep. But this is the devil! My wife and myself we pray for our children and rebuke the evil spirits. We were sitting there, and one of our sons who is very funny, when he starts to sleep, he puts his hand on his head to keep his eyes open, but he sleeps! When he started to use this book, we discovered we had few Bibles in the house for the number of people, and they were all competing to be first to get the Bibles and read the verses. I am always hiding my Bible, because they can even tear the page out! We have been thinking of having some more Bibles, now they like to read it themselves. We are no longer forcing them.They still like to praise and to sing, but now they have started to be ambitious to read the Bible. This would be my challenge; that you start with yourselves." Isaiah
"A small girl, she  is in class five, she was explaining how her father and mother passed away by HIV/AIDS, left her, when she was very young with her step father. In the group, she explained how she experience the Love of God, in particular and different ways, when she was relating John 3.16 with what she experienced, she said, it was her neighbouring sister who rescued me from the hands of my step mother who wanted to kill me because, I lost money on the road back home from buying a soap from the shop’. My step mother wanted to kill me but the Lord stood between me and her. She emphasised un-doubtfully, that, this is what God promised to all in faith in Him, that He will be with them up to the end of ages (Matthew 28.20)" – Canon Jacob Robert
"Last week I visited a group of 20 members. I went there with my office Car. I drove by my self. Nearly to the Parish compound I met with some few Church members who I felt were going to join others in their group meeting. I stopped the Car and Give them greetings as African tradition says. My greetings motivated them to tell me their stories. It was a story of how Rooted in Jesus has helped them to witness the suffering, cruxifiction, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ to the Villege families. One of the group members said to me, Revd Jacob, do you know that before I joined this church I was a Witch doctor? Furthermore, do you know that, I have been in this church for more than seven years without receiving Christ to change my life? In this point I decided to step down from my Car. She said, at the first time when I heard notices in the church, announced about Rooted in church, I decided to join the group without knowing what is going to happen in the group. The first day, our Pastor introduced what we are going to do in the group. He read some of the topics from the book, which I attracted me so much. One topic which he read was about 'Jesus is coming back'. At the moment I didn't ask any question but, I waited the day of the lesson. It was moving my heart for all time our Pastor was teaching. I felt with a sleepy, within a short time, I heard the voice speaking with me says, You are sinner, you are sinner, repent. suddenly, I awakened and felt happy and felt releasement from a kind of a heavy load. I told my Pastor about it and he laid his hand upon  my head. I felt as if something has entered in my life and my tongue started to call for Jesus. I felt lightly in my life and my heart. I went home and gave testimony to my family and friends and all people around me. To me, this is the story I never heard." Canon Jacob Robert


In their own words: testimonies from group members in South Africa
"RinJ has been such an amazing journey so far and has had such a huge impact with my relationship with Jesus Christ. Things that I used to have difficulty understanding have become so clear, it also helped me to open up when we in groups, to hear others testimonies and how people can come together and share is just amazing." - LLoyd, Diocese of Natal
“Fr. Donny, Rector of the Church of Reconciliation, Manenberg, shared the following testimony: As you know, the gangs were doing warfare and shooting innocent people. As a result, all of our schools in the area were closed. The people of my church, in particularly those leaders who were a part of the RinJ training and the RinJ groups, approached me to do something about the gang shootings. They decided to come together and pray. Then they were going to go out .. to distribute soup and bread, to talk to the gangs and to even pray with some gang members.They took to the streets, demonstrating with placards, singing choruses and praying. The group went on to invite other clergy to join them; and eventually, along with Archbishop Thabo, they held talks with the gang leaders to work out a ceasefire.Now the schools have re-opened. People have the freedom and safety to walk in the community, and RinJ groups have started to meet again.To me, Fr. Donny’s testimony is an awesome celebration of what God is able to do when He uses ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things when they are “Rooted in Jesus”. I cannot wait to share with others about the exciting things God can do in an impossible situation, using the lessons of Rooted in Jesus. All the glory goes to God who is the author and finisher of our faith.” Amanda Ohlsson,  Diocese of Cape Town
“I’m not really a “groupie” person and I kept being “nagged” about the "Rooted in Jesus" notice as it appeared regularly in the leaflet. It was quite a last minute decision because I felt I needed to explore and learn how I as an individual could allow my roots of faith to find depth and meaning through this course. And it did not disappoint!” “I now look forward to our Tuesday gathering at the Deanery and the lively and animated participation that takes place. This course has given me the opportunity of creating bonds with people in an unexpected way. I have become more conscious of how I should conduct myself, how I should treat and respect others. We have delved into the Bible and scriptures at such depth and given me a new insight into the meaning of THE WORD. Revd Claire is an excellent teacher and stretches our thinking. She is a hard task master when it comes to memorising verses and that is a personal weakness with me but I’m encouraged to slog at it. I can see now what an amazing reference and guideline to life the Bible is – all that we need to know about life and how to live it is right there at our
fingertips!” - June
“I have certainly learnt how to pray for others in groups, and also the meaning of the Bible verses given to us to memorise. I have grown spiritually in my own special way. What stood out for me is the way Claire took us through the Lord’s Prayer and explained what each verse meant. Looking forward to next year!” – Avis
“The encouragement that I could give to the young people out there is, find a group and join it and experience it for yourself, because this experience is one in a lifetime, you can’t find anything like it!” - Renae

In their own words: testimonies from group members in Uganda
"At Nsabya church, we realized that those who committed their lives to the Lord Jesus had been waiting for years to be amassed into the saving Grace pool, just like the man in the Gospel of John who waited for thirty eight years to receive his healing without anyone offering a helping hand to him (John 5.1-9).We gave few minutes for newly born babies to share what God has just done in their lives. One of them said that he had stolen a scale from a coffee buyer and he wanted to return it. With such testimonies similar to that, Jethro and I decided to return to Nsambya Church next Sunday. We would like to stand with the newly born infants in Christ, hold hands with them, as they seek to take the path of obedience, guided by the Holy Spirit." Canon John Musaasizi
“RinJ was so amazing to life and the lives of the group members I used to meet. As we kept on meeting, one of the participants in my group who comes from the mountain asked me to visit him on the top of the mountain. I accepted to go up on the mountain, the first day I held the meeting 45 people gave their lives to Christ. As time went as kept on meeting these people 112 got baptized in the church.” Alfred
"We taught and completed the second book. There are many testimonies about Christian life. For me we should not stop, it helps even the unread, and it has challenged the faith of many. This teaching is good." - Rev James Chegem
"Ten of the members gave their lives to Lord Jesus. Among those who gave their lives to Jesus was Nathan who had come with his wife Florence. He loudly announced his birth experience, moved fast towards his wife. Upon reaching her he knelt down and  wept. He sought forgiveness from his wife for having been a drunkard. The experience led a number of members to tears. The Holy Spirit was moving among us transforming everybody saved and unsaved." - Canon John Musaasizi, Diocese of Mityana
"Group members have testified about learning scriptures and learning how to pray, and some people’s prayer lives have been revived and lives changed plus miracles happening when they pray" - Joyce Asaba, Diocesan Coordinator, Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara


In their own words: testimonies from group members in Zambia
Rosemary had been ostracised from her communityafter being branded a witch. In reality she was simply old and in need of support but her repeated requests for help had aroused people’s suspicions and they had begun to fear her. Ultimately, people pushed her away and she was forced to live a very isolated life. The words spoken over her by others began to become her reality. Rosemary was looking for some piece work in the fields to feed herself and met Dorothy, one of Dignity's Impact Team members. "I felt pity on Rosemary," Dorothy explains as she tells how she gave Rosemary some work and spent time with her. "I told her that she is not a witch. I told her about God, about the Life Group that meets and that she was welcome." Dorothy spoke very different words over Rosemary to those which had marked her recent life. Rosemary has since joined the Life Group and the acceptance and love she found there has literally changed her life. They are helping her rebuild relationships with her family close by and she has given her life to Jesus. Jo Kimball, Dignity
Augustine lives in Kasikishi. He is a missionary with one of Dignityʼs Impact Teams and over the last year has travelled twice to an area called Kabuta. In March 2012, Augustine travelled to see Barnabus to help him begin some Life Groups [using RinJ] in the area. Over the last year they have been meeting regularly. One of the common traits of village life is the lack of activity of what are called ʻyouthsʼ. That in Zambia is anyone under 25. Often they are found drinking, lounging about and generally not being very productive. Augustine came across two such youths. They were far from God and far from being useful. Visiting earlier this year, Augustine again travelled to Kabuta. He met the same two youths, albeit a year later. He couldnʼt believe the transformation that he witnessed. The two men had been attending a Life Group and had decided that, in their words, they needed to get ʻseriousʼ about God and about their lives. They have become useful, productive and committed to the message of loving God and those around you. They have actually begun 2 or 3 groups in the area specifically for young people. They meet, look at the Bible, try and apply its lessons to everyday life and become useful people in their community. In Augustineʼs own words, “I never expected such a change to happen“. However, thatʼs the kind of God we serve and the kind of message that we have. Everyone can know God and serve Him wherever they find themselves. Jon Witt, Dignity International
A changed life: “During my visit I met a woman who has been attending the Life Group, which is using Rooted in Jesus. She told me her story. Months ago she was a drunkard, she would insult many people was a troublesome person in the village. The Life!  Group in her village took her in and allowed her to participate  in the group. In short, through the Rooted in Jesus course, the Lord transformed her life. She is now not a drunkard. She told me, that rather than being a bad mother to her  children, and a terrible wife, she is now a good mother and  a good wife. Her life has changed completely. She now calls  herself a committed Christian and is much, much happier as a person. As a result of the startling change in her life, many people  have been attracted to the groups and they are growing at a faster rate.” Augustine, a pastor
"One woman became a Christian in her village group. Her group had been using material that we use to give villagers a tool to help each other grow in Christ. The material is called Rooted in Jesus, and helps villagers whatever their education level to embrace Christ individually and corporately. At some point this woman noticed the number of orphans in her village, even though she had lived there many years. 'They are all God's children,' she declared, and promptly took some children into her own home at her own expense. The gravity of that action is staggering. She has taken responsibility not only for herself, but for people around her as well.” Jon Paul Witt, Dignity International
"The course we learn at St Paul's Church (Musonda Falls) and now we are growing spiritually. I even started telling people how the work of the book Rooted in Jesus Christ are. People now are responding and get interested in the lessons. And now we even go to the village and do Evangelism to different people who are not church members”, Rosaria
"It's never a dull moment when you are in class or discussion. You can feel the presence of God and that people are being touched" - Revd Godwin Manganani

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