Maiwut group

RinJ group, Maiwut

Kasese 2022

Children receive their certificates in Kasese

Fort Dauphin

Children receive RinJ Junior certificates, Fort Dauphin, Madagascar


RinJ Junior children in Manakara Deanery, Madagascar


GtC trains Lesotho Diocesan Leaders


The new church planted in Muandia, Mozambique


Coordinator John Akok with his RinJ group in Aweil


Catechist training in the new Diocese of Zambezia, Mozambique


Sunday School teachers at the conference in Fianarantsoa


Church planting in Mount Kilimanjaro


St Andrew's Mabhabo completes RinJ


RinJ and a new parish in Ambahy


Group leaders come together in Kadugli

Free State

Socially distanced RinJ group, Free State

Joburg 2020

RinJ training in Johannesburg

A Sunday School group, Diocese of Mara


RinJ group in Kalunga, DRC


RinJ in the Diocese of the Rift Valley


The RinJ group in Ankilifaly, Toliara

East Ruwenzori

Praying at the East Ruwenzori conference

Nosy Varika

Nosy Varika Sunday School June 2019

GtC training team

GtC training team April 2019


RinJ Junior delegates, Diocese of Natal

GtC team 2019

GtC training team 2018

Toliara team

Derek Waller and his RinJ colleagues in Toliara


The FECABu RinJ conference in Burundi, November 2018


Training with Dignity in Zambia

Fr K

Fr Kapomba Sekeleti


Bishop Martin Breytenbach & Colleen with Bishops Vicente Msosa and Manuel Ernesto

Mark & group

A RinJ group in Mityana, Uganda

Bunyoro Kitara 0618

A RinJ group in the Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara



RinJ training in the refugee camps for displaced people from South Sudan


Congregational training in Lusolo, Uganda


The travails of two diocesan coordinators


The Coordinators and the people of Kidonda, Mityana

Fianarantosa baptisms

RinJ Junior in Ambodinharamy, Madagascar


Tanzania coordinators

RinJ Coordinators meet in Tanzania

bishop james almasi

Bishop James Almasi


The Diocese of Kajo-Keji meeting for RinJ in the Morobi camp, Uganda




Coordinators John & Jethro, Mityaa








John Musaasizi

Mityana leader





+Hotay,+Almasi, Robert





Lubumbashi group



















bee eaters






















Manyoni 2019


Recent news - stories and snippets...

March 2023

News from the Diocese of Maiwut, South Sudan

RinJ was introduced to Maiwut in January. The coordinator John Jamuth reports that the 75 groups formed after the conference are now completing the first book, and John has held an additional training day for the group leaders. He writes: "It was a blessing day for me as the coordinator and other church leaders. They accepted Rooted in Jesus discipleship training in Maiwut centre, payams, bumas and villages".

February 2023

News from the Diocese of Aru, DR Congo

Coordinator Emmanuel Etsegeri reports that of the 74 Rooted in Jesus groups set up last year, 42 have now completed Book 1. Additional translations are ongoing, and he requests prayer for the continuing insecurity in the archdeaconries of Mahagi, Djalasiga and Kpandroma, where many of the Christians have been displaced from their homes.

January 2023

News from Dignity, Zambia

Dignity's latest report shows the huge growth that they have seen in the last ten years, during which they have provided 6,000 copies of Rooted in Jesus to the leaders of their Life Groups. There are now over a thousand of these groups meeting in Zambia and elsewhere, operating in eleven languages. On average, a Life Group brings three people to Jesus and plants another Life Group each year.

December 2022

News from Burundi

The coordinators in the dioceses of Rutana and Buhiga report that since Rooted in Jesus was introduced earlier this year many groups have started. There are groups in 12 parishes in Buhiga, and in 7 parishes in Rutana.

News from South Sudan

The Diocese of Wanyjok, which held its second conference in November, reports that there are now 89 active groups across the diocese, mostly for adults but some for children.

November 2022

News from the Diocese of South Rwenzori, Uganda

Revd William Musisi is the Rooted in Jesus Coordinator for the Diocese of South Rwenzori. In May this year the diocese hosted a conference to train Sunday School teachers to use the Rooted in Jesus programme with their classes, and William has just awarded the first certificates to three groups of 66 children in Kasese. Congratulations to the children, who were able to recite the memory verses as they received their certificates!

News from the Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Ven Muamba Eileng reports that two new subparishes have been formed from the Rooted in Jesus groups led by evangelists. He writes: "The sub-parish Kisaka located in Lubumbashi is the fruit of Rooted in Jesus teaching begun by Catechist Kasongo Ngwele. He began with 6 group members, who increased from 6 to 20 and from 20 to 30, and from there grew into a viable sub-parish which now has 135 members. The parish of St Matthew is also the fruit of Rooted in Jesus. A group formed from 3 families who live a long way from the parish of St Boniface was begun by Evangelist Chanoine Tshimenge Gasto; it too has evolved into a sub-parish with more than 120 members."

News from the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar

The Sunday School children in Fort Dauphin, Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar, have just been awarded their Rooted in Jesus Junior certificates by Rev Donne, the rural dean, and Rev Florent, the Rooted in Jesus Coordinator. The children are all wearing their special Rooted in Jesus t shirts!

October 2022

News from the Diocese of Aweil, South Sudan

Coordinator John Akok reports that there are about 60 groups meeting in the diocese, although many have recently been dislocated by flooding.

September 2022

News from the Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Jean Flobert has just returned from a visit to the deanery of Ampasimanjeva. He reports: 'It was so good visit. We could visit some churches, and they received us well. We can improve the program in this Deanery, they have many children. They have about 15 groups of about 35 children. They have 18 teachers. They have finished three books. They want to finish the fourth to sixth book for next  period of study. They are really in country-side."

August 2022

News from South Rwenzori, Uganda

William Musisi reports that following the conferences held in May, 33 new RinJ groups have been founded for adults, and 41 for children; all are now on Book 2, and certificates will be awarded in September. Reports from across the diocese are encouraging:

Meanwhile Bishop Nason writes that church growth continues, with new churches being planted and 45 men and women recently selected for ordination training.

News from Madagascar

In the Diocese of Toliara, Bishop Samitiana reports that 60% of the churches in the diocese are running Rooted in Jesus. Rooted in Jesus has been translated into Sakalava and Antandroy, so that the new churches in these areas can also begin to use Rooted in Jesus. Coordinator Jean Florent says that groups are on all stages of the course, with some now completing Book 4. Groups are led by pastors and catechists.

In the Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Jean Flobert reports that the children's groups in the Deanery of Manakara have completed the first three books, and that in Manakarabe the Rooted in Jesus children have formed a small choir. In Ampasimanjeva there are 18 Sunday School teachers leading 15 RinJ Junior classes for more than 500 children; they too have completed the first half of the programme and are looking forward to moving on to books 4-6.

July 2022

The Diocese of George, South Africa

The latest news from Growing the Church in South Africa includes a report from Sharon Domingo, Dean of Studies in the Diocese of George, following the Rooted in Jesus training held there. She writes: "I would like to thank you once again for the way in which the training was conducted. Attendees can attest to the open and safe space that awaited them. This was accompanied by a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. The standard of professionalism was maintained and the level of participant involvement was encouraged throughout." Rooted in Jesus in South Africa is directed and supported by Bruce Woolley and his team at Growing the Church.

June 2022

The Diocese of Rorya, Tanzania

The Diocese of Rorya is embracing an ambitious new programme of church planting and discipleship. To support this a RinJ conference was held in June, training 64 pastors and evangelists to lead Rooted in Jesus groups in their churches.

Growing the Church trains Lesotho Rooted in Jesus leaders

Thembi Qhobela reports that the Diocese of Lesotho had just held a followup Rooted in Jesus trainiing conference for the Diocesan Core Team and members of various guilds within the church. Over 44 people attended the conference, including representatives from the Archdeaconries of the North, the South, and Central and Cathedral Archdeaconry. At the end, all the participants were given a Rooted in Jesus Certificate which was greatly received.

Training and healing in the Diocese of Kericho, Kenya

A team from Kericho's partner church of Trinity Cheltenham has just returned from leading a four day follow-up Rooted in Jesus conference. 37 existing and new leaders attended the conference, which was marked by laughter, tears, powerful worship and ministry times, and many testimonies of healing and forgiveness.

May 2022

A testimony from Dignity, using Rooted in Jesus in Zambia

To find out how Tabitha has had her life turned round by the love and care shown to her by a local fellowship of Christian disciples visit our Facebook page. Dignity tell this and many other stories on their website.

News from the Diocese of Kibondo, Tanzania

A RinJ conference for 65 pastors was held this month, led by Bishop Stanley Hotay and a team of Tanzanian coordinators and group leaders. Canon Jacob Robert reports: "Rev. Can. Naftali Kilaha has said that since RinJ was introduced in the Diocese, the program has been a blessing to all Christians in his Parish. The program has produced the best church elders, and Evangelists who now continue to support him in ministry with evangelism in the Parish." Bishop Sospeter Ndenza is confident that the conference will give a fresh impetus to the Rooted in Jesus groups already meeting as well as lead to the foundation of new groups. To find out more visit our Facebook page.

News from the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar

Bishop Samitiana reports: "The translation of the Rooted in Jesus booklet in Antandroy and Sakalava dialect languages have already started and hopefully will be finished at the end of May. This is a key strategic program for the building the living faith of the people of God in this Region."

April 2022

News from the missionary Diocese of Lake Tanganyika, DR Congo

Bishop Elisha Tendwa writes: "We thank God that through Rooted in Jesus teaching our eyes witness to see fruits. Community of believers from different denomination attend to the groups and enjoy to share the word of God. Every Sunday worship some parishes receive new believers."

News from South Africa

Training has been provided in the Diocese of Natal for Sunday School teachers who will use Rooted in Jesus Junior to disciple childen, and in the Diocese of Cape Town for lay preachers who will use the adult programme. And we have received an encouraging report from those using Rooted in Jesus in Zulu in the Diocese of Pretoria. To read more visit our blog here.

March 2022

News from Malawi

Julian Lotts of Salt Malawi reports that he and Caroline have just returned from 10 weeks of ministry among the independent churches they support in Malawi: "We took the opportunity of running 4 conferences on Rooted in Jesus among the church leaders in each of the main districts where the church is represented. For some the time was to build on what they had already experienced, whilst for many it was an introduction to the course. We were privileged to witness the Lord moving in power bringing conviction, releasing others from bondage and distributing gifts in ways that we haven’t seen for quite some time. The solid teaching people received from reading, discussing and participating in the course made the greatest impact."

News from the Diocese of Kitale, Kenya

The second RinJ conference in the Diocese was attended by 19 clergy and lay leaders, and followed by a training day for local facilitators and then a Diocesan Thanksgiving Service in the cathedral attended by over 2000 people, at which team leader Revd Richard Morgan was invited to preach. Read the blog report here.

News from the new Diocese of Zambezia, Mozambique

Bishop Vicente Msosa reports from the Diocese of Zambezia which has been created from his Diocese, Niassa, that following the catechist training sessions at the beginning of the year a new church community has been planted with Rooted in Jesus in Muandia, formally inaugurated on March 23rd.

News from the Diocese of Aweil, South Sudan

Following the November conference, coordintaor John Akok reports that he churches in Aweil town have all started up RinJ groups, and sent us a photo of the group he is leading himself.

News from the Diocese of Lake Rukwa, Tanzania

Canon Jacob Robert reports that when he was seconded in the diocese he began a single RinJ group at the Cathedral. 48 people have now completed book 1, and some of these have become group leaders themselves while continuing to attend their original group as it works through books 2-4. "We have experienced people leaning and doing practical with a great confidence and this is changing people, church and community", he says.

February 2022

News from the Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique

As two new dioceses are formed in northern Mozambique, Bishop Vicente writes: “From January to February 2022 4 churches have been planted in Zambézia; we are looking forward after rains to start building. This is the first catechist training in the new Diocese of Zambézia. In the first week of March it's happening in the new Diocese of Tete.” This news comes just a few months after the evangelistic outreach programme which saw many people committing their lives to Jesus. Bishop Vicente is hoping to hold another Rooted in Jesus training conference later this year so that discipleship may continue to be deepened in these areas.

News from the missionary diocese of Lake Tanganyika, DR Congo

Coordinator Mulanda Minduli has been visiting the new Rooted in Jesus groups in 6 of the 7 parishes in the archdeaconry, encouraging leaders where groups are going well, providing support and determining where additional training is needed.

January 2022

News from the Diocese of Wanyjok, South Sudan

The first Rooted in Jesus conference was held in the Diocese of Wanyjok just two months ago. 138 men and women came together to find out how to use Rooted in Jesus to lead small discipleship groups. Many had walked for two days to reach the conference - young men and women, students from the Bible College, pastors, evangelists and Mothers Union members. It was a great time, and hopes for the future were high. As we continue to pray for them, we pray too for peace. We have learned that people have been killed and houses burned down after an attack by armed tribesmen from over the border with Sudan. Two villages in particular were targeted. Bishop Joseph Manot has said that survivors have been left with no shelter, no food and no safe drinking water. Material aid is being provided – but we pray for courage and faith for those affected, for the continued spiritual growth and material protection of those who already know the Lord, and for peace to come to this troubled area.  

News from the Diocese of Aru, DR Congo

In the Diocese of Aru, Rooted in Jesus is overseen by CMS mission partner and Coordinator of Christian Education Peter Wyard. Peter writes: “The plan is to roll out the course by means of a series of five archdeaconry training courses in each part of this large diocese, with the aim of establishing an RinJ group first in every parish, and eventually in every chapel, using the multiplication principle.” He and a team of facilitators have so far run two conferences. Another took place just this week, and the remaining two are scheduled for May and September. Please pray for those just trained in the archdeaconries of Kumuru and Kurudu, and for those working on translations of the leader’s booklets into local languages. We give thanks too for the life-changing testimonies of those already involved in groups:

December 2021

News from the Diocese of Lake Rukwa, Tanzania

Bibi Yunia is an elderly member of the new cathedral RinJ group in the Diocese of Lake Rukwa, Tanzania. Jacob Robert reports: “Some people thought that Bibi Yunia wouldn't be able to understand what the lesson is all about. But her experience has helped the group to grow. The knowledge that she gained from her time in the East Africa Revival fellowship was that many people were attracted by the movement because of its doctrine of giving testimony. This led her to comment that testimony was a good thing but the church has lost it: if it is drawn back through RinJ, that is good!” This has helped the church around the Cathedral to grow very fast because members are trained to memorise verses, give testimonies and to share their life with others.”

October 2021

News from the Diocese of Soroti, Uganda

RinJ Coordinator Pascal Odele writes: "I want to inform you that Rooted in Jesus has helped most groups during the lock down. We formed 22 groups in one Church and I visited one group - the group members were able to memorize Scriptures. Covid 19 affected many of the programs in the diocese but currently we are seeing how to take off now that we have partial opening of churches - at least 200 people per church."

News from the Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Bishop Gilbert Rateloson reports that a further training conference has been held for the Sunday School teachers using Rooted in Jesus Junior with their classes. He writes: "The theme of our meeting was taken from the Holy Scripture of 2 Tim 4.2 'to preach the message, to insist upon proclaiming it whether the time is right or not, to convince, reproach, and encourage, as you teach with all patience'. During this training, Rev Canon Zaralahy Paulin, priest of Mananjary taught the contents of the Bible and Rev Canon Jean Flobert explained the methods and psychology of children with the importance of using tools from RinJ following the group study. I taught them again the nature of Anglicanism and the conduct of Sunday school teachers with their responsabilities because God calls them to be teachers. All participants are ready to practice the training and wish for continuous cooperation with Rooted in Jesus." To find out more read the blog report here.

News from the Diocese of Pretoria, South Africa

Bishop Martin Breytenbach reports that 42 people attended a Rooted in Jesus training conference held over four Saturdays by Zoom. He writes: "The programme was designed so that the first hour of each session was spent in 'skills training', and we built times of ministry and prayer for one another into these lessons. We spent a lot of the lesson in smaller breakout rooms to give everyone an opportunity to participate actively. This led naturally to prayer and ministry. Despite the challenges, I am confident that the participants will be able to start their own RinJ groups as a result of the training they received. I am also confident in the RinJ Coordinator and Leadership Team that they have established. The strong support of Bishop Allan Kannemeyer is also of great value. It was a privilege to work with the Diocese where I grew up and served as a priest for many years, in this way."

Report from the Diocese of Aru, DR Congo

Peter Wyard, a CMS missionary who leads the Department of Christian Education in Aru, reports that the Diocese has just held the second of the planned archdeaconry training conferences for RinJ. The conference was facilitated by a local training team led by Peter, and attended by 65 invited participants. Peter also reports that some of the groups which started after the first conference have completed book 1. A third archdeaconry conference will be held in January.

August 2021

News from the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Diocesan coordinator Clement Manyatta reports that there are currently 38 Rooted in Jesus Swahili groups meeting across the diocese, and 61 Rooted in Jesus Junior groups. Additional training has recently been provided for pastors ministering in Masai areas, and 11 new Masai groups are now going well, with demand for more coming in: "in one place they want to start six groups after they heard about RinJ!" Clement writes.

The Rooted in Jesus Team Manual is now available in Swahili!

Twelve years ago we produced the first Rooted in Jesus training manual. The aim was to enable teams of Rooted in Jesus facilitators to provide enjoyable and effective training sessions for new group leaders. The manual has been revised and updated over the years, but until now was available only in English. We are delighted to announce that it is now also available in Swahili; it takes its place alongside the Rooted in Jesus Junior Team Manual which was translated last year.

July 2021

News from the Diocese of Natal, South Africa

Growing the Church has hosted the first online Rooted in Jesus training conference. Held over Zoom on four consecutive weekday evenings, the training was attended by 33 people from across the Province. Group members gave some inspiring testimonies - to find out more read the blog.

June 2021

News from the Diocese of Muyinga, Burundi

Revd Elisha Academy writes: "It is my prayer to see Burundi growth through rooted in Jesus tools and conferences as I do my best. Now Cibare Parish and Kiremba have been innaugurated after Rooted in Jesus teachings, and new spiritual revival is spread."

May 2021

News from the Diocese of the Free State, South Africa

Rooted in Jesus coordinator Ven Hectorina Tsotetsi writes: "Let me share the most exciting and shocking news that happened on the Pentecostal day where one of RinJ small teams (members) donated 50k as a testimony of life changing and thanksgiving to God. Her reason for donating such a huge amount of money is that she nearly died without accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour. She thanks God for transformation of becoming a new creation. Growing the Church is doing wonders. We are pushing with Rinj small teams. We are going to start new group of young people in two weeks to come. God is good all the time."

News from the Diocese of Soroti, Uganda

There are currently 184 Rooted in Jesus groups in the Diocese of Soroti, and they have just printed more Rooted in Jesus books to cope with the growing demand for new groups. Coordinator Pascal Odele writes: 'Bishop Odongo is very supportive and he is very much behind, being a missionary person, right now he has led thousands of people to Christ in his pastoral visits. This material will help so much in discipling  the new converts and strengthening others. It is the way to go, let us keep moving.'

News from the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Church planting has continued in DMK, with 420 new churches planted in the last decade, many of them in Masai areas. Hundreds of new believers have been baptised this year alone, and Coordinator Revd Clement Manyatta reports that Rooted in Jesus training has now been given to a group of Masai pastors who will form 50 new groups in the churches of Minjingu, Engaruka, Ngorongoro, Namanga and Mkono. Blog report here.

News from the Diocese of Toliara, Madagacar

In Amboasary the huge response to the gospel following the distribution of famine relief has continued. An astonishing 1900 people have now been baptised, 9 new churches have been planted, and 35 new leaders are being trained to establish groups in the new areas. Many people have come to faith from a background of traditional religion, and some have burned their tools and regalia as a sign of their commitment to Christ. Rooted in Jesus is to be translated into a new local language, Antandroy, for those who do not use Malagasy.

April 2021

News from Malawi

The first Rooted in Jesus training has been provided to a young church planted in Malawi, the Church of the Disciples of Jesus (website here). Group leader John Seda writes: 'This is the testimonial we have, there is a big change from the people we teach, and through it 2 chiefs joined the church. The chiefs are giving testimonials on how their villages are changing. People in this village as well as members from CDJ Church are becoming born again through this teaching.'

March 2021

News from the Diocese of East Ruwenzori, Uganda

Revd CaptJames Tumwesigye writes: 'After the lockdown, I was given an opportunity to go around the diocese to encourage brethren and I managed to go through in six of our Archdeaconries and managed to call and find out how they were. The Christians were there and were much blessed by rooted in Jesus’ groups especially those who had formed groups.  We met 146 groups and I met with group leaders that I had intended to make follow up. We met groups and were keeping the parishes’ fellowships very warm and encouraging them to be strengthened.'

News from the Diocese of Kadugli, Sudan

Rooted in Jesus coordinator Babuj Simon has just written to share the news of how Rooted in Jesus is making a difference in the town of El-Dalang – to such an extent that they decided to embark on an ambitious outreach to Salara, a town in one of the rebel-controlled areas. The church there was closed fifty years ago, the building converted into a college, and people were forced to convert to Islam. Pastor Hassan Sudan, the Rooted in Jesus team leader in Salara, recently obtained access permission for a team of 20 people from El-Dalang and El-Obied to go to Salara, to pray for the sick and to share the gospel. Twenty two people gave their lives to Christ, including some key leaders from the community all were baptised. The team was led by Babuj, and most of the members were drawn from existing Rooted in Jesus groups. Blog post here.

February 2021

News from Madagascar

Congratulations to St Andrew's Chapel, Mahabo, Madagascar, who have just completed Rooted in Jesus,two years after receiving their first training. Mahabo is in the Diocese of Toliara, in the far south of the island.

And we are delighted to hear too of the inauguration of a new parish in Ambahy, in the diocese of Fianarantsoa, planted through Rooted in Jesus by Ven Jean Flobert. Flobert reports that Rooted in Jesus Junior is leading to considerable growth in some parishes, with more and more children attending, and new families coming into the churches as a result.

January 2021

News from the Diocese of Kadugli, Sudan

RinJ coordinator Babuj Kodi reports that despite interruptions caused by both Covid and a resurgence of the violent conflict which has afflicted this part of the country, thirteen RinJ groups have continued to meet, including a youth group at the cathedral who have just completed the first book of the programme. Bishop Hassan is planning a renewed focus on RinJ as the situation improves.

October 2020

News from Ethiopia

Revd Jeremiah Paul reports: "The RinJ Programme here in Gambella, especially in the town, is progressing. In St. Luke's and Good Shepherd (Churches inside the Gambella town), the RinJ, is seeing amazing growth and fruitfulness. Many new converts have been reporting themselves to our churches. Most clergy in villages around Gambella are facing a huge challenge as their congregations have been displaced by the floods and are moving from one place to another. During our Clergy Fellowship I urged all the clergy to make sure that the RinJ can yet serve a purpose even in such a trying time as this. Also, I am planning a Rooted in Jesus Conference with the Youth Ministry in Gambella. We will invite all the youths from our three Churches in the Gambella town, to participate in this great event."

September 2020

News from Kenya

Over the last few years Rooted in Jesus has been adopted by a number of Pentecostal church networks, supported by Brian Keel of the Leadership Development Partnership. Brian reports: "Having not been in their churches for some six months, they have been transitioning to smaller groupings in outdoor locations, and this has attracted people who had not been attending church. This has led to additional RinJ courses being facilitated. The news of this has reached the local government, who have asked the network of churches we work with in the Kisumu area to go to villages where they do not have a presence. RinJ and RinJ Junior were put to use, and people have been coming to faith. This course of response has now spread to the coast where there is a greater density of Muslims, but the churches are being asked to go into villages in order to run programmes for children and youth. A blessing is that many of the pastors are school teachers, so are not in school therefore are utilising their time in these outreach programmes. 

August 2020

Diocese of South Rwenzori, Uganda

Mission Coordinator Revd Alfred Mugisa reports: "We thank you for the ministry you have supported within the Rooted in Jesus programme since 2008. The diocese by then had about 300 Churches and because of the Rooted in Jesus programme the Churches have increased nearly to 500. We had 51 parishes and now we have 79. We are grateful to God to God for the expansion of the Churches. In our last report we had 137 groups of Rooted in Jesus, 57 adult groups, 60 junior groups and number of children was 1220 who are reciting Bible verses and can be able to preach. Among these group members, most of them are leading prayer fellowships in families during this COVID-19 pandemic."

Diocese of the Free State, South Africa

Ven Hectorina Tsotetsi is the Rooted in Jesus coordinator for the Diocese of the Free State, South Africa, and a member of the national training team. She reports: “After the President of South Africa announced that the public gatherings of churches are allowed to operate, I decided to start RinJ small groups in the villages where people do not have access to the internet. As we are aware that not all of people are on social media, it seems like the church leadership has abandoned them.  So far I have started new 4 adult RinJ small groups. Three RinJ small groups are operating physically and the other RinJ small team is operating online. We make a point of observing covid-19 guidelines.  We wear masks every time we  are gathering, we sanitize our hands for 20 seconds and we practice social distancing all the time. On Monday and Friday we worship on the mountain because on the mountain there is enough and open space for us to make a circle. People are happy because they did not understand prayer at home. We are doing it practically. People are growing spiritually. Even in this difficult time of pandemic of coronavirus they have hope and faith in God. Most of them  testified that they did not understand  the meaning of eternal life but they understood. They thought that they would have eternal life after death.”

Diocese of Natal, South Africa

We were delighted to receive a report from the Rooted in Jesus ministry in South Africa, this time from the Diocese of Natal, where Revd Bruce Woolley has written a very encouraging account of how the Rooted in Jesus group at his church continues to meet via Whatsapp. There are some inspiring testimonies from group members, some of whom are finding a much deeper faith than they had before. To find out more read the blog post here.

Diocese of Lesotho, South Africa

We have just received a report from Revd Dr Joseph Morenammele of the Diocese of Lesotho in Southern Africa, where a refresher workshop for Rooted in Jesus was held in June. Joseph says: “The training went very well with 39 attending from 5 parishes. The guide provided by Growing the Church was very helpful in running the day’s programme. Parishes were given opportunity to report on what they have been doing since the training they had in 2019. A lot was shared, being both positive and negative. It was very encouraging to hear from people who had divided into small groups about the ministry that they had been exercising in their parishes in the meanwhile.” To find out more read the blog post here.

June 2020

News from the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar

The Church of Good Samaritan in Paoli (US) were able to include a video interview with Bishop Todd McGregor of The Diocese of Toliara in a recent live-stream service. Good Sam’s Rector Richard Morgan is one of our Rooted in Jesus team leaders, and travelled with Rooted in Jesus to Toliara back in 2013. Bishop Todd says that the diocese has now grown from 11 churches to 110, and that there are perhaps 200 Rooted in Jesus groups meeting across the diocese. He also shares some of the hardship caused by the coronavirus measures, and asks for our continued prayers. To watch the interview click here.

April 2020

News from the Diocese of Karamoja, Uganda

John Onyao was asked to plant a new church in a remote rural area with little tradition of churchgoing. When John arrived in the village and announced that he had come to open a church, he found that there was opposition. But her persisted, and the new church held its first service just over a year ago. Using Rooted in Jesus, he began to teach them: 'My main aim was to introduce fully the program of Rooted in Jesus to church. I have also used some lessons from Rooted in Jesus book one to engage some of the members in the church to share with us their past experiences in life.' To find out more read the blog post here.

News from the Diocese of the Rift Valley, Tanzania

Canon George Mbago reports: "Ever since we had our monthly evaluation seminar on November 2019, every group had continued meeting regularly respectively on the planned date and time. They had an opportunity to study the Word of God, discuss and pray together. These groups have really been a blessing to the people that meet. The ones that had the opportunity to meet have been enjoying and getting encouraged as they journey towards building and growing their relationship with Our God. Many groups have already completed the first book and now as they continue with classes they’re using the second book."
As they plan to resume meeting after dispersing to sow their crops, the groups are now facing the challenge of the coronavirus. George says "in Tanzania we have decided to look upon God in a more positive way. Many places have been on lock down to prevent people from crowding, but we all know when all the human efforts ends, the power of God takes over until victory is brought."

March 2020

RinJ sketches a big hit in Johannesburg Diocese

Revd Dr Paul Siaki reports: "The Diocese of Johannesburg enjoyed hosting a Rooted in Jesus training recently. “Everything went great! It was a good turnout of about 34 people representing 6 parishes who came to be trained. It was well received and the participants reveled in being able to do hands on work in leading small groups and in making biblical lessons come alive. The sketches were the biggest hit! Every group was very creative in presenting their sketch of the Parable of the Sower. We expect to be doing much more training in the near future!”

February 2020

News from the Diocese of East Ruwenzori, Uganda

Coordinator James Tumwesigye writes to say that following the conference last year, 37 groups have been established across the diocese, with further training being held in each of 7 archdeaconries. He says that group members have developed a positive thinking and belief in God and have been renewed in stewardship. Group leaders report that there has been spiritual growth in fellowships and homes, that group members have become more practical and more confident in their faith, more spiritually energised as they share the word of God together, and that new groups have already been formed as the initial groups have grown.

News from the Diocese of Butere, Kenya

Rooted in Jesus was first adopted by the Diocese of Butere three years ago, and held its third conference last year. Coordinator Benjamin Kibara reports that there are now 712 groups across the diocese, 91 of which are Rooted in Jesus Junior groups formed last year. Most of the original groups have completed the course, and new groups are being formed. Benjamin says that many group members are gradually understanding how to make disciples, and are now participating actively in their local church.

News from the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar

Derek Waller reports that 48 groups are now meeting in the ten parishes of this large, dispersed diocese. Two pilot groups have completed the course, and the remaining groups are working their way through books 1 and 2. A three day diocesan conference was held in September for existing and new leaders, and further conferences will be held in each parish during the coming year.

December 2019

News from the Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Diocesan coordinator and Vicar General Stephane Makata reports: "The RinJ teachings have helped all the parishes in the Diocese of Katanga; many testimonies have been seen and confirmed among the believers. Through these teachings God will help the church to have the good way to follow and how to remain faithful to Him. The RinJ teachings have helped  us to reach many goals in the Diocese of Katanga. The group members and leaders are growing in number, churches are planted (especially in the province of Tanganyika around Kalemie in the camp of displaced people). We hope that these teachings are helping the believers to take hold of the word of God. RinJ leaders and members have participated in the processes of conflict resolution and peace making; this does not mean only to teach people the word of God but also to teach them how to love their neighbours, forgive them and build peace."

News from the Diocese of Mara, Tanzania

Jacob Robert reports that 26 parishes are doing well, with 72 adult and children's groups. Once they have completed the course people are able to minister, and to preach. Those who have finished, we are using them when we want to plant a new church. This has minimised the job for the pastors, who have more time to do other things - evangelism, service leading. It is making us strong.

News from the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Clement Manyatta reports that 15 parishes are using Rooted in Jesus with adults. Children do two years of Rooted in Jesus Junior before starting confirmation training, and over 1000 children in 57 groups have recently completed the first 4 books. The diocese has planted 300 churches in the last 6 years, some of which have as many as 600 members. Most are in Masai areas.

News from the Diocese of Mpwapwa, Tasnzania

Anderson Madimilo has succeeded Dustan Mtoro as Coordinator on Dustan's retirement. He says: "This ministry is in all 13 deaneries in our diocese. For us it is a success everywhere, even if it is in different levels from one deanery to another. Canon Mtoro did well. In all these deaneries we have 123 Junior groups with 1108 children. 154 adult groups with 1284 members. The impact of this in our churches: It has raised the giving; it has established the faith in our Christians, because now many like the programme and love the church. The number of Christians has grown, because we no longer lose people to other churches as we used to. Their faith is strong so they do not get blown away. Because the groups pray together, many people have had their problems solved, their lives changed, both adult and Junior members. Even some members of other denominations have joined the groups because of what they have seen."

News from the Diocese of Kiteto, Tanzania

Coordinator Anderson Daudi reports that there are 36 groups in all zones of the diocese. Followup is difficult because of the lack of rorads to many areas. They plan to conduct leaders seminars at the end of hte year, and to contniue into 2020.

News from the Diocese of the Rift Valley, Tanzania

Canon George Mbago reports that following the first conference in February, groups were started all over the diocese. Some stopped during the cultivation period, but 40 groups are doing very well, including one led by Bishop John, where the church has grown from 4 members to over 80 as a result. Students from the college are also being taken through the programme so they can use it to plant churches.

News from MANNA (Mozambique & Angola Association)

"In 2011, in the Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique, a young man called Ramine began working in a remote part of Zambezia to reach a community who spoke the Lolo language and who had not heard of the Lord in their language. There was no Bible or prayer book in their language
In mid-2012, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba visited the Diocese of Niassa and travelled to Zambezia, and Ramine greeted him with the news that he had planted 19 Christian communities in 6 months! Supported by Rooted in Jesus For Africa methodology and the work of the Holy Spirit, Christian communities grew. Now under the leadership of Venerable Samuel, there are 19 church communities in the remote area of Derre, Morrumbala district. This year under Ven. Samuel's leadership and supported by MANNA and a grant, an Anglican prayer book has been published in the Lolo language. Isn't that amazing? Praise the Lord for this wonderful work and we are privileged to be able to support it." See their Facebook page.

November 2019

News from Madagascar

The latest newsletter from Bishop Todd and Revd Patsy McGregor in the Diocese of Toliara gives a summary of the achievements of the last year. These include: “In the past year, we have started 20 new churches, ordained the first female Malagasy priest, commissioned 6 new evangelists, and ordained 3 new deacons. Approximately 1500 individuals have been baptized or confirmed. Four mission teams visited with focuses on healing services, strengthening the PRP and local church relationship, Miaraka and community development, and medical services. 236 individuals have completed the leadership training for Rooted in Jesus.”

September 2019

News from South Africa

The latest newsletter from Growing the Church reports on the increasing focus on the Season of Intentional Discipleship in many dioceses. The archdeaconry of the 9th Region in the Diocese of Johannesburg held its first Rooted in Jesus training conference in June, attended by 49 Lay Ministers and Clergy. Ven Tsepo Matubarba, Rector of St Andrew's, Soweto, reports: “It was a really anointed weekend with people fired up to go and make disciples in a big way with God's help. What a positive and encouraging experience we had. We saw how God's Spirit worked in people. I felt that this course was guided by God from the time it was conceptualised. The training and the results were beyond my expectations. Our gratitude goes to GtC. I’m am looking forward to the ministry which will follow in the parishes”.

News from the Diocese of Kalemie, DR Congo

Coordinator James Mayundo has written to thank us for the gift of Bibles which we were able to send for new believers in the refugee camps. He says: "The displaced people in the displaced camp in around Kalemie and who became disciples of Jesus, has a need of bibles to share the word of God with the others. Thanks to God  the parish of Kalunga which is in the camp of the same name has received a gift of Bibles and they were very glad  for this gift which will never be forgotten. Everyone  was  glad to see the lot of bibles - not only those who will get the bible but also those who are appointed to build the body of Christ, because they have a spiritual device which will help them to share  the word of God and bring people to GOD".

July 2019

News from the Diocese of Toliara

CMS missionaries Derek & Jane Waller write about the challenges of embedding Rooted in Jesus. They share the following news: "Some of you may remember we began a Rooted in Jesus pilot group in May last year in Ankilifaly. That group, which began with 10 members, now has seven, but they
are so faithful and have completed 43 lessons – only five to go! Six of the seven members are also leading their own Rooted in Jesus groups and all have grown in confidence in their faith. We plan to give them their final certificates at the cathedral during diocesan synod at the end of August. Father, may this small group be the first fruits of your harvest."

News from the Diocese of Johannesburg

Trevor Pearce reports that Estelle Adams and a team from the Diocese of Free State have just run RinJ training for the lay ministers of the archdeaconry of Soweto, Diocese of Johannesburg. He comments: "People were sooo open and receptive to the Holy Spirit, experiencing a great infilling of hearts and lives!"

Trevor also writes that Growing the Church have set themselves a goal to see 500 “Disciplemaking, Peer-mentoring, Small Groups” launched in 2020, through the ministry of Anglicans Ablaze. As part of this, they recently trained 55 facilitators in Lesotho and, agreeing to start in teamlets of 2 or 3, they have committed to starting 24 “Disciple-making, Peer-mentoring Small Groups”.

News from the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro

Rooted in Jesus is overseen by Revd Clement Manyatta, who oversees the Diocesan Christian Education Department in addition to running his own family business. Clement reports that Rooted in Jesus Junior is doing particularly well, with 37 groups running in the various parishes. They are encouraged by the increase in adult groups this year, and plant to plant more, particularly in rural areas. Clement also reports on his recent visit to the previously unreached Tatonga tribe, part of an ambitious mission plan across the diocese to plant 3 new churches this year.

June 2019

News from the Diocese of Soroti, Uganda

Rooted in Jesus was introduced to Soroti in 2017. Coordinator Pascal Odele has written to say that there are now 107 active groups across the diocese. The books are being translated into a second local language, Kumam, and demand from new leaders outstrips supply! Pascal has achieved this in the course of an episcopal interregnum, and invites our prayers for Kosea Odongo, who has just taken up his post as the 6th bishop of the Diocese.

News from the Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Rooted in Jesus coordinator Ven Jean Flobert has sent a photo of the Sunday School children in his parish, who are to be awarded certificates for the completion of Rooted in Jesus Junior Book 1. He is in the process of meeting with the Sunday School teachers deanery by deanery; he visited Mananjary, Manakara and deaneries in May, met with the leaders of his own deanery of Nosy Varika at the beginning of June, and will visit the remaining two deaneries in August and September. Flobert also reports on the recent national meeting to promote the Provincial Intentional Discipleship programme, and shared his plans to work together with Revd Derek Waller of Toliara diocese.

May 2019

News from the Diocese of Muyinga, Burundi

Elisha Academy has sent a snapshot report from 7 of the diocese's 30 parishes. In these 7 parishes there are currently 15 groups meeting, of which one has recently completed the course and formed two new groups. He writes that Kiremba village is going to become a new parish as a result of the Rooted in Jesus ministry; that in Cibare one group has completed the course and 2 new groups are now starting; that the church in Danzuko has expanded through RinJ; that many have surrendered to Jesus and given up idol worship in Jarama; that a new church is being planted in Mukoni as a result of RinJ. He concludes by saying that "the Diocese began when they had almost 25 parishes. But now after using Rooted in Jesus, more than 5 parishes have been inaugurated. This is a result of the Rooted in Jesus mission. This place is a good place for doing this ministry because many people need to hear about Jesus."

April 2019

News from the Diocese of Natal, South Africa

The latest news from Growing the Church reports: "After hosting Anglicans Ablaze 2018, the Diocese of Natal has become unstoppable! Their enthusiasm has led to lots of activities. They launched Growing the Church, Natal, which included training conferences on various aspects of Intentional Discipleship in five different regions, including  Durban, Pietermaritzburg, Port Shepstone, Ladysmith and Durban North. The training tools used were Rooted in Jesus Adult, Rooted in Jesus Junior, J-Life, Alpha and a Discipleship Workshop. Teams of trainers spread across the Diocese of Natal. Each course will be rotating around the diocese over a period of 15 months. We are, with our Bishop’s support, taking GtC to the people, and assisting and enabling parishes to evangelize and make disciples. God is good! Since then, three new Rooted in Jesus Adult groups, one new Rooted in Jesus Junior group, three new Alpha Groups and one new J-Life group have been formed at Parish Level.”

News from the Diocese of Free State, South Africa

The Diocese of the Free State held a discipleship training conference in May last year, followed by their own AA Conference in November. A recent visit by Trevor Pearce revealed that as a result the Diocese was growing in fruitfulness, and development was obvious. Trevor reports that Bishop Letloeny Dintoe’s group with his staff members are now moving on to book three of Rooted in Jesus! Fr Itumeleng Pooe has a group with some of the members of the Fellowship of Vocation. He also runs a RinJ Junior group with his family. The programme has also taken root in the Far Eastern Free State, where the Revd Hectorina Tsotetsi, on her own, is coordinating 7 discipleship groups!
In addition, the Revd Itumeleng Pooe and Revd Hectorina Tsotetsi, Drs Joseph Morenammele and Frangena of Lesotho have been assisting Growing the Church in conducting training Rooted in Jesus in the Diocese of Lesotho. We are increasing our faculty base with talented people.

Rooted in Jesus spreads north in the Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar

The latest news from Toliara: 'In March, another Rooted in Jesus Conference was conducted in Morondava. Rooted in Jesus focuses on growing disciples of Jesus. Derek and Jane, CMS missionaries living in Toliara, have been crucial in organizing these conferences. The goal is the conference participants once trained would return back to their home villages and start discipleship groups.' At the same time, Bishop Todd reports that 'a severe drought has hit southern Madagascar. The extreme dryness resulted in livestock death and minimal crop harvest. Now, the food is gone and famine has struck.' We continue to pray for God's blessing on this diocese.

An update from the Diocese of Kalemie, DR Congo

James Mayundo is the RinJ coordinator for this brand new diocese. He writes:
"The province was torn apart by tribal conflict. [But] instead of that, missionaries went everywhere to tell and preach the Good news of the King of Kings and the Prince of peace, the one who can bring healing. God had made great things, he made his holy word be honoured, miracles and showers of blessing followed his servants. Apart from all troubles, pain, murder, death the showers of blessing was a promise of the Almighty God during our mission. God is manifesting himself in among his people: Rooted in Jesus Groups are growing up even in the camp of displaced people and new churches are planted. As he promised, "And I will be with you always, to the end of age"; through this promise, in the ancient parishes RinJ group members are still practicing and memorizing the Word of life.'

March 2019

Rooted in Jesus goes to Lesotho

Trevor Pearce writes: "Tomorrow I will be leaving for the Dioceses of Kimberley & Kuruman, Bloemfontein and Lesotho. After spending time with our teams in the first two Dioceses, Estelle (Team Leader) and I will take two RinJ leaders from Bloemfontein (trained in May last year) to help train leaders in Lesotho – 40 in all. Two of Lesotho’s leaders joined us with the training of the Bloemfontein folk and have already started one group – see pic below. Many of the folk from that group will assist in starting several other groups in Lesotho. In a few months’ time, the folk from Bloemfontein and Lesotho will go across to Kimberley to help us conduct training in RinJ for the first time there. It is very exciting to see how God is giving the increase."
Revd Dr Joseph Morenammele in the blue check shirt and beige trouser (photo, right) is the team leader and organiser.


February 2019

News from Tanzania

Coordinators from various dioceses in Tanzania came together in Manyoni, to introduce RinJ to the Diocese of the Rift Valley. Canon Dustan Mtoro reported on the groups in his own diocese of Mpwapwa: "there are now nearly 300 groups in the diocese, some using the adult programme, some using Rooted in Jesus Junior in Sunday schools; many people have completed the course, and in every parish both church commitment and every member participation have risen dramatically as a result. Last year an ambitious fund raising campaign for a new building organised through the Rooted in Jesus groups raised the sum required within three months."

And Canon Gaspar Kassanda brought news from the Diocese of Mara. He told the conference how he has been steadily planting 7-10 churches a year, working with a small team and using Rooted in Jesus to disciple those who respond to the gospel. In each place the new Christians build a wooden church and thatch it with leaves, and the diocese has grown so much that they have already divided once and plan to do so again. Jacob said that there are nearly 200 adult groups and 135 Junior groups in the diocese - and that many people have already completed the course and developed their own ministry to others.

Revd Clement Manyatta reported from the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, where Rooted in Jesus has now been brought into the Mission department. Over the last few years they have planted more than 200 churches in the diocese, and Rooted in Jesus is used to disciple the new believers.


January 2019

Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar

Derek Waller is the diocesan coordinator for disciple-making, and has sent an update on the Rooted in Jesus training conferences he and a small team (R) are leading all over the diocese. The 4th conference was in Betioky, in the far south, and the newest parish in the diocese, formed in 2018. He writes: "The church is newly completed and attractive. There is no priest in the parish, although Rev Noely in Toliara has oversight. The evangelistic and pastoral work is carried out by evangelist Zefa who for the past six years has had responsibility for nine churches in Betioky and the surrounding villages. We have great admiration for these evangelists, living in isolated places, with many responsibilities and few encouragements. Zefa often walks to the village churches. His wife Nikoly works closely with him. Zefa is a gentle, humble man. The training lasted from Thursday to Saturday, 8am to 5pm. I taught about the principles behind Rooted in Jesus, the role of God’s Spirit in the life of the Christian and the joys and disappointments of ministry. After leading a practice lesson, a student named Fiadanana came up to me with a big grin saying: “I love leading Rooted in Jesus!”

Derek continues, "A week after returning to Toliara, we phoned Zefa to find that he was in the middle of leading a new Rooted in Jesus group for seven non-Christians. What a quick start! Marie Jean, a vet, arrived on the second day having walked 40 km through the night to come. Despite missing many sessions, she threw herself into the training, quickly picking up the method – we could hardly refuse her a certificate. The joy and enthusiasm of the singing and the praying lifted our spirits. Having led four training conferences, it has confirmed our belief that follow up will be vital to starting discipleship groups and keeping them going. Leading the training is the easy part. The new trained leaders need all the ongoing support, encouragement and prayer that we can give them. Not everyone we have trained has begun a group, not every church has a group, but we rejoice where they are being formed. This spurs us on to lead more conferences in 2019." Derek is planning further conferences in Fort Dauphin (17th-21st Jan) and in Ambovombe (24th-27th Jan).

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Coordinator John Musaasizi writes: "Jethro and I are very thankful to the Lord Jesus for enabling us to get to Binikira last Sunday morning. We wanted to find out whether Mark the Rooted in Jesus trainer is still maintaining the same pace of discipleship multiplication. We enjoyed participating in the reality of our expectation. The trained groups that attended church worship yesterday morning made it crystal clear that they had applied all what they learned in their daily life experience, including forming discipleship groups at their local settings. They also gained respect in the communities where they live. Much was testified and this is just picking up but one example.
They memorized required Scripture and hid verses in their hearts. We tested them by giving them opportunities to recite what they had hidden in their hearts. They not only recited,but they also explained the application of verses in their daily lives. We were greatly thrilled. We thanked Mark for being an outstanding discipleship trainer in the entire Diocese of Mityana. We still have many places to visit and encourage trainers in their work. We will visit all other  places for it is God’s will for us to do that work; and it brings us great joy as we do it."

Diocese of Kumi, Uganda

Charles Peter Ongodia is the Assistant Dean at St Philip's Cathedral Ngora, Kumi Diocese. Hearing that a Rooted in Jesus team was working in the Diocese of Soroti last month, Charles travelled 54km by car and motorbike taxi to share his news with the team. Rooted in Jesus was introduced to the Diocese of Kumi 10 years ago. "At the Cathedral we started 30 groups. This has been a great blessing to us so I wanted to see you." Charles says there are currently 15 groups meeting at the Cathedral.


December 2018

News from Burundi

A team led by Brian Keel and Peter Kay has just returned from Bujumbura, Burundi, where they led a residential RinJ conference for pastors from the Pentecostal FECABu network of churches, which has something like 700 churches in Burundi, the majority of which are growing. The conference was attended by 50 pastors, representing all the different FECABu districts. The conference went well, with hearty responses at the graduation close. For many it was a light bulb experience; and some small groups have already been formed.

News from Dignity

We are proud of our partnership with Jon Paul Witt and the team at Dignity, who have planted many Life Groups in rural Zambia, using Rooted in Jesus alongside their practical Love Your Village material. Jon writes that the team has been spending time in Botswana and Namibia with a view to planting new Life Groups there; and in their core area of Zambia there are now an amazing 666 active groups, with local leadership teams taking increased responsibility for training. Read their latest report here, or find out how Elijah and Charles are helping people change their lifestyle here.


November 2018

News from the Diocese of Eastern Zambia

Father Kapomba Sekeleti (right) has reported on how Rooted in Jesus is doing in his diocese of Eastern Zambia. He told gathered leaders in Mozambique:
“We struggled with how to train our leaders. We had no materials, no consistency; we were not helping our children. But the church is dependent on its children. Now we have RinJ Junior.
Because of that our bishop endorsed RinJ at our diocesan Synod. After seeing good results and the fruit of RinJ he said this is the right way to go. And wherever you go in the diocese you see a Sunday school group using RinJ. People standing for any form of leadership in the diocese are expected to have completed a course, and RinJ is the main one. And you have to show a certificate as evidence. People are now rooted in Jesus. Division in the church comes because people are not rooted in Jesus. Things have changed in the lives of our ministers and lay leaders. We use RinJ Junior for child baptism preparation, and RinJ adult for adults.
What about the materials we used to use? The catechism material is theological. It is for the head. It needs to be led by someone with theological training. Not so with Rooted in Jesus. The material is simple and easily understood. We have seen people returning to faith, deepening their prayer life, increasing their commitment to church. We have seen growing interest in the Bible. Even our Bible studies are lively because people now understand scripture. And people are becoming grounded in the word of God, they love the church more, they are growing the church. Some have the confidence to preach the word of God, some to pray for others. These are some of the fruits we have seen because people are rooted in Jesus."

News from the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, South Africa

Bishop Martin Breytenbach (right) spoke in Nampula, Mozambique, about the differences he has seen in his diocese since introducing Rooted in Jesus:
"When I first became a bishop it was mainly girls who came to be confirmed. I don't know where the boys were! But now it's mostly boys who come. Perhaps this is because boys and  men respond to a challenge. We use Rooted in Jesus and it gives a challenge.
"Another difference I have noticed is that when we met for Synod and debated different things, I found the standard of the debate was increasing, because people came with their bibles, and they said that scripture says this, so why is it that you want to do that? People began to be confident to use the Bible.
"I have also noticed that many people are offering themselves for ministry. I have a problem - I have too many people who want to become priests! But it is a good problem to have. We now have 26 parishes with 200 congregations. We are training 2 youth leaders for every congregation, and we are starting by teaching them to be Rooted in Jesus."


October 2018

News from the Diocese of Toliara

Now that Rooted in Jesus Junior is established in the Diocese's Sunday Schools, Bishop Todd is focussing on providing additional training for the adult programme. The latest newsletter from Bishop Todd and Revd Patsy reports: "On Sept 9th Rooted in Jesus, an intentional discipleship program, was launched by Revd Derek Waller, a CMS missionary in Toliara. He spoke to the clergy, evangelists, synod committee, and Mother's Union. The program focusses on Bible studies and memorization of God's word to transform a person's life. In the near future, Rev Derek will train all the parishes in the progrram. The goal of the Diocese is that every church will have Rooted in Jesus by 2020." Bishop Todd reports that the diocese continues to grow, and now has 87 churches - but still only 6 parish priests. Lay leadership is key in this situation; and we pray with them that new clergy will become available for the 4 vacant parish priest positions.

September 2018

News from the Diocese of Butere, Kenya

“Much energy has been pumped into my spiritual life” – Rooted in Jesus group leader, Diocese of Butere. It’s just over a year now since Rooted in Jesus was introduced to Butere, and we were delighted to be invited to return this year. Once again the conferences were packed out, with 225 leaders attending the first and 216 attending the second – this is a dynamic diocese! Team leader Ben Beecroft writes: “There were many testimonies of people coming to faith in Christ through the RinJ groups, returning to faith, deepening of prayer life, increased commitment to church, increased giving and behavioural change, which is all very encouraging. Clear commitment to the conferences was evident, full engagement with the sessions and a spiritual hunger to grow.” To find out more and read some of the testimonies visit our blog.

News from the Dioces of Mara, Tanzania

Canon Jacob Robert writes: "Here in the Diocese of Mara, things are moving ahead with our Rooted in Jesus program. We have introduced the program mostly in the town churches particularly in Musoma town where we have eight active Parishes. These Parishes use the 'Jumuia' system - that means people living in one place meet on one weekday to study the word of God together. At their meetings they use Rooted in Jesus to discuss the word of God and also they give testimonies and memorize verses. Christians from Jumuia could lead services in the church, and now they can preach. In many churches around the town, they do not need pastors every time for church matters except for Holy Communion and Baptism; burial and other activities in the church Christians do by themselves."

News from Dignity in Zambia

Dignity use Rooted in Jesus along with other materials for planting groups in rural locations primarily in Zambia, but their work is growing in Namibia, Tanzania, DR Congo and Kenya, with 606 active groups and a team of 43 locally trained missionaries supporting them. Jon Witt reports: "What a couple of months it has been! We have travelled quite literally thousands of kilometres and between all of our teams spoken to hundreds of people about the life changing message of Jesus and the need to work to transform our community. We have visited far flung places like Kenya or remote parts of Zambia and all of the time we have carried on planting new groups and supporting existing ones. We continue with our everyday work with the Life Groups but our message is beginning to travel wider. People from DRC, Burundi, Kenya, Liberia and Uganda have expressed an interest in working with us." Visit their website to find out more.

August 2018

Making disciples in Ankilifaly, Magadascar

Derek Waller reports on the impact of the new Rooted in Jesus groups in Ankilifaly, a poor district of the town of Tulear in Madagascar. He writes, "What we delight in is their desire to grow and learn. As we open up the Scriptures together, we all open our lives up to God and to one another and there is a wonderful sense of breaking down barriers. There is a delightful democracy about studying God’s word together and praying for one another." To read some testimonies from the group members read Derek's full report here.

News from the Diocese of Eastern Zambia

Bishop William Mchomboh writes: "Last month I was at Jumbe in Mfuwe Parish for my annual baptism and confirm pastoral visits. While preaching I emphasised on the need to know certain scriptures by heart and deliberately asked any member of the girls brigade to tell the congregation what was written in John 3.16. A young girl of about 10 raised her hand and confidently recited the verse. In true Zambian fashion the whole congregation burst into joyous ululation and applause. We have continued to use Rooted in Jesus material in baptism and confirmation classes as well as bible studies and in church group meetings like the Girls’ Brigade and Boys’ Brigade for Christian transformation."

New translations

As Rooted in Jesus is introduced to new people groups, new translations have to be made into local languages. Recent work by our partners means that it is now available in whole or in part in Lunda (for Zambia), Luhya (for Kenya) and Kuman (for Uganda). In recent months we have also adapted the Swahili translation for use in DR Congo. Rooted in Jesus is now available in over 40 languages.

Bishops proritise discipleship in South Africa

Growing the Church report that training conferences for both Rooted in Jesus and The God Who is There have been held in the Dioceses of Natal and Free State - to find out more read the blog report.

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Coordinators John and Jethro continue to visit churches to provide training and support for Rooted in Jesus. John reports: "Jethro and I visited Binikira Church. Towards the end of the service Mark the trainer of Rooted Jesus at Binikira and I peacefully walked out to address the newly born in Christ Jesus together with those who gave their lives to Jesus years earlier. Some of the members had old lifestyles they felt were not compatible with the New Life in Christ. We could not provide solutions to all questions. We left it to Mark to deal with issues as they surfaced during his Rooted in Jesus training. Mark is one of the best Rooted in Jesus trainer we have in the Diocese of Mityana. Of late, he completed training using book three. We feel at ease when we share ministry concerns with him. He has alreaddy indicated his readiness to train the entire church membership."

June 2018

Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara, Uganda

Coordinator Joyce Asaba reports: "Buraru and Kyabigambire Parishes have finished Book 3 other Parishes in Bulindi Archdeaconry are still doing Book 3 with some other Churches beginning Book one. Group Members say that they have really benefited  from the course and some have become leaders and formed other groups. They also say that scripture memory has indeed helped them in ministry and in their daily lives. Others say that their lives have changed completely. So please we need more prayers because now some Churches are picking interest in RINJ and have started."

Diocese of Kajo-Keji in exile

Nelson Saya has just returned from a visit to the Zone One refugee camp in Uganda, where 20 people gave their lives to Christ. The small number of groups meeting in the camps are growing: "Many people are experiencing the power of God at work in their lives during the studies; they are growing strong in their faith, and it has enabled families to put their trust in God". Some new groups have been formed. Nelson plans a visit to Mungula camp later this month.

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Coordinator John visited Luswa church. "Victoria the leader of the church had all the confidence and preparation it takes to communicate the truth of Lesson 1 Book 1. She kept everyone attentive and active. There was a role to play for each and everyone regardless of age differences. The truth of lesson one was conspicuous and well packed for everyone to take home. We rejoiced in the Lord Jesus, as a result of revealing His perfect knowledge of who we are and His love that transcended human experience. The six people who were in the church that had not given their lives to the Lord before, came forward and gave their lives to the Lord Jesus. We expect many people to turn up next Sunday as a result of hearing what took place in Luswa Church. Rooted in Jesus training multiplies church membership."

The next week John was on the road again: "Together with Canon Edith, we travelled to one of the distant churches named Kiteegwa to meet Wilson who was one of the Rooted in Jesus delegates of 2017. We had wonderful time with cattle keepers during worship service. Prior to arriving to Kiteegwa Church we had an unexpected problem on the way. A tractor had piled big stones right in the middle of the road it was renovating, consequently making it hard for the car we had hired to move forward. Canon Edith and I decided to leave the car to lift up big stones that were detrimental to the car, an exercise that took us a long time but we finally completed it. At church we had a wonderful worship service, the Gospel was proclaimed and more than ten people surrendered control of their lives to the Lordship of Jesus. We suggested that Wilson begins to teaching  Rooted in Jesus discipleship program to the entire churched cattle keepers."

Bishop Stephen Kaziimba has written to John: "Words can't express my gratitude to you for your commitment and love towards God's ministry through Rooted in Jesus. I am not able to always make comments but just know that my heart is grateful and my prayers are with you. I like the words of Rick Warren in his book  Purpose Driven Church: " A healthy church is not measured by its seating capacity but by its reaching out capacity." We continue to pray for John and his colleague Jethro.


Dignity continue to grow their remarkable ministry of Life Groups in remote rural locations in Zambia and elsewhere. They now have 574 Groups with an estimated 11,480 members, in four countries - Zambia, Tanzania, Angola and Namibia. The Life Groups use Rooted in Jesus and are supported by local Coordinators. Commenting on the transformation brought to HIV sufferers in Namibia, Coordinator Moses writes: "Without a Life Group this thing could never have happened. Many charities and NGOs run projects for people, but this goes deeper. People's behaviour and understanding changes and this results in love within the community. Now, people are looking at the Bible for themselves, interacting with each other, and they see the love of God in the storm of HIV. They understand they are children of God, not cursed! This gives people joy and they want to help others." To find out more visit

May 2018

Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar

Bishop Todd writes: "Just a quick note regarding RinJ Junior. I went to Rev. Donne’s district (Ft. Dauphin) this past couple of weeks for my annual pastor visits, baptism, confirmations, laying of cornerstones and etc. One thing which came up at every church (11) was that they ALL have started RinJ Junior groups which began back January 2018. Some of the children were quoting scriptural passages they had memorized to the congregation. They are really excited about using this discipleship making program. They have even made T-shirts with the RiJ logos promoting the program. Everyone one of the teachers has one. I don’t have any idea how children are participating in this but if I was a guessing man, I would say between 300-500 children. Thanks for training our Sunday School teachers last year."

Meanwhile CMS missionary Derek Waller has been asked by Bishop Todd to focus on disciplemaking in this diocese of young Christians, and to revitalise the Rooted in Jesus adult programme within the diocese - which despite its remarkable growth in recent years still has only six clergy in addition to Bishop Todd and his wife Revd Patsy. Read the Wallers' latest letter here.

Diocese of Mara, Tanzania

Canon Jacob Robert has sent the following update from Mara, where Rooted in Jesus has been in use for many years now: "I have managed to introduce RinJ program to many Parishes in the town. This has happened because many town Parishes have divided their Parishes into Zones or areas. In this case, many Parishes have one minister and perhaps an evangelist. But they find itdifficult to control for example 7 zones, that is what caused the need of RinJ program. Many clergy around the town asked for the program. I introduced the Adult program for 9 Parishes, after two months I did the same for another 5 Parishes."

Diocese of Kajo-Keji in exile

Nelson Saya reports that he has recently visited three Rooted in Jesus groups which have been established in one of the refugee camps in Uganda, and that there are two groups in the Bible College.

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

John Musaasizi writes: "Rooted in Jesus allows no space for grass to grow under ones feet. You have got to keep on moving, monitoring the growth of the Lord’s disciples stationed in various churches. It is a ministry that generates joy in one’s life as one watches and participates in the growth of disciple making. As the Lord promised to be with us in this glorious activity of disciple making, His presence is indeed conspicuous. He continually speaks through His ancient Words to bring forth meaning applicable to our daily life experiences, in ways we have not heard before. So no one leaves Rooted in Jesus assemblies without taking home something new for his/her people. We are enjoying what we are doing and it is a life time ministry."

April 2018

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

John Musaasizi writes: "I am very thankful to the Lord Jesus who has enabled me to start Rooted in Jesus ministry at Myanzi Church. I was delighted to meet Eric who participated in the 2017 Rooted in Jesus Conference. He is a dynamic young man robed with readiness to let Rooted in Jesus ministry take precedence over other activities in Myanzi Church. He gave me the opportunity to preach the Gospel, and 29 people committed their lives to the Lord Jesus. I enjoyed the gladness that existed among those who had just found their way to Eternal Life by their commitment to the Lordship of Jesus. It was a joy beyond explanation and it stretched wider their smile areas. We seemed to have landed into timelessness and loved to stay longer with one another. It was a foretaste of life beyond ourselves when we will embrace Him who loved us beyond reason! Rooted in Jesus training is the only way new and old Christians can be kept focused on our Lord Jesus and ministering to His people."

March 2018

Rooted in Jesus in Namibia

Rooted in Jesus is being used in Namibia by Dignity, who have grown the work they began in Zambia to a number of neighbouring countries. They have sent a link to an interview with Moses, one of their Life Group leaders, who speaks of the transforming power of discipleship in the poorly resourced villages of his area. Watch Moses here.

Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Canon Jean Flobert writes: "Last month I looked one of parish in my Deanery, they practice well the way of RinJ's teaching. In the 8th church of my parish, Gertride(one of the participants in Fianarantsoa) makes well her practice. She has brought many children to Jesus. Some of them come with their parents, others just the children come. I've baptised 55 children between 8-15 years old. 30 among them are the fruits of RinJ  by Gertride's work!"

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Canon John Musaasizi reports: "Our second visit to churches has been following up leaders who were appointed to keep the fire of discipleship multiplication aflame. We visited Justine a leader of Lubumba Parish church. Among other areas of Rooted in Jesus ministry we discussed, was the possibility of amalgamating Rooted in Jesus training into worship services. An undertaking of this kind,would accelerate the teaching and training shared by many believers, based on Rooted in Jesus series of books. This will be a new experience as for many churches, but it will focus more on the Lord’s mandate of making and sending disciples within and beyond their known geographical locations. Only when this happens can multiplication of disciples be realized and the biblical purpose of the Church on earth achieved, which is making disciples."

February 2018

Missionary Diocese of Kalemie, DR Congo

Revd James Mayundo reports that 2017 was a year of encouragements in the midst of difficulties. There are now 199 Rooted in Jesus groups meeting in the diocese, an increasing source of strength as the church works to help the community recover from the recent severe tribal conflict. He writes: "The RinJ members help the population to resolve the conflict with a Program named 'Anglican Campaign of Peace and Reconciliation. The groups have plans to installing RinJ group members in different displaced camps where the Anglican church of Congo [Diocese of Katanga] is assisting displaced people in the camps around Kalemie; through assisting those people, new churches are born." James gives thanks for the ministry of bishops Bertin Subi and Elisha Tendwa in this time of testing.

Diocese of Eastern Zambia

Rooted in Jesus Junior coordinator Abraham Phiri reports that RinJ Junior is in use across the diocese, and that the diocese ran further training conferences in each of the 4 archdeaconries in 2017. He writes: "“Rooted in Jesus Junior is a course designed to help children know God and learn to depend on him. Furthermore, it helps nurture children to be disciples who will be able to disciple their fellow junior disciples. In the Diocese of Eastern Zambia, the training was held in the four Archdeaconries, that is Eastern, Mfuwe, Central and Western Archdeaconries. In each Archdeaconry the conference took three days. After these trainings we have seen that the Sunday school has grown now because children are able to disciple others.” There are now 640 children in Sunday Schools using Rooted in Jesus in this small but dynamic diocese.

Diocesan Coordinator Fr Kapomba Sekeleti reports that adult groups are running in all four archdeaconries, many of which have completed the whole course.


Dignity have been using Rooted in Jesus as a key component of their work in Zambia since they began their ministry in 2007. They have released a report covering the remarkable 10 year growth of the Life Groups which use both Rooted in Jesus and Dignity's Love Your Village programme, which you can access here. Recent testimonies include

Dignity now have 574 groups meeting in Zambia, Tanzania and Namibia. Jo Kimball writes: "We would like to say a huge big thank you to the Rooted in Jesus team for the large contribution they have made to the work of Dignity. We recognise that the success of Life Groups can be linked back to their grounding in the Bible which has been massively aided by their use of Rooted in Jesus."

January 2018

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Coordinators John and Jethro continue to visit newly trained leaders. This is what John writes about their most recent trip: "At Nsabya church, we realized that those who committed their lives to the Lord Jesus had been waiting for years to be amassed into the saving Grace pool, just like the other man in the Gospel of John who waited for thirty eight years to receive his healing without anyone offering a helping hand to him (John 5 : 1- 9).We gave few minutes for newly born babies to share what God has just done in their lives. One of them said that he had stolen a scale from a coffee buyer and he wanted to return it. With such testimonies similar to that, Jethro and I decided to return to Nsambya Church next Sunday. We would like to stand with the newly born infants in Christ, hold hands with them, as they seek to take the path of obedience, guided by the Holy Spirit. We will also pray for Edward and Amos who were delegates of 2017 Rooted in Jesus Conference to take on Rooted in Jesus training of Nsabya church area."

Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Ven Jean Flobert, RinJ Coordinator, reports that the 15 parishes of the diocese have started to use Rooted in Jesus Junior in their Sunday Schools, with over 1200 children being taught by 76 teachers; most are now completing Book 1. RinJ adult is also in use across the diocese for confirmation preparation. Flobert shares feedback from the parishes:

Meanwhile Revd Justin Randriambelotsoa reports from the town of Farafangana, where he is using Rooted in Jesus and Rooted in Jesus Junior to plant a new church - see the blog post here.

However, Flobert also shares that a recent cyclone has caused widespread damage, with two of the churches in his parish being completely destroyed. He asks for our prayers for all those affected.

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Canon John Musaasizi has been travelling round the diocese following up on those who attended the training conferences in October. He writes: "I have had a wonderful time with Ambrose. He is the Archdeacon of Kasenyi Archdeaconary. In the most recent Rooted in Jesus conference, Ambrose came with eight delegates. Also, Ambrose was among the team that translated book one into Runyankole language.The team that manages Rooted in Jesus at archdeacory levels is big, but its intensive care will gradually be overcome as disciples multiply and take on the responsibilities of new territories in Christ Jesus. Please pray for availability of more funds and harvesters. Like Tim Carter said, in one of his addresses, "As fields get bigger, more harvesters are needed". 

Dioceses of Karamoja and Soroti, Uganda

Following the conferences last month, Revd John Onyao reports on the growth of the groups in the Diocese of Karamoja. Read his report here, or the blog post here.

November 2017

Dignity, Zambia

Dignity use Rooted in Jesus alongside their Love your Village material to disciple people in rural Zambia and neighbouring counties. They report that they now have 539 groups, with an estimated membership of between 8,000 and 10,000 people, supported by local teams of 46 people. To find out more, and about their plans for growth, visit their website.

Diocese of Butere, Kenya

Rooted in Jesus was introduced to the Diocese of Butere in Jue 2017. Revd Capt Benjamin Kibara has just sent in an end of year report, in which he says that 87 groups have started in 36 of the diocese's 48 parishes, and that there are 619 members of these groups. He writes: "On 11 November I spent time receiving reports from parishes on the progress of RinJ from Parishes.. I was very encouraged to hear the clergy speaking highly on the rooted in Jesus book one. The impact has already been felt in many ways:

  1. Many have grown in their faith and practice
  2. Commitment and turn up in local church prayer meetings has increased
  3. Stewardship and giving has improved as disciples get rooted in Christ.
  4. Marriages that were at the verge of breaking up have been restored.
  5. More people have volunteered to serve in church
  6. The RinJ books were recommended as the confirmation books in the diocese."

They are translating the books into a local language and planning to follow up those trained leaders who have not yet started groups. The diocese hopes to run further training next year.

Diocese of Lweru, Tanzania

Regional Coordinator Jacob Robert reports: "Luweru Diocese has been in a leadership transition period which has affected so much the work of RinJ, but after the Bishop’s election, the Diocese has recovered. There is again a new life and 23 adult groups are now doing well. The coordinator has been visiting groups, and the retired Bp Jacton Lugumila has been encouraging groups to meet for discussion and to make the word of God come alive in their lives. Testimonies that the group members have been giving are assurance that the program has got a place in the minds of Christians. A lady called Rebecca, member of the Cathedral group, speaks openly how the program has strengthened other groups in the church, she said; previously, youth groups and mothers Union groups were just church goers. From the time we introduced RinJ course, now they are meeting and reading the word of God and giving testimony on how the Lord has changed their life, this is a new attitude toward Anglican faith’. This has encouraged many Christians to join group in the Cathedral. Moreover, some of them are able to lead services in the Cathedral that previously was difficult. They are still progressing with planting RinJ groups around the Diocese. The future plan is for next year to have a Junior conference."

Diocese of Kiteto, Tanzania

Coordinator Anderson Lesijila reports: "In the Diocese of Kiteto there are 61 adult groups that are doing very well; we also have 61 group leaders. They are in book 4. We also have  other 33 new groups. The future plan is to continue planting new groups, because these 61 groups are from 61 Parishes but we have 74 Parishes around the Diocese."

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro

Coordinator Charles Unjiro reports that RinJ Junior is in use in every church in the diocese. Pastors say that children learn the memory verses, understand them, and preach from them to their parents, many of whom are delighted and impressed. Many children bring their friends, some of whom are Muslims; some of these children's families welcome the opportunity on the grounds that they are studying the Word of God. The adult programme is used for confirmation classes.

October 2017

Diocese of Karamoja, Uganda

Pastor John Onyao has just completed a round of visits to the RinJ groups in the 14 parishes of the diocese. He reports that there are 23 groups with 432 members. Despite struggling with food scarcity, 7 of these groups have progressed to Book 2. John writes: "Most of the group leaders have reported of the growing numbers of those giving their lives to Christ Jesus as their personal Saviour. RinJ is a good tool for discipleship if all the leaders embrace it. It is reported that members that have been attending RinJ classes their prayer lives and way of living has changed."

Diocese of Mpwapwa, Tanzania

The Tanzanian diocesan coordinators met for their annual review and planning meeting in August, and Canon Duncan Mtoro has sent a copy of his report. There are 134 adult RinJ groups in the diocese with a total of 1029 members, and 93 RinJ Junior groups with 1246 members. This represents a significant increase in the number of groups in the diocese this year, with 23 new adult groups and 26 new Juior groups.

August 2017

Diocese of Butere, Kenya

Rooted in Jesus was introduced to the Diocese of Butere in June this year. Benjamin Kibera reports: "In regard to the work of RinJ groups in the diocese, I am pleased that many people have taken it very positively and it is encouraging to note that 98 groups have been formed already. About 688 people are already in discipleship groups in 26 parishes. The remaining 22 parishes are preparing to start in the month of September. In regard to Butere Boys, the students have come back from August holiday this week on Tuesday. They had closed school end of July. We are having our first meeting this coming weekend and  I have made arrangement to begin discipling 25 leaders in three groups. The student leaders once they finish the training will be able to disciple 200 - 250 students."

Pentecostal churches of Bungoma, Kenya

Brian Keel writes: "In November 2016, we conducted 'Rooted in Jesus Junior' training to a group of Sunday School leaders in Ruiru, north Nairobi. We have since re-visited the church, the bishop and his wife are good friends of ours - unbeknown to us this large church of several hundred members, quite a number who are school teachers and university lecturers, had been unable to keep Sunday School teachers for more than a few months, before they resigned. From the training in early November, to our being there again in late April, not one Sunday School teacher had resigned, and some who had declared they felt they would not be able to offer anything in that line, had come forward to become part of the children's ministry team!  We thought this was great news!"

July 2017

Diocese of Kajo-Keji in exile, South Sudan

Coordinator Nelson Saya has returned to the refugee camp in Morobi, where he met with members of six churches who have established Rooted in Jesus groups. He reports that focussing on Jesus through the course has awakened the faith of group members, brought them comfort, encouraged them, given them the assurance that God is with them, and enabled them to know that he cares for them. Nelson looks forward to visiting other church groups which wish to start Rooted in Jesus.

June 2017

Diocese of Karamoja, Uganda

Coordinator John Onyao has sent a report saying that 23 groups are using Rooted in Jesus, with 483 members; some groups have completed the first two books. Many have given their lives to Christ as their personal Saviour, and group leaders have sent testimonies from group leaders. A followup conference is planned for October 2017.

Diocese of Kajo Keji in exile, South Sudan

Coordinator Nelson Saya has travelled to 9 of the refugee camps in Uganda where people have taken shelter, and trained 35 leaders from 25 churches. 500 people attended the training, and Nelson reports : 'To the glory of God the program was successfully done. The people were very happy for this program and they are ready to start the groups as soon as possible because it brings the mind of the people together. it has also made the people look back to God. it comforted the people in the situation that is happening in the camps and in south Sudan. For God has not left the people alone, as it is written in psalm 139. It assures the people that God is with them wherever they are. God has opened their hearts to put this program of Rooted in Jesus into practice. In Morobi camp the people were able to testify that this program will bring revival becuase it has awakened them in their faith since they fled to the camp and it has comforted them. They are ready to start the program.' To read Nelson's report in full click here.

Bishop Emmanuel comments: 'It is very amazing and we need to pray for this programme to be rooted in the lives of the people in the refugee camps. This is the only way we could bring peace of mind to the people.' We continue to pray for them.'

Diocese of Niassa appoints new coordinator

Vicente Msosa has now succeeded Mark Van Koevering as Bishop of Niassa in Mozambique. RinJ was previously overseen in the diocese by Revd Helen Van Koevering, so Bishop Vicente has appointed a new coordinator, Arnold Gezan. Anold has a Diploma in Theology and a passion for evangelism. Bishop Vicente plans to ordain him, and is thinking that he will not give him a parish so that he can devote all his time to Rooted in Jesus - Niassa is a huge diocese (half the country!). Arnold will be supported by Ven Bukutu.

April 2017

Finding faith in Mityana, Uganda

John Musaasizi writes: "Two weeks ago we went to (parish) church, following up the existing Rooted in Jesus group in that place. The vicar expressed his gratitude for our presence by providing the parlour of his house for our own use. We in turn responded with unusual gratitude. In the Rooted in Jesus fellowship, Robinah who has been living with a man with many women, gave her life to the Lord Jesus. Two weeks before her salvation experience, Daniel a member of the church aged 70 years met Jethro and I under a tree shade. He expressed his incessant desire to receive Christ in his life. And soon after sharing the Good News of our Lord Jesus, he wholeheartedly committed his life to the Lordship of Jesus. He shared with us his long time polygamous mountain. We assured him that the Lord was available not only to set him free, but also provide solutions for the hurts he has gone through over the years of his transgression. Daniel, immediately, invited his friend and neighbour, George to receive the kind of life he has received. Sharing the Gospel to George, was as easy as walking on a steep and slippery path to the well. The Lord had already prepared him for Salvation. Both Daniel and George are now members of the Rooted in Jesus fellowship. Last Sunday both of them gave their testimonies to the church assembly. Great things are happening in Rooted in Jesus groups. Praise and glory be to the Lord Jesus. The Holy Spirit is moving and we want to move with Him."

March 2017

Rooted in Jesus ministry of Dignity in Zambia and Namibia

We have received a report from Dignity with news of the Life! Groups which they support in villages in Zambia and Namibia. The groups use Rooted in Jesus for discipleship formation and Dignity's material Love Your Village for skills training. The report observes that 'the team members who begin with skills training rather than discipleship training are not as faithful in their service'.

There are now 440 Life Groups, so the year on year increase continues. RinJ is used in Bemba, Chichewa, Lunda and (in Namibia) Lozi. Dignity have an expanding support ministry to the group leaders, with locally based Impact Teams overseeing and encouraging the group leaders. Emphasis on care for the community lies behind the increased growth of the groups. Augustine, an Impact Team Member, writes: "One very important thing we are seeing is uniting our churches. In the past we were just working separately as individual churches and had nothing to do with the others. Now in those villages where Life Groups have been planted we are seeing churches uniting and working together. Even those that don't go to churches they are also coming in the LIfe Groups and they are committing their lives to the Lord."

Diocese of Kajo-Keji, South Sudan

Renewed instability has caused many people to flee to refugee camps in Uganda. Bishop Emmanuel Modi has visited the camps and writes: "We went and met the people in one of the camps in Palorinya and was attended with 37 council members and heads of department. Among the council members, 10 were the trained Rooted in Jesus group leaders. They they reported that they had been busy erecting their tent but now as they are almost settling they will be ready to start the groups. The other challenges they raised was that, the group members they have started in Kajo-Keji got scattered into different refugee camps, can they started new groups? I encouraged them that they can start new groups and this is the time where people need the word of God seriously and deeply rooted in Jesus Christ. The mission and evangelism coordinator is ready to move in the camps to supervise those who are going to start new groups. We pray to the Almighty God for provision of travelling cost as the group leaders are stationed in different camps and the distant from each other."

Diocese of Upper Shire, Malawi

Following the second RinJ Conference in the diocese Fr Elliot Litereka has sent us a full report on the groups and on future plans. He reports that there is a tremendous growth of Rooted in Jesus groups in various parishes. Group members are holding collections to support others who are sick or in hospital; priests and laity are working together in the proclamation of the Gospel, speaking particularly with Muslims. They plan to appoint Archdeaconry Coordinators to make supporting the group leaders easier, and to hold further regional training conferences.

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Coordinator Canon John Musaasizi writes: "Jethro and I are fully engulfed by the joy of the Lord upon hearing the good news that our translated work of Rooted in Jesus  book 4 is completed and ready for printing. So the LUGANDA speaking community of Mityana Diocese has now four books of Rooted in Jesus whose contents provide all opportunities for growth into Christ Likeness. We are indeed privileged to have such a work inspired by the Holy Spirit. During my student days, as a student of Theology, one of my tutors by the name Pat Flinn defined Inspiration as 'God's superintendency over human authors so that using their individual personalities, they composed and recorded His revelation to man without error in the words of the original autographs.' As Jethro and I have gone through Rooted in Jesus books, we have realized that the Holy Spirit directed the composition and recording of the books. We have witnessed peoples lives being set free from the gallows of death in order to serve the living God. Simple leaders of Rooted in Jesus groups devoid of systematic education have been channels of God's Grace to many people.

Jethro and I almost lost hope in the leadership of Eustine at BUKANAGA Church. When we visited her, she had only one member and others had left her. As we communicate this message now, Eustine has the best group in Mityana Cathedral Deanery. We attended her group yesterday, but time seemed to running faster than usual. Almost everyone wanted to stay in order to hear more of what God was speaking to us through Eustine and the rest of other members. What a timeless experience dominated by God's love and concern  for one another! Thanks be to God for Rooted in Jesus training."

"Of late, Kiryokya church group completed book one and were awarded certificates as shown in the attachments. Many members of this group committed their lives to the Lordship of Jesus many years ago. But the biblical  mandate of making disciples was not a reality in their lives. So they have become partakers of the great and historical event commanded by our Lord Jesus through which God's Kingdom is eternally established. Praise and glory be to the Lord's Name. And we are thankful to Rev. Eriya of Kiryokya parish for work well done. Already 62 members have indicated their readiness to be involved in 17 groups that will be started soon. So those who have successfully completed, have a ministry at their doors to take forward.  We thank God for this multiplication process."

February 2017

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

A group in the church of St Pierre, Lubumbashi has become the first group in the diocese to complete all 4 books of RinJ (most are just starting book 2). They have been awarded their certificates by the new bishop, Bertin Subi, and each given a Rooted in Jesus shirt to celebrate their achievement!

Diocese of False Bay, South Africa

We have just received the following testimony from Valencia Ruiters and Chante Pepino, group members in the church of Christ the Redeemer, who have just moved on to book 3 with their group:

"I thank God for allowing us to go on this RinJ Journey with awesome people who not only touched me but welcomed me from the very beginning. It all started with a whatsapp message from a friend. This point in my life was full of disarray and hurt mixed with anger and pain. She invited me to come and join her at a gathering that I knew nothing of or in fact not even knowing that she was saved, this was the turning point in my life where I would not only discover what I have lost as a child of God but what was about to change my life dramatically. Like Brad (RinJ Trainer) says, 'when the scales come off your eyes'. My first impressions walking into the church was people welcoming me with open arms as if they were expecting me, like you would feel when you have a family gathering and not feel all awkward, but little did I know that the spirit in me would fire up and I would walk out of there with tremendous peace.
The session started off with a prayer, I closed my eyes and felt so warm, they even prayed for me and my presence that I felt so welcomed. The facilitator that night was uncle Edwin and they did a repeat of what was discussed a few weeks prior to me being there, but I listened and try to catch up, still not knowing what the night entailed. James 4:7 submit yourself to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you. I did not know what this verse was about but little did I know that the weekend ahead was the awakening of my spirit. After doing the memory verse we went to into groups and everyone had a chance to talk about what was bothering them and we all had to join hands and pray about what was said, this was the ultimate change for me as I felt the spirit firing up in me as if I was sent to this place for a reason.
I have since started reading the bible every chance I get, having empathy for people, trying to be better as a parent, I can say that this journey has made it easy to identify when the enemy is present and wanting to steal my Joy, I have relied on scriptures to guide me in my life with wisdom up until now.
No question to God is unanswered, no trial and tribulation that I find myself in was not resolved."

"I have learned that we should not judge people and always forgive as God has mercy on all. If we ask for forgiveness how can we expect him to have Mercy on us if we can’t show mercy on others. I am trying to change my mind set to a more spiritual understanding than the understanding of our human nature. I have discovered that I can pray not only when I go down on my knees but have that conversation.
Trusting in God and allowing my thoughts to be pure and not filled with anger, irritation, and all those things that don’t come from God. All the memory verses up until the last had a big impact on my life and have steered me in the right direction. I am convinced now that this journey has not started on that Friday night alone, it has been coming on a long time ago and will continue to grow. Thank you Regan and all the people that made RINJ possible, I believe that it was only through the grace of God that I am writing this today and thank God for saving me! I pray that you will continue the good work and hope that many more lost souls like me is awaken, I ask this in Jesus name, Amen."

Diocese of Kajo-Keji, South Sudan

Rooted in Jesus was introduced to the Diocese of Kajo-Keji in October 2016. Since then there has been increasing political instability. Bishop Emmanuel Modi writes that "Three quarters of the population are in the refugee camps and others are internally displaced. We are going to make new strategies among the refugees. I am going to establish the churches and find out those Christian who were trained in Rooted in Jesus so that they will start their groups. Please pray for my trips that I am going to make to visit the camps." The coordinator Revd Samuel Pianiliee writes that " Like many others, my family is now in Uganda in a refugee camp but I am yet in Kajo-Keji as a shepherd of the flock of God who are now gathered at the Cathedral compound to make their individual decisions." We continue to pray for this diocese and its new bishop in these difficult times.

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Canon John Musaasizi writes from the Diocese of Mityana in Uganda: “What we are seeing with our own eyes as far as Rooted in Jesus is concerned is an apparent manifestation of God’s answers to your prayers and prayers of other God loving people spread widely. We thank you very much.” The Diocese plans to host a second Rooted in Jesus conference later in the year. To read some of John’s recent news, including the remarkable story of a man who gave his life to Christ following the violent death of his wife, visit the Rooted in Jesus blog.

January 2017

Diocese of Lango, Uganda

Ronald Eguny reports that there are now 48 parishes using Rooted in Jesus, and that 'Christians whom I come in personal contact with were very happy about the lessons they are learning in RinJ, and there are a lot of testimonies.' To read more visit the RinJ blog!

Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Revd Pez Raobison writes to say that he has just had the joy of baptising Alpha and his brother, the first two new Christians in Ambositra, where Pez and his wife Louise are using Rooted in Jesus to plant a new church.

Diocese of Mara, Tanzania

RinJ coordinator Canon Jacob Robert writes: "Here in the Diocese of Mara, I normally visit Rooted in Jesus groups; I have started at Serengeti a group callege Neema group (Grace), which formed by old women, the group has 8 old women. On 15th December I visited the group. After all practices, I gave them certificate one with some few books I had. I gave them chance to go back home to start their own groups. they promised to do.I also promised to have a gradual meetings with them. Rooted in Jesus is still doing well in the Diocese."

December 2016

Growing the Church in South Africa

Nicole Curtis sends this testimony from Brad Sitzer in Cape Town: "Salty ministry team is a group of late twenties- to early sixty-somethings who meet every Friday night. We have gone through Alpha twice, RinJ senior Book One a few times and other short courses. Our ambition is to do life together more and more and to integrate with existing family lives. We have had a babysitter for the participants’ children, and she has enjoyed looking after the kids. We then felt compelled to take the opportunity to disciple the kids in some way. Messy Church, Rinj Junior and Godly Play were the options. We recognise all three to be quality programmes. Yet due to the ease of implementation and low resource requirements, we decided that RinJ Junior would be the best place to start. Hence we have begun our RinJ Junior journey! The kids have been enjoying the first few sessions. Three of the kids are not baptised and are actually Muslim; but their mom has recently decided to follow Jesus, so she enjoys her kids being a part of this journey."

Nicole reports that RinJ Junior continues to be used in the following dioceses: Cape Town, False Bay, St. Mark the Evangelist, Mthatha and Pretoria.The Province has embraced the Decade of Intentional Discipleship initiative, and plans are in place to offer training over the next three years for leaders of Rooted in Jesus, Rooted in Jesus Junior and The God Who is There in each of the Province's 28 dioceses. "We see all of these resources as being integral to discipling people and teaching them to disciple others. We are very excited about the next three years!"

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Coordinator John Musaasiz reports: "You will recall that of late Jethro and I visited Marjorine's home. The purpose of our visit to her home was to share with her our conviction that she had the potential resident in her that she could employ to lead the existing Rooted in Jesus group, housed once a week at Lubumba parish clergy house. Upon hearing our observation, Marjorine swallowed the entire conviction we had communicated to her with overwhelming joy. Yesterday during the Sunday worship service at Lubumba, we introduced her to the entire assembly of God's people. They stood up, raised their hands and prayed  for her. It was glorious moment. Marjorine can be seen from the attachment kneeling down and being prayed for under the leadership of my ministry colleague Jethro. Jethro and I will move to other groups and churches to see how they are moving on with Rooted in Jesus Ministry. We greatly value your prayers in all facets, like raising up Spirit filled leaders, funds to move us to near and distant churches, our physical and spiritual lives' protection including that of our families, wisdom to be able to communicate God's Truth without error or exaggeration, and this is just to mention but five areas."

November 2016

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Coordinator Stephane Makata reports that there are now 110 groups with 761 members meeting. He includes the following testimonies from a group in Kipushi parish led by Mama Regine Kisima:

"Prayer is a big weapon in our Christian life, some people discovers that Satan was disorganizing our Marriage.In their Mrariages they thought that it was the witch and the magicians who set disorder in their marriages. After receiving the teaching on how you can discover your foe, the prayer helped some Christians to build their marriages and others decide to form a new marriage."

"The RinJ followers were not praying before, after receiving the teaching they are now ready to use prayer at any time as a result of their victory in Jesus."

"I did not know that through RinJ session we take this opportunity to repent, but now when I discover this I become a blessing for my family and I bring the blessing home."

"People who received the teaching of RinJ now, know more about the gifts and the use of when we serve God; they decided to read, teach the Bible and buy more bibles."

Dignity in Zambia

The latest report from Dignity shows that they now have 356 Life! Groups using Rooted in Jesus, plus a group of Iranian Christians in Manchester. Download their report here, and read of the testimonies of how people are being transformed by Jesus.

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Coordinators John and Jethro continue to visit the far-flung parishes of the diocese: "Jethro and I have just been to Kiweesa. The group of 13 members have completed book 1 and received certificates. The group was composed of young and old people. It was great to hear the young ones repeating the memory verses they had stored during their training. They have banked life treasures during their good years. The old people will soon start their own groups in their local places being monitored by Harriet the group leader, who also will continue with book 2 with the group that has just graduated. It is wonderful to visit homes of Rooted in Jesus members. In such context, the Lord performs unexpected miracles that affects positively family members for good."

Diocese of Mpwapwa, Tanzania

Diocesan Coordinator Canon Dunstan Mtoro has written to say that the Diocese now has 134 groups with 1029 adult members and 1016 Junior members. Groups have completed the first two books and moved on to Books 3 and 4, and there are many encouragements to share such as visiting each other in their groups, sharing gifts by their visitations Parish by Parish, Deanery by Deanary both sides Senior and Junior; singing together, reading together, making open meetings etc.

Working with Pentecostal networks in Kenya

Brian Keel of the Leadership Development Partnership reports from Bungoma, Kenya: "Bishop Dan came to Kisumu to see us on the flight today back to Nairobi. We had concluded the 'Rooted in Jesus Junior' training in Bungoma a week last Thursday; this past Sunday Dan took the children's service (something he does not usually do) and used the 1st lesson in Book 1 as the basis of his teaching, and witnessed 20 children being baptised in the Holy Spirit!  They continued speaking in tongues for a period of time, such that people from outside the church came to see what was going on!  From there he went to another of his churches to speak, and quite a number of adults were baptised in the Holy Spirit!"

October 2016

Dignity Worldwide, Zambia

Jo Kimball has sent us an update on Dignity's work in Zambia, where over 350 Life Groups now use the Rooted in Jesus material alongside Dignity's own Love your Village course. The groups meet in 8 different regions in Zambia and now Namibia, and are supported by 18 experienced local trainers. To read their testimony of blessing please visit the RinJ blog, or catch up with all their recent news on Dignity's website here.

Diocese of Karamoja, Uganda

Rooted in Jesus was introduced to this diocese in March 2016. Coordinator John Onyao writes:
"Thank you so much for your prayers for the RinJ groups and the leaders. Some of the group leaders now give testimonies of what the spirit of God is doing amidst the groups they are leading. I am very glad to share with you the testimony of Philip Logir, a group leader of St. Peters Church at Nakapiripirit. I will write to you his own words:

Philip Logir writes: "I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rooted in Jesus has improved the spiritual life of young men and women who acknowledge Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and has brought a new life change in both spiritually and personally in choir practices, (true worship), outreaches, youth fellowships, preaching and bible study and interpretation.In the beginning I started with 6 youth members; the number has increased to 14 members present in the learning class. We are celebrating that 10 among the members gave their lives to Christ as their personal savior and now they love the training, attending daily during scheduled days for the learning, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays."

Diocese of Upper Shire, Malawi

RinJ was introduced to Upper Shire in November 2015. Coordinator Edward Kawinga reports that so far 15 groups have reported on their progress, and that members of the groups have shown great interest and are very encouraged by what they have learned. Fr Elliot Litereko reports: "I am using Rooted in Jesus Lessons in class of new converts, those who have just joined us from Islam. They are not baptised but they started already giving their tithe and giving themselves to Work Of Christ! Praise The Lord!" Another group of 18 confirmation candidates have completed Book 1. Bishop Brighton Malasa has invited a RinJ team to lead a followup conference in 2017.

Diocese of Eastern Zambia

The Diocese of Eastern Zambia hosted a series of 4 Diocesan Youth Conferences earlier this year, with several hundred participants across the four locations. The conference included training for leaders of Rooted in Jesus Junior Sunday School groups. RinJ Junior is firmly established across the diocese, with the books being printed and distributed locally by Bishop William Mchombo. We were delighted to receive a report from Junior Coordinator Abraham Phiri, who told of one parish which now has 6 separate Junior groups meeting!

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Coordinator Revd Charles Unjiro reports that every parish and sub-parish in the Diocese now has a Rooted in Jesus Junior group.

April 2016

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Canon John Musaasizi writes: "Yesterday was indeed an exciting day. We decided to visit 6 churches whose leaders had Rooted in Jesus training... We moved to Ssinde parish found in Bukomero Archdeaconry.  Before we reached the parish church, we met five members of Ssinde Church proceeding home. Four of them were women and one was a man. They had attended the first early morning service. We parked our car on the side of the road and began sharing the Gospel with them. The Holy Spirit had already prepared them to receive our message. They swallowed every Gospel Word we shared with them. And consequently, they received Christ in their lives. We enjoyed watching their beaming faces accompanied with words of confirmation assuring us that indeed Christ had taken over their lives. We wrote down their names as Glades Nakitto, Rurh Nanziri, Esther Nakuwaye. Eclea Wasswa and Robert Mukose. All of them expressed great desire to read Scripture, but their eyes could not read properly. Fortunately I had carried with me a number of reading glasses which Rev Dodie Marsden had carried over to me. Jethro and I were surprised with joy to see that all the five newly born in Christ were able to receive the real glasses they wanted. They started reading their Bibles eloquently right there. We enjoyed the exciting moments of the day right there on the side of the road.  As they proceeded home, we too proceeded to Ssinde vicarage.  Stephen Tuberinde the vicar actively participarted in the joy we carried to him. He promised to include the born again members in the Rooted in Jesus group of his church.
The  Lord led us further afield to Bamusuuta Archdeaconry. The Holy communion service was half way done by the time we got there. But were received happily by Rev Stephen Ddamulira who has recently been transferred to that parish church. After the Holy communion Stephen gave Jethro and I an opportunity to share what God had put in our hearts. After sharing, we gave an opportunity to those who wanted to commit their lives to the Lordship of Jesus. About 30 people turned up and some in tears. It was another glorious event . It was like we had entered another timeless  and peaceful presence of the Lord. Praise His glorious Name! We promised to return to that church soon. Stephen promised to include all those newly born again into Rooted in Jesus groups.

Diocese of Karamoja, Uganda

Diocesan Coordinator John Onyao writes, following the introductory RinJ training conference held in March:
"I am very grateful for the RinJ training that took place in our diocese, the training was another eye opener to the Clergy and lay leaders that attended training. The participants enjoyed that time of speaking in the Spirit of God and the different ways the Spirit of God can speak to people. What joy that some of the participants hard the experience of the Holy Spirit's touch. The participants pledged to start 49 groups and now 20 RinJ groups  have been started throughout the diocese."

March 2016

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Canon John Musaasizi writes: "Jethro and I enjoyed traveling on a paved road leading to Kiryokya parish. Two miles before we reached the place, a strong rain accompanied with wind of the same strength almost hindered us from moving forward. No sooner did we reach  Kiryokya Parish Church than it stopped. We entered the church where the group of Rooted in Jesus was sitting, rejoicing in the Lord and singing the Revival song Tukutendereza with great oomph. We indeed felt the presence of Jesus among us. He was already there with the group before we arrived. It was a group of 35 members. It was one of the biggest groups we had met. Rev. Eriya was the group leader full of zeal to grow his group into Christ likeness. At the end of sharing all what the Lord had prepared for us, we provided room for personal commitment to the Lordship of Jesus. Ten of the members gave their lives to Lord Jesus. Among those who gave their lives to Jesus was Nathan who had come with his wife Florence. He loudly announced his birth experience, moved fast towards his wife. Upon reaching her he knelt down and  wept. He sought forgiveness from his wife for having been a drunkard. The experience led a number of members to tears. The Holy Spirit was moving among us transforming everybody saved and unsaved. As Jethro, I and a few other members had laid our hands on Nathan praying, my legs began shaking and I prayed silently for myself so that the Lord may prevent me from falling on the floor while praying for Nathan. He did. Glory be to His Name."

February 2016

Diocese of Maseno South, Kenya

Coordinator Joshua Opondo writes: "The Rooted in Jesus course I can report that it's doing well just at the cathedral with the youth department, where after our youth service at 8:30 am, we do the course for one hour. This course has led to a number of youths being Rooted in the Word, some of whom are helping me in the school ministry. It started with few members but as time goes by, the number has grown and young people love that. Some have shared that they enjoy it even more than the services as they have the opportunity to interact with the word of God."

Thanks too that I received a gift from UK team when in Uganda, South Rwenzori, your book "Doing what Jesus did, a fresh look at the gifts of the Holy Spirit.” After reading this book, a lot has changed in my ministry, I feared casting out demons and deliverance. Today, God is using me in the ministry of healing and deliverance. The gift of faith has been so evident in my ministry and God has been delivering many. I have been witnessing instant healings, some gradual and deliverance from demonic powers, eg last two weekends when we took to fasting and prayers before missions, God just showed us his greatness. Deliverance was so powerful, ministry of the word until students brought back stolen items, there were occult items brought that I burnt, those who were known to be devil worshippers some were delivered and making confessions until students were just coming to give their lives to Christ. For the two schools, one with 2000 students, over 400 students gave their lives to Christ, and where we had 500, 172 gave their lives to Christ. I met with them for teaching session but their main cry and the Christian Union is on mantaining salvation they and requested for Bible study tool, and I think Rooted in Jesus can work best."

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

Rooted in Jesus was introduced to Mityana in October 2015. Coordinator John Musaasizi reports: "It has been great visiting the Rooted in Jesus group in LUSOLO Church [photo right]. Although not all members were present, we enjoyed the leadership of Amos TUWAMBE, the one in the white t shirt. Young as he is, he has the ability to move the group with him in the right direction. The group has agreed that as for the members who were absent, arrangements will be made to visit them in their homes, so that they also share what they have missed before the next meeting. The sharing was done with open hearts and all members actively participated. One member who had not committed her life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, has done so. Glory and praise be to the Lord."

"The Rooted in Jesus Meeting at Kiweesa has been exciting and life touching to all members. Meetings are held in a widow's home by the name Beatrice. They have been dealing with Module 1 Lesson 4. Twelve members attended, being led by Harriet, a great lover of Scripture and a Bible teacher."

"One of the things I have noticed over the years of my commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, is the inner incessant desire to read God's Word. I have noticed the reality of this fact in almost everyone who turns to the Lord for Salvation, young and old. So the quest for reading glasses among the members of Rooted in Jesus groups, almost everywhere we go, looms large. We are thankful to Rev. Dodie Marsden who has carried with her not only the Luganda Introduction to Rooted in Jesus, but also with reading glasses of her own initiative. One of the first beneficiary of glasses brought over by Dodie, is Lonvinsa a group leader of Kitonzi Rooted in Jesus group. Kitonzi Parish Church is one of the furthest in the Diocese of Mityana. But distance could not prevent Lovinsa from reaching me for glasses. She has also taken some glasses for her group members to choose from."

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Coordinator Stephane Makata sends the following testimonies: Bernard Kasaka says "I used to suffer from diabetes, but thanks to the group's prayers God has healed me". Evangelist Gaston says "We have decided to start a RinJ group in the subparish of Luwowshi, because the believers who live there have been so blessed by their participation in the group." Washile says "I used to dream frequently that my wife, who died many years ago, was coming to me in the night; since we prayed about this in the group I have no longer seen her." Stephane reports that there are now 588 people meeting in 69 groups. In the parish of Safina, where 56 people meet in 6 groups, that "During the group prayer times miracles take place: the sick are healed, those who have problems find solutions to their problems."

In the missionary Diocese of Kalemie which forms part of Katanga, coordinator James Mayundo reports that there are now 79 groups with 790 members - and that 18 of these groups are hosted within eight other denominations, including Methodist, Orthodox, Moravian and Pentecostal.

Growing the Church, South Africa

Rooted in Jesus continues to be supported in South Africa from the offices of Growing the Church. Estelle Adams and Nicole Curtis are planning a series of diocesan or parish training conferences for both the RinJ adult and Junior programmes in 2016, starting with the Dioceses of Port Elizabeth and Pretoria. They also run clergy training days for those using ReSource's parallel discipleship programme The God Who Is There, and a series of these is being planned also.

January 2016

Diocese of South Rwenzori, Uganda

"We have been receiving Rooted in Jesus news for three years, having heard about your work in Uganda. We worked with AIM in Uganda for two years seeking to train and equip church leaders - what a privilege! We are currently back in Uganda for a few weeks and have been training leaders if parishes in South Rwenzori diocese, at the invitation of Bishop Jackson, in leadership, evangelism and disciple-making. We were based in Kasese and were introduced to a young man called Surgeon who is found a great work with Street children - he spoke very highly of the training and support he has received from Rooted in Jesus. We thank God for the way He is at work and pray your work may continue to bear much fruit." - Paul Allcock

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

John Musaasizi, the Diocesan Coordinator in Mityana, where RinJ was introduced in October 2015, writes:

"The Lord has created enthusiasm among group leaders. Groups are mushrooming up in various churches of the Diocese of Mityana. We are experiencing a great move of the Holy Spirit among those trained and grounded in Rooted in Jesus Program. The 141 original trainees have exhibited great enthusiasm in training new groups whose membership has grown beyond 367 members. My next reporting will accurately establish the current number at hand. Great enthusiasm is apparently manifested among the leaders as they grow the new discipleship entrants into Christlikeness. It is an exciting work of the Holy Spirit who has allowed and empowered the Rooted in Jesus Program to move with great oomph across the Diocese of Mityana. Praise and praise the Lord!

Jethro, his wife Loi and I led a good number of people to Christ in a Church called KITONZI and this is one of the furthest Parish Church in the Diocese of Mityana. Jethro and his wife Loi together with me, decided to train a group of born again members, the ones we had led to Christ, using the Rooted in Jesus books. We have been to this group four times, and we are greatly thrilled with what God is doing in the lives of the members. None of these members came to theRooted in Jesus Conference. So we are determined to disciple this group until everyone in the group is ready to lead another group elsewhere within KITONZI Parish."

December 2015

Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara, Uganda

RinJ has been in use in the Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara since 2012. Canon Eric Twine has just written to tell us that it has become an integrated part of the ministry of the diocese: "I am happy to inform you that Rooted in Jesus was adopted as a Diocesan tool for Discipleship and follow up used in all Churches of the Diocese." He also tells us that Bishop Nathan will be retiring in 2016.

Diocese of Lango, Uganda

The Diocese of Lango is due to have its first RinJ conference next March, and has been working well ahead to translate the materials. Youth coordinator Sylvester Ocen writes 'with great pleasure' to tell us of the pilot group he has been part of; he says that "Rooted in Jesus translated into Lango local language was amazing; we did it together as a team at the secretariat, and it  helped us a lot in forming Discipleship groups in different parishes and even sub parishes. We are praying that come 2016 March to train our clergy on how to use the book effectively."

Diocese of Mityana, Uganda

RinJ was introduced to Mityana in October, and coordinator John Musaasizi wrote following the conferences to say: "I am very thankful to be involved in the Discipleship program of Rooted in Jesus. I completely buy into statements made by other people, whose conviction and experience led them to say that, " Rooted in Jesus Program is the best on African Continent." It starts where you are and progresses you joyfully into the adventures of growing into Christlikeness. Mityana Diocese is privileged to have such a program at a time when multitudes of people have subjected themselves under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Of late I was  greatly thrilled upon receiving into my office a number of people who participated in the most recent R in J. Conference. They were eager to receive the books in order to return and start small groups in their local churches.  I am looking forward to following up the already established groups. I will be sending you messages of great accomplishments by the Lord within our midst. GLORY BE TO HIS NAME

Diocese of Upper Shire, Malawi

Rooted in Jesus was introduced to 80 clergy and lay leaders in the Diocese of Upper Shire in November, and the newly appointed Coordinator Fr Edward Kawinga wrote to us ten days later with the following observation: "Just had my first meeting with members of RinJ, the first group formed last Sunday soon after church service today. Guess what? RinJ is a real eye opener! There is a lot l didn't know about my parishoners, Group introductions alone reveal that our parishoners are dying in silence and I am very convinced that RinJ is the real Cure."

October 2015

Rooted in Jesus and the Karen people of Burma

Frances Foote and a group of women from Croydon Hills Baptist Church, Melbourne, have been using Rooted in Jesus with a group of Karen women who have fled their homes in Burma and received asylum in Australia. The Karen pastor asked Frances to develop some Bible studies to each the women how to pray, using the scriptures, and how to improve their English. They began to use Rooted in Jesus in 2014, starting with a group of 12 Karen leaders who in time would be able to lead further groups themselves. Frances reports that the reticence of the Karen means that people are reticent to speak, particularly the younger women, and the Australian leaders have had to work hard to understand the shame culture which is so different from that of Australia. But she says that two of the women have experienced a new joy after receiving prayer for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, one has returned to church after a dream inspired by one of the memory verses, and another, a troubled teenager sent by her family to the group, has become calmer and keen to learn. All the women have grown in confidence and begun to pray for each other, sharing more openly and growing in their love of Jesus. This is the first time RinJ has been used in an Asian context. Meanwhile...

Rooted in Jesus and the people of St Paul's Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, UK

Debs Price went on a Rooted in Jesus team to Rwanda and Burundi in 2014, and when she returned decided to try using RinJ with a small gruop of women who needed something a bit less 'wordy' than most Western materials. Debs writes: "We began last November and after just a short time it became clear that God was really using this to help establish people in their relationship with him, bring challenges, encouragement and enable them to bring Jesus more into their everyday lives. As the facilitator I have been excited to provide opportunity, through using the material and seeking God, for people to engage with God and have been encouraged to see how each one (including myself) has been growing and deepening in faith. There has been less than I expected (so far) to adjust for the UK culture which is interesting and I have found the group have responded really well to the interactive style.  So, all in all, the women are continuing to become more “rooted in Jesus” and this is bearing fruit in their wider circle of friends, family, work and church. We reviewed things after completing Book 1 and there was a clear desire to continue on to Book 2." Comments from group members include:

News from Rooted in Jesus Junior

Jonathan Rendall has been speaking with some of the Diocesan Coordinators. In the Diocese of Morogoro, Tanzania, Revd Godson Madibi reports that the RinJ Junior programme is now overseen from within the Mothers Union office, and groups are going very well, with answered prayer and children applying the memory verses to their lives. Godson took some of the Junior leaders to visit churches in Dar es Salaam to tell them about the programme, and some of the Mpwapwa leaders are visiting Morogoro later this year to share further training.

In the Diocese of Eastern Zambia Revd Abraham Phiri reports that some of the Junior groups have reached book 4, and children are asking for more teachers. A child named Joyce, aged 11, has been so impacted by the memory verses that her family are now doing the Junior lesson of the week together at home as a family Bible study. Further training is planned later this month.

News from Cape Town, South Africa

Cathy Henderson reports: "At Holy Spirit Kirstenhof the younger children use Rooted in Jesus Junior, and the older ones the adult programme.The Grade 6 and 7 children at CHS have been using the Rooted in Jesus Adult curriculum since the beginning of the year.They have enjoyed the topics and have really engaged with the material and there has been much in the way of discussion and questions. The children have particularly enjoyed the active learning style – they aren’t sitting back and being “taught” a traditional lesson, but are discussing, thinking, talking, looking up Bible verses, forming opinions, debating, laughing, praying and sometimes agreeing to disagree, but all the while growing in their understanding of the nature of God and the scriptures as they develop into mature Christians.The leaders have also appreciated the user-friendliness of the curriculum and are enjoying their role as facilitators, rather than teachers."

Brad Sitzer reports from the Church of the Redeemer, Westridge, Mitchells Plain: "RinJ Adults consisted of two separate groups of about 15 participants who completed Book 1 by the end of 2014. We presented certificates during one of our church services. We are excited to start Book 2 on 18th September this year. We will then run a combination of Book 1 and 2 as some new people will start with Book 1 and the others will continue with Book 2.  We have gone back to the drawing board and went on a course called J-Life which has informed us how to create a strategy. It is with this strategy that we now move forward. We also use Alpha and RinJ as partners - one for Evangelism and the other for Discipleship.  RinJ is labelled as our primary discipleship tool within our organisation viz. Salty, which targets 20 and 30 something year olds. With RinJ coming up in September, we are aiming for about 20 people going through book 1 and 2 collectively."

September 2015

Feedback from UK team members

Taking part in a RinJ team is an enriching experience not just for those who receive but also for those who offer ministry. Revd Philip Bromiley writes: “The ethos and raison d'être of RinJ Junior has reminded me personally that we need to be discipling children in the UK too. This is very much at the forefront of my thinking at present and will undoubtedly have an impact on my vision for future ministry. Several moments were truly memorable. The way participants in the course were genuinely fired up to go out and deliver RinJJ, particularly in Mara. The way individuals were touched by the Holy Spirit to discover Jesus afresh in a variety of different ways: Captives delivered from evil, visions of angels, renewed relationships with Jesus. The evening worship in Masasi cathedral and the tangible cloud of the Lord's presence will stay with me forever."

Revd Amanda Bruce writes: “I found it to be a refreshing and restorative time of hard work that interrupted the wear and tear of ongoing parish ministry. It has given me fresh energy for releasing lay leaders into their own ministries through discipleship and training. This is of prime importance in my ministry and yet the vision for continued releasing is hard to maintain when the administrative duties of parish management and overwhelming demands of pastoral care suck at me. I have also been able to share some of the life-changing moments I was part of already and I know that many of my congregation have been blessed by and are loving hearing the stories. I think the example of our delegates will also prove to make people at home more able to step up to God’s call on their own lives.” 

August 2015

Growing the Church newsletter

The latest Growing the Church newsletter gives news of the growth of RinJ Junior in South Africa. Lucy Burgess, the Sunday School Superintendent at All Saints Belhar, Cape Town, reports: "“Currently, our Grades 2-6 use Rooted in Jesus Junior. Personally, I am enjoying teaching Rooted in Jesus Junior. I find that some of the topics/questions really encourage the children to ask questions, which I like. Ever since my Grade 5 started using Junior, they've always been 10-12 eager-beavers who are so committed to being in Sunday School every week and come at least half an hour before Sunday School starts. We go over what we learnt the previous week and then move on to our current lesson. I give the children rewards for learning their memory verses, and this seems to work quite well. It's all about Jesus, and I can honestly say that the Holy Spirit is indeed with us.” The Junior group at All Saints is pictured right. For the full report click here.

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Revd James Mayundo, RinJ coordinator in the missionary diocese of Kalemie, writes to update us, one year after RinJ was introduced to the diocese: "Our RinJ Co-ordination is very new and it is in the post conflict area of DRCongo in Tanganyika Province. During the conflict period people have lost many things: Lives and Properties, the people who could support us have lost even their lives. This new co-ordination in a new Diocese needs new supports, new resources, new plans, and new strategies to make the dream of having a Diocese come true!"James reports that there are 79 RinJ groups meeting, and that new group leaders are being appointed from the existing group members so that the number of groups can multiply. "The RinJ teachings are changing people and making them disciples of JESUS, solving marriage problems or conflicts and giving peace to people, giving children by the power of the Holy Spirit through the word of God to those who need them.” To read James's report in full click here.

July 2015

Dignity Worldwide, working with RinJ in Zambia

Jo Kimball has just sent a comprehensive report giving details of the 224 groups meeting in rural Zambia, with an addition small number in Tanzania. Groups use Rooted in Jesus on the one hand and receive training in practical agricultural skills on the other. Groups are supported by trained local Impact teams, and many have now reached book 3 of Rooted in Jesus. Plans are being made to introduce Rooted in Jesus to Namibia, and translation into Lozi is underway. RinJ is also being translated into Lunda for use in NW Zambia.

Jenny Tait, on the team to the Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo, wrote on her return:

"The first conference was a follow up to the one last year where we introduced and taught the discipleship group course made for Africa, Rooted in Jesus. We saw and heard of big changes in people - the Bishop's wife particularly, who seemed quite remote and aloof last time, has really blossomed. It was moving to hear that at least 40 people had gone and started their own groups - 8-12 per group, so that’s around 400 people being deeply discipled. There were testimonies of changed lives, marriages saved, witchcraft followers dropping their ways and coming to Jesus, healings. I 'chaired' the feedback sessions and we felt hugely buoyed up and encouraged after the first day - the positives. The next day, the difficulties, felt heavy and rather sad as we came up against the realities of people's lives - and their hunger for encouragement, hope, power.  I think I told you at the time what a difficult night and next morning I had, preparing for the teaching session that I was doing as a follow up, how heavy I felt, and how grateful I was to know of your prayers. And what a wonderful answer I had from God after some time just taking it to Him and not thinking about what to teach - such a joy to be given a clear message to impart. And without discussion, the devotions before my talk, Yolisa's debut, were on Psalm 84, letting the Valley of Baca (ie troubles) become a place of springs." To read more click here.

June 2015

Confirmations in the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, South Africa

Bishop Martin Breytenback writes: "I have noticed two interesting things in Confirmations I have done this year where RinJ is being used:
1) An increase in the proportion of boys being confirmed! In some parishes, for the first time that I can remember, there have even been more boys than girls.
2) An increase in the number of adults and older people being confirmed.
Of course it is impossible to say whether this is directly as a result of RinJ… but I am sure it is playing a part. We also had an amazing day in “Youth Synod” on Saturday. The level of joy and the energy present were really exciting – as well as some of the proposals coming from the youth. They don’t only want youth programmes, they want to take their full place in the life of the church."

Changing lives in Kolwezi, Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Coordinator Stephane Makata reports that Bishop Corneille Kasima travelled the 360km fro Lubumbashi to Kolwezi to award certificates to group members who have completed Book 1 of RinJ. Group leader Joel Ngoy Makobo explains how he was posted to Kolwezi and found a church of 6 people. He began a Rooted in Jesus group, and within two months the group had grown to 45 people. One year on, the church now has 95 members. 'God has met with us through healings and answered prayers.' Stephane includes some of the testimonies given by group members as they received their certificates - a man released from erotic dreams, a man who has given up stealing, a woman who describes her previous life in extraordinarily graphic terminology and says she is now saved and sharing the good news with others. Testimonies from Kipushi, where bishop's wife Regina has been leading a group, are similar - a man healed from the leg disability caused in an accident, a soldier never previously interested in Christ who now says his family lives on the word of God, a couple reunited after an angry divorce, a pastor strengthened for ministry. Regina herself reports that her experience of leading the group has been like awakening from a deep sleep. To read the report in full click here.

"I am a new man - there is a new spirit in me" - Godson Madibi

Revd Godson Madibi reports that in the Diocese of Morogoro, Tanzania, a RinJ Junior Celebration was held in the cathedral on Easter Day, for children and their parents. To Godson's amazement and delight, over 1200 children attended this event, which included singing, praying worshipping, reading the Bible together, drama and preaching (by the children). Parents were so enthusiastic that they have offered to sponsor future gatherings; Godson himself has experienced a renewal of spirit and a deepening of his calling to oversee the Junior programme across the diocese. Bishop Godfrey has asked Godson to start futher groups across the diocese, and to made contact with all existing groups. Godson has begun to travel from parish to parish encouraging the Junior teachers and clergy; he asks for our prayers.

Growing ministry in the Diocese of Eastern Zambia

Under the leadership of Bishop William Mchombo, this diocese has been using RinJ since 2008 and RinJ Junior since last year. The Junior programme is coordinated by Revd Abraham Phiri. Abraham reports that there are now 60 Junior groups meeting across the diocese, all of which are now on Book 3. Children are enjoying the groups so much that they have begun to invite their friends to church; many have real testimonies of how the Lord is working in their lives. 

The Diocese of South Rwenzori, Uganda

RinJ was introduced to this diocese, at the invitation of Bishop Jackson Nzerebende, back in 2008. Last year we sent a team to train Sunday School teachers to use RinJ Junior. Revd William Musisi reports that Junior is now growing across the diocese, with 7 archdeaconry coordinators appointed and 98 groups established in the parishes. William's own church in Bwera, on the Uganda/Congo border is growing, with 2 Junior groups meeting on Sundays; the children gave the readings and shared their testimonies at a recent Family Sunday service. 
Exciting reports are coming in from the archdeaconries too. William told Jonathan of the recent one-week mission held in Kasese, with one day being dedicated entirely to work among children - over 1000 children attended a day rally and marched through the town, all the Junior groups being represented, and new groups are now planned. 
William and his previous colleague Revd James Tumwesigye are leading a joint UK/Uganda RinJ team to the Diocese of Mityana later this year. 

Feedback from the Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, South Africa

Nicole Corlew has sent a report on the recent combined RinJ and RinJ Junior training conference held in Polokwane. 20 adult and 19 Junior leaders were trained, including a woman who plans to use Junior for the children participating in her church's feeding scheme, a youth leader from the cathedral who wants to provide something for the younger siblings of the teenagers who come, and a teenager named Frank who led the best practice session Nicole has ever seen! The conference was opened by Bishop Martin Breytenbach, and the teams led by Nicole Corlew (Junior) and Jack Kudumela (adult). Jack has since suffered a stroke, and we invite your prayers for him. To read Nicole's report click here.

Feedback from Pez Raobison in the Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Pez and his wife Louise are planting the first Anglican church in the town of Ambositra. Pez writes that in addition to the group of students, teachers, women and those seeking work that they already have, they have now started to use Rooted in Jesus in the prison; the prison group meets each Tuesday afternoon.

May 2015

Coordinator Stephane Makata has sent two testimonies from the parish of St Boniface in Lubumbashi, DR Congo:

'One of the RinJ group members, Papa Kandala, shared that his son Matthieu had now been missing for two years. He asked the group to pray with him. Three months later Papa Kandala was able to tell them that his son had been found, and was once again at home with his family. Another testimony comes from Mother Godelive Kayakez, who shares that RinJ has enabled her to memorise and understand several biblical verses. She is now able to answer questions about the Bible thanks to the teaching she has received in the group. She is now inviting others to join the group so that they too may be rooted in the Word of god. So we are now inviting many people to join this movement - young people, mothers, old people.'

April 2015

Feedback from Joshua Opondo in the Diocese of Maseno South, Kenya

RinJ was introduced to this diocese in October 2014. Coordinator Joshua Opondo reports:
''On the Rooted in Jesus Course, some Parishes have started and are doing well,including the Cathedral where the youth department are doing the course each Sunday after the first service.We are making followups with others who attended the training and soon you will be getting full details of how many parishes have started and pehaps challenges for advice. Keep praying with us.
I started with RinJ Junior by recruiting Sunday school teachers at the Cathedral from 4 Teachers to now 14. I then started doing training each Sunday and am still going on and since they dint have a curriculum for Sunday school teachers, it is Rooted in Jesus Junior book one that I had I startted using with them, and they say this is the best way ever for them. I started with 10 teens for my class and now they are 30 teens and parents are now bringing their children and the number so much increasing. Children are good at doing memory verses and the drama,they now insist that they want to present to the main church.
I also did Rooted in Jesus for the Confirmation class and it was the best team ever,the Bishop didn't have much to ask as the confirmees were so confident and inspired. It's a good course when embraced.

Feedback from the missionary diocese of Kalemie, DR Congo

"I write this short letter to let you know how we continue with the work of God here in Kalemie Congo.
We thank God that Easter Day we baptized 16 people adults and made confirmation 75 people.
It was church harvest in Kalemie. That is the fruit of Rooted in Jesus ministry in Kalemie" - Bishop Elisha Tendwa

Report from Canon Jacob Robert, RinJ Regional Coordinator, Tanzania

Jacob has sent summaries of the reports presented by the diocesan coordinators at their January conference. "We are few but our main role is to change the world with the word of God", Bishop Stanley reminded delegates. There are Rooted in Jesus groups meeting in 14 dioceses - 150 groups in Mount Kilimanjaro, 108 in Mpwapwa, 81 in Mara, 57 in Southern Highlands, 26 in Kibondo, 35 in Tabora, 49 in W Ttanganyika, and smaller numbers in Kiteto, Victorai Nyanza, Shinyanga, Lake Rukwa, and Masasi. There are Junior groups in many of these dioceses also. Plans are being made for RinJ to become self supporting, and the national leadership team has ambitious plans for consolidation and expansion of the programme.

Diocese of Kibondo, Tanzania

Bishop Sospeter Ndenza writes, "We have reached a decision to use Rooted in Jesus in all our churches street groups from this year. Hope the impact will be wonderful with God's help. The group may have 12 or more members every week. They meet in homes."

March 2015

Rooted in Jesus Junior

Jonathan Rendall has been catching up with news from Eastern Zambia, Mpwapwa (Tanzania) and South Rwenzori (Uganda). In Eastern Zambia, coordinator Abraham Phiri reports that there are now 60 Junior groups meeting, all of which are now on book 3 of the programme. Children are sharing their testimonies and inviting their friends to the groups, which are growing. In Mpwapwa, coordinator Dunstan Mtoro reports that there are now some 57 Junior groups in the Mpwapwa deanery, where there are also 110 adult groups. In South Rwenzori, William Mususi reports that ‘Children can now recite the memory verses and the parents appreciate the children’s participation in church activities and reaching out to other children’. In the 36 (out of 54) parishes he has recently visited there are some 1400 children in 70 groups (and there are 61 adult groups too).

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Mme Regina Kasima, the wife of Bishop Corneille Kasima, writes to say that the group she has been leading 30km from Lubumbasi has now complete book 1: "Recevez mes vœux les plus meilleures à vous tous et quelle joie qui m'inonde le cœur de pouvoir terminer mon programme d'enraciné en Jésus dans la paroisse St Pierre dans le diocèse du Katanga, sous le soutien de vos prières quotidiennes malgré tous avec tant de témoignage et succès.Ce programme m'a inspiré et me pousse de terminer ma course d'ici sur terre en Évangile."

Northern Zambia

Dignity, working in Northern Zambia, write to say that the new Lunda translation of Rooted in Jesus has now been given to group leaders in Mwinilunga - the part of Zambia which we first visited in 1999! Dignity's Impact Teams are now working in many areas of rural Zambia.

February 2015

RinJ Tanzania

Linnet Smith writes from Tanzania, where she is working on secondment as RinJ Link Officer: "I thought you would like to know that I have just had a very good trip to Mara, Rorya and Diocese of Lake Victoria. In Mara I went to the most amazing Junior group and watched a demo lesson with lots of questions and answers, lots of opportunities for the children to pray out loud and lots of enthusiastic saying of memory verses. " Linnet also passes on the latest news from the Diocese of Mpwapwa, where there are now 57 Junior groups involving 598 children, and 110 adult groups with 735 members.

Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Revd Pez Raobison is using RinJ to plant a church in Ambositra, Madagascar. He writes, "Our group has seen that this Rooted in Jesus is very important to share to our family, our neigbhour, our youth sister and our youth  brother. We thank the Lord that we have finished the third book of Rooted in Jesus. Now, we are continouing the training of the Rooted in Jesus with the fourth book." Pez and Louise ask for our prayers as they undertake this challenging task.

January 2015

Growing the Church, South Africa

Estelle Adams has sent a full report on Rooted in Jesus and The God Who is There in South Africa for the year 2014. RinJ Junior has been introduced to the Dioceses of St Mark the Evangelist, Mthatha and the thre Cape Town dioceses. RinJ conferences have also been held in the Cape Town dioceses, and TGWIT is now in use there also. Estelle includes two testimonies:

"During the small group gathering when we looked at ‘God knows you’ studying Psalm 139, one lady broke down and shared how her son was sexually abused by a neighbour and that she had not had the courage to share it with other people. What a ministry opportunity and Holy Spirit just moved, comforting her and two members in the group discovered that they had the gift of healing, another, the gift of knowledge. Members felt that the confidentiality shared in the small groups are invaluable and trust was developed because of it. Halleluia." (from a conference at St Augustine of Hippo in Lotus River, November 2014)

“After we launched TGWIT, our cell group, consisting of GtC Staff and Volunteers decided to use the material, firstly, so that we as trainers could test the material first hand and secondly, to make use of this resource which could work wonders in our group. What an excellent tool! It helped us discover deep issues which we thought had been dealt with but discovered we have not yet found closure on. Unfortunately we cannot cover a full lesson per night and have to split it over two weeks. One of the lesson has challenged us to re-commit to recycling and put plans of action into place! Another lesson helped us look at unforgiveness (which we thought did not exist) in our lives. This course works for us!” (Estelle's own experience as national RinJ coordinator).

Diocese of Victoria Nyanza, Tanzania

Coordinator Leonard Giligwa writes that following the introductory conference in September 2014, RinJ groups are now meeting in three of the six deaneries. Financial constraints have prevented the deanery seminars the diocese hoped to run in December, but seminars are now planned for February, June and September. Deanery coordinators have been appointed in the three deaneries where groups are yet to become established.

Diocese of Kibondo, Tanzania

Coordinator Amon Masabile reports that there are 23 groups in 12 parishes, and that in addition 17 Bible College students have been trained to lead RinJ groups. Amon has visited all of these parishes and discovered that some were not using RinJ because of the existend of home cell groups; Bishop Sospeter has now said that all home cell groups should become RinJ groups. It is hoped that this will mean that RinJ becomes increasingly strong in every parish.

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Regional coordinator Jacob Robert reports that many evangelists were trained in 2014 to lead RinJ groups through a series of deanery conferences. This is a diocese in which church planting occurs at an extremely rapid rate, so there is constant need to train the leaders of the new congregations in Rooted in Jesus.

Diocese of Mara, Tanzania

Jacob reports that there are 100 RinJ groups in the diocese, of which 63 are growing particularly well; and 54 Junior groups. He shares the following testimony: “In Africa, testimony has power in it, it is an easy way of presenting a message to  audience or individuals. Recently I visited a group at Mazame parish just near Musoma town and found an interesting testimony from three sisters who, because of their parents’ divorce, remained alone at home, after their father ran away from home. Life became very difficult for them, this caused two of the three to decided to sell their bodies (prostitution) for their daily bread. They stayed in that life for a  long time, until they heard about the love of God. The Family of one heart and mind [RinJ group] meets near their home. One day one of them went to fetch water in one of nearest springs and saw people gathered in a neighbouring home. She went back home and told other two about the gathering. They went together to hear what is going on. The word was about the Love of God without measure. It touched their hearts  and gave them a bad image of their parents. The message reminded them to love their parents. The message reminded them to love one another. They have now planted a church with more than 130 Christians.”

Diocese of Muyinga, Burundi

Coordinator Elisha Nkezabhahizi reports that there are now 41 RinJ groups in the diocese, with a membership of 270. These groups have all completed books 1 and 2. They are hoping to introduce RinJ Junior soon.

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

RinJ was introduced to this diocese in 2014. Coordinator Stephane Makata reports that there are now 53 RinJ groups in the Lubumbashi area of the diocese, and James Mayundo that there are additional groups meeting in the missionary area of Kalemie. Ther are many testimonies from group members, including healing, blessing, miracles and church growth both spiritual and numerical in the parishes where there are groups.

Dignity Worldwide, Zambia

In Zambia RinJ is used by Jon Paul Witt and his teams from Dignity, where there are now 180 RinJ groups meeting, and where local leadership through Dignity's Impact Teams is growing. Alongside RinJ the Impact Teams support groups through a parallel Life Skills programme, which is currently focussing on farming. For a summary of their 2014 report click here.

December 2014

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Regina Kasima, who is the President of the Mothers Union and also the bishop's wife, writes to say that she is opening a new Rooted in Jesus centre in a place 30km from Lubumbashi, where she lives. The new group will meet on Sundays, and she plans to cover book 1 in 4 months, and then to spend a 5th month on revision. She asks for our prayers, particularly that the rainy season would not prevent her from travelling.

Diocese of Mpwapwa, Tanzania

Diocesan Coordinator Dunstan Mtoro has been using Rooted in Jesus with the students in the Bible College, training them to lead groups in their home churches when they complete their 2 year study programme. He writes that "the 30 Bible School [students] who went to a short holiday have returned from all parts of the diocese with good news, that they started new groups of RinJ to their places where they are serving, and they started to lead the groups reading book one." A full four day Rooted in Jesus training conference has now been held in the college, led by Revd Andrew Petit - for more info click here.

Diocese of Kigali, Rwanda

Ruth Kamatali, diocesan coordinaor, writes “Here in Rwanda God is doing great miracles through Rooted in Jesus of which soon you will receive reports from visited groups.” Some of these reports are now on the Rooted in Jesus blog.

October 2014

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Diocesan Coordinator Charles Unjiro has sent us a report on two training seminars held for 61 evangelists in Arusha, Moshi and Babati deaneries. The diocese have planted over 100 new churches so far in 2014, and Rooted in Jesus is the standard preparation material for preparation of the new Christians for confirmation, so ongoing training for newly appointed evangelists is a key part of Charles' work. According to Charles, one pastor commented "This ministry of Rooted in Jesus is good for us and we are responsible to make disciples, but perhaps, we are disobedient to our call, may God help us to understand about our call."

Dignity International in Zambia

The latest news from Jon Paul Witt and the Dignity team working in Zambia reports that they have now planted 179 Life! Groups with an estimated membership of some 3500 people. Life! groups use Rooted in Jesus alongside Dignity's 'Love your Village' material. The report says "That’s 3,500 people being given an opportunity to receive Christian discipleship and skills training. We are seeing people and communities achieve more than they ever thought possible. We are seeing grass-roots development projects springing up, inspired by and responding to the needs within communities." To read the report click here.

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Diocesan Coordinator Stephane Makata has sent photographs of the first group members receiving certificates on completion of Book 1 as they are ordained deacon. Each will now start his own group in the village where is to minister. Stephane continues to visit the groups in the deaneries of Lumbumbashi - he has sent reports on 29 groups so far.

September 2014

Diocese of Tabora, Tanzania

Diocesan Coordinator Emmanuel Rubuye reports that groups in the parish of Isevya have now completed Book 1. Two of the leaders are forming a group of 20 families to meet each Friday; there are plans for fund raising for the support of the programme and for the apprenticeship of new leaders. Group leaders are growing in knowledge of the word of God, group members are becoming more open and confident, and now regularly share what they have received from the group in meetings. Emmanuel's illustrated report can be found here.

Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara, Uganda

Coordinator Joyce Asaba writes: "I am glad to give you a report from the Parishes of Kyabigambire, Buraru and Nyamirima. In Kyabigambire Parish there are 3 groups with 42 members, in Buraru Parish they have 6 groups with 70 members and in Nyamirima Parish,  they have 2 groups with 24 members. All the groups have received Book 2 and have started it except Nyamirima which is still finishing Book 1. In all the groups, leaders have bibles and books and most of them were trained at a RINJ seminar except in Kyabigambire where among the four leaders one was not trained at RINJ seminar. Pastors have also participated in leading and encouraging members. Members have testified about learning scriptures and learning how to pray and some people’s prayer lives have been revived and lives changed plus miracles happening when they pray. Leaders have identified new leaders from among those who finished book one and are also helping to lead."

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

James Mayundo, coordinator in the missionary area of Kalemie, writes that the first groups are now completing Book 1. He writes: "The groups are gathered and members come together for studying,teaching, and meditating onthe Holy scriptures.We are attaining to bear fruit in the future to build up the Church. Because the conference that was led by the Team from UK in Kalemie gathered different Denominations,in fact,we are receiving enough testimonies:
1. People in their Church get to be built up in faith.
2.The number of people who attend those Denominations is increasing.
3.The groups are led to fruit new members and love of the church members is becoming greater.
The problems that we bring to you so that you can pray for and succour us is about the peace in Congo and the fear that we feel always; the rebellion that acts in different area of Congo.The polygamy sometime becomes a problem for believers to be giving them selves to GOD. Poverty leads people not to live in peace and always have a forlorn look and dim face."

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Linnet Smith reports from a series of deanery training days for evangelists: "Two groups of evangelists met and learned about how to use Rooted in Jesus with great enthusiasm; the Diocesan Coordinator Charles Unjiro led the days extremely well and the clergy concerned committed themselves to following up the seminars and helping the evangelists to develop new Rooted in Jesus groups. The second of the days was in Moshi and I stayed the night there before preaching twice at the church where our Diocesan coordinator is assistant pastor. It was a special day celebrating women’s talents and the service included a wonderful sketch by a group of women showing different people’s reaction to the coming of The Day of the Lord. As well as preaching, I had the joy of presenting certificates to 25 children who have competed RinJ Book 1.   One of the encouraging things was that their teacher, who attended the RinJ Junior Conference here just over a year ago, has now recruited two more teachers, one of them a young girl who has been part of the RinJ group.  And during the service a teenager who attends the nearby Diocesan School was baptized.  She came to know the Lord at school; her Muslim father made no objection to her baptism and even attended the service - praise the Lord!!"

August 2014

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Link Officer Linnet Smith writes from Arusha: Last Saturday Charles Unjiro and I led a seminar for evangelists in Kilimanjaro Deanery. 12 evangelists came and were very keen to learn. Canon Patrick Maanda, the Rural Dean, came to almost the whole day, and is going to check up that the evangelists have started groups and are keeping going with them. Some people from Kenya are coming soon to evangelise and plant churches so I have encouraged them to start RinJ groups with the new converts immediately. Then on Sunday I was at St Paul’s Pasua and had the joy of presenting 25 certificates to their Sunday School children who have completed Book 1. Their Sunday School teacher came to the conference in Arusha in May 2014 and has since trained two new teachers to help her. The children said the verse beautifully, with actions and much joy.It was all very encouraging.

Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Diocesan coordinator Canon Jean Flobert writes: "I want to say to you that the RinJ in our Diocese  goes well. Now all the parishes do their effort,and my Deanery (north of our Diocese) practices it much. We will finish our course in December, and we want to continue this again."

Diocese of Rumonge, Burundi

Canon Simon Sibomana was appointed temporary coordinator for the new Diocese of Rumonge following the introductory conference held there in 2013. Simon reports that there are now 43 RinJ groups in the diocese, with some 643 members. 19 of these groups have completed book 1. Though hampered by communication and travel difficulties, Simon writes that:

July 2014

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Coordinator Stephane Mkata has been visiting the new RinJ groups since the introductory conferences in February. So far within the Deanery of Lubumbashi he has visited 22 groups from the parishes of St Bonface, St Andre, St Marc, St Paul's cathedral, and the mission department, involving some 187 people; he has 4 parishes still to visit. Groups include non church members (one is composed entirely of non church members), and some are held on church premises, some in the city. The group leaders and pastors pray for the group members, and members are enjoying reading the Bible and praying together. One woman testifies that since she has been in the group her life has changed, and her prayers are now being answered. Stephane reports that 8 groups have now completed book 1; 8 new groups will be started whilst the original 8 continue to meet to work through book 2.

June 2014

Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar

+Todd and Patsy McGregor report remarkable growth in the new Diocese of Toliara, where RinJ is now in use in almost every parish. Their latest newsletter says: "Out in the bush among the Mahafaly, where Todd placed a new Evangelist 18 months earlier, fellowship has grown from one church with 3 members to 5 churches with over 700-800 worshipers! In May the Bishop baptized an additional 195 parishioners." Visitor John Griffin reports: "We went to a village called Andohasatra just outside the town of Betioky, a 4.5 hours drive out of Toliar. The dirt road is okay when dry, but impassable when wet. The Saturday service started at 11:00 and went on for 3 hours. Everyone met under a tree. Todd, the priest and the evangelist had a sunshade made from corrugated iron. Church pews were 2 poles driven in the ground with a rough plank nailed across. A few lucky candidates had benches brought from the school! Most sat on the ground. In total 115 people were baptized, a mix of young and old, male and female, from the village and from the village next door.There are no hymn books or bibles. The evangelist shouts the words just before the congregation sings the line. All this in a place where there was no church community until very recently - with a single evangelist in Betioky town. As Todd put it – ‘The lord is doing something here – we’re trying to keep up!’

Diocese of Tabora, Tanzania

Coordinator Emmanuel Rubuye writes: "Pray for me as well for most of the time I need to go and encourage them and visually see how the work is going on. In the parish of Isevya, those  who finished and graduate in a first class are meeting every last Sunday of every month to discuss the challenge met in a month as they were teaching, this is very couraging point, pray that this meeting may not stop. Next Month I'm planning to visiti their different classes which are taken to their local community." Emmanuel is working hard with few resources, largely at his own expense, dividing his time between RinJ and his existing responsibility for mission among children.

Diocese of Niassa

"The last week has been an extraordinary one for the diocese of Niassa. On Saturday 14th June Padre Manuel Ernesto was consecrated as Suffragan Bishop of Niassa with special responsibility for Lurio (Nampula region) and Zambezia. Archbishop Thabo and his wife Lunghi and two Suffragan Bishops from South Africa were in Nampula for the ceremony which was a truly historic moment for Niassa - as multiplication starts! Please pray for Bishop Mark and Helen, Bishop Manuel and Laura as they start a new phase in building the kingdom" - from the Diocese of London ALMA link letter.

Diocese of Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Pez and Louise Raobison are using RinJ to plant the first Anglican church in the town of Ambositra. Pez reports: "I and Louise thank the God whom we have finished the book one of Rooted in Jesus course at the end of June 2014. We thank the intercessors of Rooted in Jesus who prayed for us during May 2014 about the Anglican mission in Madagascar especially in Ambositra. Please could you check our photos with 6 Christians who follow the Rooted in Jesus which Louise helps me with when I am not in Ambositra." Pez has sent a picture of the group (right).

Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, South Africa

After the introductory RinJ Junior conferences last month, Growing the Church coordinator Nicole Corlew writes: "Some of trainees are already using Junior. Isn't that exciting? I'm still beaming about our conference in Polokwane, and I think it is only the beginning of how God wants to use Junior in this country. The Mitchell's Plain training we had during two weekends in May went well too. It was a parallel training, and we had 18 people from four parishes on the Junior track. Plus, we had a children's leader from a Baptist church! God has blessed me with three gifted trainers that I can depend on in future Cape Town-area trainings. By the way, the parish church we trained in November and that started Junior earlier this year is now on Book 2.The youth group is doing the adult Rooted in Jesus and two teenage-leaders are teaching the Junior class. One of these leaders served as one of the trainers in Mitchell's Plain! He's an example of RinJ's equipping people to serve in ministry."

May 2014

Diocese of Katanga, DRC

Coordinator Stéphane Makata sends this testimony from Catechist Joel, one of the new Rooted in Jesus group leaders trained last month. Catéchiste Joël : Leader d’un groupe de Enraciné en Jésus a Lubumbashi, a la paroisse St André, étudiant a l’université de Lubumbashi, faculté de géomine, actuellement a Kolwezi a 360 Km de Lubumbashi ou il est en stage. Il prie dans une paroisse anglicane de Kolwezi et a commence un groupe Enraciné en Jésus. Il dit : "Avec Enraciné en Jésus, la paroisse de Kolwezi vient de vivre une croissance exponentielle, une paroisse de 20 fideles, dans un mois elle a 50 fideles et tous les fideles engagés." ['with RinJ, the parish of Kolwezi has just experienced exponential growth - within just one month a parish with 20 church members increased to 50, all of them committed']. Stéphane has been sending us regular reports, and has so far visited 18 of the new groups in the Diocese.

Bungoma, Kenya - Pastor Daniel Makecho, overseer of RinJ in two independent church networks, writes about the new RinJ groups there:

"We are doing fine here,  yes i was in  My group that is north and we have started on a wonderful note. This program is so wonderful, very inviting as you go through and very encouraging. In one of the groups in Lwandanyi church, people are so excited that time has now become an issue, very contributing and setting so many examples as per their own lives until people are being healed from situations that seemed so private to them and they always thought there was no clear answer to them. We prayed with one lady who has been suffering from rejection to a point where she thought God also had rejected her. She only came to church because neighbours are coming. She discovered that day that God loves her the way she is and has forgiven her all her mistake and even died for her. She also discovered that actually her family also love her through the examples people were giving to show that people in their family love them. We recieved some insights from people I have never heard them speak before. One person gave her life to Christ."

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Diocesan coordinator Charles Unjiro reports that 12 new groups have been started in Moshi by those who have completed the first book of RinJ together. RinJ is being used for confirmation classes now throughout the diocese, where 60 new churches were planted in 2013. Charles comments: "I thank God for this course of Rooted in Jesus because it brings real change to my own life; the roots have added to me day by day, when I read and teach lessons from the book, and I have many things to share with others. One of my group members said, 'even if we are many, this book is like speaking to us individually'; another said, 'this book is a revelation from God' - and I agree with her."

The God Who is There starts in South Africa

The God Who is There is a discipleship programme adapted from Rooted in Jesus for use in more urban and western contexts, and we have now licensed Growing the Church to print it in South Africa. The first training took place earlier this year in Saldanha Bay, led by Trevor Pearce, and initial responses were very positive. Nigel and Gwen Burns wrote: “This course is for those who are seeking, for new Christians and mature seasoned Christians. It slowly adds layers with simple questions that build up deeper and deeper with meaning. It is a course where everyone is of equal importance and where everyone's opinion counts. The course is stimulating and uplifting and openly encourages the people attending to let the Holy Spirit mentor and guide them. That is why there is no need for a leader, only a facilitator and guide. Bonds and a feeling of love and open sharing are fruits that grow very quickly. All you need is a willing heart and a willing spirit to leave your preconceptions at the door – for truly God is in control.” To read the GtC report click here.

April 2014

Diocese of Katanga, DR Congo

Following the introductory conferences in March 2014, diocesan coordinator Stephane Makata has visited three parishes in the deanery of Lubumbashi, and reports that 12 groups have started. Groups meet on Friday, Saturday or Sunday afternoons, and include non church members.

Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, South Africa

Bishop Martin Breytenbach writes to say he has conducted a Confirmation service in the southern part of the Diocese. Each of the 15 candidates stood up and recited a memory verse from RinJ and then, in a few words, explained why they had chosen that verse. Martin writes, 'One of the young people said something like this: “There are two kinds of fools. Fools for Christ and just fools! I have decided to be a fool for Christ.”'

Diocese of Masasi, Tanzania

The parish of Mkuti reported on their 100-150 strong Sunday School group which follows Rooted in Jesus Junior : "We are proud for the following achievement:
Children are able to pray
Children are familiar with important biblical verses
Children pay visits to disabled and orphans as a sign of love
A sense of love and belonging has grown up among children
Children take part in chruch services, they sing and dramatize
They managed to become number one in offering and got prize twice
They visited Lindi parish where they exchanged and shared experiences with their fellows"

March 2014

Diocese of Nzara, South Sudan

The diocesan coordinator, Revd Yosefate Datiro, writes: "The Rooted in Jesus groups are progressing well Some have completed the first book. We are arranging to graduate them soon and award them certificates. Each group consists of 7 members. Now the groups have reached 17 groups."

Diocese of Tabora, Tanzania

Emmanuel Ruboye has sent an updated report saying the first groups have now completed book 1: “When a first born is born it is a great pleasure - sometimes you won’t believe is that true the first has come? As we the diocesan leaders saw such great class get finished their first book, it was an unbelievable moment.” To read his report click here.

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Rooted in Jesus Junior

"I had the most wonderful day yesterday at Holy Trinity, Moshi. The high spot of the day was meeting about 60 children who have completed RinJ Book 1 and presenting them with their certificates during the second service. (Charles tells me there are more than a hundred more children who who have also finished Book 1, and that the adults at Holy Trinity are now saying ‘When are we going to start our group?’). I was able to give a short word of encouragement to them and to the whole congregation, and was so thrilled to see them stand up and recite the memory verses, complete with the most expressive actions - one verse refers to Jesus’ sheep going in and out and finding pasture - I wish you could have seen the action representing hungrily eating the food - I nearly cried for joy!!" - Revd Dr Linnet Smith, writing from Arusha, Tanzania, March 2014. For Linnet's full report click here.

Diocese of Masasi, Tanzania

Linnet Smith, RinJ Link Officer, writes from Masasi:

Diocese of Zanzibar

'We now have groups meeting in all parishes. Presently we're working our evangelists on expanding and deepening the work. They now meet every Tuesday for several hours' - Canon Jerry Kramer


February 2014

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Revd Charles Unjiro.. “talked about how people in the groups were saying ‘God speaks to ME’ in these groups!’ And that some of the people in the groups have gone to new places where they are planting new churches and are being evangelists there. People are growing up in spiritual ways, helping their  pastors with evangelism and becoming the future servants of God. Some of them have set up home-cell groups to continue studying the Bible together.” Revd Dr Linnet Smith, on secondment to Arusha.

Diocese of Mara, Tanzania

Revd Dr Linnet Smith, on secondment to Arusha.

January 2014

Diocese of Kigali, Rwanda

"Dear Brothers and sisters and our partners in extending God's kingdom.This comes with all our best wishes for a happy and blessed new year to you personally, to your families and to all your other staff and volunteers. It is with pleasure that we wish to update you on what has been done here on ground and how Rooted in Jesus is developing among our youth clubs in Kigali Diocese. We now count 33 groups currently using Rooted in Jesus course and we estimate that more than 274 people are now on the course. 
The groups are found in the following parishes: 
Ntunga parish has 4 groups.
Rutongo parish has 3 groups.
Nyarufunzo parish has 2 groups.
Rubona parish has 5 groups.
Ntarama parish has 6 groups.
Nyakayaga has 5 groups. 
Bihembe parish has 4 groups.
To these figures add 4 groups of students at KIST who recently started using RIJ course whose complete records we haven't yet got. There are some groups that have already completed Book 1 and are looking forward to starting Book 2. These are the following: 1 group in Rutongo parish, and 2 in Nyakayaga, 3 other groups are almost completing the first book.
Many blessings. Manasseh Tuyizere, Anglican Church of Rwanda, Kigali Diocese


December 2013

Growing the Church, Cape Town, South Africa

MAKING HISTORY – ROOTED IN JESUS JUNIOR. On 1-2 November, GtC held its first Rooted in Jesus Junior training. Although it was a “pilot” conference, it was the first RinJ Junior training ever held in ACSA, so we made history! Be on the lookout in 2014 for more RinJ Junior trainings. Participants made up of Sunday School Teachers, Children’s Ministry and Junior Youth Leaders joined in the interactive fun of action songs and art as part of the training for leading Rooted in Jesus Junior small groups.If your parish or diocese would like to be trained in this small-group discipleship program that is transforming children, their families and communities, please contact Nicole Corlew, GtC’s Youth Coordinator. From the GtC newsletter, December 2013.


November 2013

Diocese of Tabora, Tanzania

Emmanuel Rubuye, the diocesan coordinator, writes:“I have been receiving testimony from ministers who are running RinJ group classes for their congregations, trainees has learn minister coming down to their level, something which was quite difficult before, the classes is full of friendship, relationship and collaboration. It is a great change, I really feel a great enthusiasm to visit their congregation and see by my own eye such great testimony." He shares the following thoughts from Pastor Jonas Mkuyu, who has been leading a RinJ group in his parish: “The book and its teaching has been a big help to my mission of up bringing Christian through Christian teaching. The book is speaking to Christian level, it is very easy for the group to discuss the questions and give a good answer, every group member has a word to say and advice to others, and I’m very encouraged and see a good future of my first group. The RinJ group members are very comfortable with the teaching and enjoying the teachings. Surely I’m going to be free and do other necessarily activities and the rest be left to the trained group”.

Carlile College, Nairobi

I thank God for your services. Pray for the Rooted in Jesus groups I started at Carlile College - Church Army Africa [Nairobi- Kenya]. So far the first group finished 4 books and the second has just started book 1.Thank you. Yours in Christ's service. Mulekya Godfrey, student.

Diocese of Lusaka, Zambia

The Diocese of Lusaka held its first Rooted in Jesus Junior conference just over a year ago, with 34 teachers being trained. Robert Sihubwa, the Diocesan Youth Pastor & Provincial Coordinator writes: "Children’s ministry has been a major focus in 2013. We trained 51 Teachers in Lusaka, 18 in Southern Archdeaconry in Level one training covering; Child development, Child evangelism, Lesson planning and class management. We have further trained 8 Trainers who will go round the Diocese in 2014 to conduct Level 1 training in the most rural areas. We managed to run Rooted in Jesus course for children at 9 congregations and we hope to scale up in the coming year."

Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara, Uganda

"I am glad to inform you that I have now received reports from all the Parishes of Kagadi Archdeaconry and from some Parishes of Bulindi Archdeaconry. In Nyankoma Parish, Kagadi Archdeaconry, 12 people have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior as a result of RINJ, two couples have been wedded. In all parishes members of RINJ have started healing ministry in their respective Churches, many members have learned to apply the word of God in their prayers and their lives have been changed. Glory goes to God!" - Joyce Asaba, Mission Coordinator, Diocese of Bunyoro Kitara, November 2013


October 2013

Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - RinJ Junior

Revd Charles Unjiro sends this report from the Deanery of Kilimanjaro in the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: "We thank God for this Ministry of rooted in Jesus to land in our Diocese, and we give thanks also to our Bishop Stanley to train us in this without to fear the cost but he values our hearts. Through this syllabus we believe we shall have a strong believers or people who have a good strong roots in Jesus from the little age. We have 322 Sunday school children taught in this deanery with are number of 19 Sunday school teachers and 11 assistant teachers. We have a total of 7 Parishes and 9 sub parishes. We now enjoy teaching through this syllabus."

Diocese of Aru, DR Congo

RinJ coordinator Jean Bosco writes: "We were blessed with the Rooted in Jesus Course which is a group course in Christian discipleship.The course was introduced to the Diocese of Aru in April 2011 by a team from the Diocese of Chester. Because the approach of the course is new for pastors, catechists and newly commissioned lay leaders, we help them with more workshops. Some congregations are already experiencing growth as they deepen their commitment to one another and to the church."

Diocese of Mara, Tanzania

"In the last week our plan was visiting Serengeti Archdeaconry. Our plan was to meet the 'Family of one heart and mind in Rooted in Jesus' groups in 13 parishes, but we managed to meet only 9 Parishes. We gave Certificates for 57 Christians from 6 groups who completed book 2 and also we gave them book 3; and We gave certificates to 29 Christians have completed book 3 and now they are doing book 4.

We met with stories of redemption from people who, through the family of one heart and one mind groups, they met with God. A young boy with 13 years old Joakim Chacha, whose his parents are seriously traditionalists and still believe in ancestor's gods,told us a story about his own life before he converted to become a Christian. He narrated to us his life at home:

My father is a traditionalist god worshipper, he killed my mother and gave sacrifies to local gods. She died into my hands. We are 6 children from the my mother's womb. After the death of my mother, I joined Uncle's family where I am still living. My Uncle used take us to church. In church I met with the family of one heart and one mind and I joined them. I heard a lesson about how Jesus was crucified and died and on the third day He rose gain. In the group they said that there is no other Love like this of Jesus to take a cross for our salvation.This touches my life and I committed my life to the almighty God.

From his heart, we saw God and we glorified God for what He has done to that young boy. We said, truly, the Lord comes to save" - Canon Jacob Robert, Diocesan coordinator, Rooted in Jesus


September 2013

Diocese of Nzara, South Sudan

Bishop Samuel Enosa writes: "I am so happy to hear from you. There has been tremendous progress in the Rooted in Jesus work in the parishes. many groups have been formed and I am delighted with the work Rev. Josephate has been doing. A visit in March will be very good to strengthen the ministry."

Diocese of Cape Town, South Africa

"Recently, I had a conversation with Fr. Donny, Rector of the Church of Reconciliation, Manenberg, about how Rooted in Jesus was doing in his parish. Fr Donny became excited and shared with me the following testimony:

As you know, the gangs were doing warfare and shooting innocent people. As a result, all of our schools in the area were closed. The people of my church, in particularly those leaders who were a part of the RinJ training and the RinJ groups, approached me to do something about the gang shootings.They decided to come together and pray. Then they were going to go out, with help from "The Warehouse," to distribute soup and bread, to talk to the gangs and to even pray with some gang members.
They took to the streets, demonstrating with placards, singing choruses and praying. The group went on to invite other clergy to join them; and eventually, along with Archbishop Thabo, they held talks with the gang leaders to work out a ceasefire. Now the schools have re-opened. People have the freedom and safety to walk in the community, and RinJ groups have started to meet again.

The day after my talk with Fr. Donny, I picked up "The Good Hope" newsletter and an article that he had written about all of this was on the front page! To me, Fr. Donny’s testimony is an awesome celebration of what God is able to do when He uses ordinary people to do extra-ordinary things when they are "Rooted in Jesus". I cannot wait to share with others about the exciting things God can do in an impossible situation, using the lessons of Rooted in Jesus. All the glory goes to God who is the author and finisher of our faith."
Amanda Ohlsson, RinJ Trainer/Facilitator, Growing the Church, South Africa                               

Diocese of South Rwenzori, Uganda

"Thank you for the support which you have extended to South Rwenzori Diocese through supporting two Rooted in Jesus conferences in 2009 and 2010. We started with forty groups of Rooted in Jesus. We thank God that there are now 100 groups. 60 Groups have completed book 3 and 40 groups have completed book 2. So we need book four so that the sixty groups can complete their course.Through this, we have been able to open 3 Lunch hour pray groups in Bwera, Kisinga and in the heart of Kasese town. About the Rooted in Jesus Junior conference, here in South Rwenzori Diocese, we have many children who are unreached, and it is our desire to have that conference. Continue to pray for our groups, some are still weak and others were disorganized by the floods; mostly those in Kilembe, Kyanjuki, Saluti and Nyakasanga Parishes" - William Musisi, Asst. Mission Coordinator in charge of Rooted in Jesus, South Rwenzori Diocese.
Note - RinJ was introduced to the diocese by two SOMA teams.

Diocese of Mara, Tanzania

Canon Jacob Robert, RinJ coordinator for the Diocese of Mara, writes: "At the time of the [Rooted in Jesus Junior] conference, we witnessed testimonies from participants about how the conference teaching has changed and transformed their perception of viewing children's ministry. After the conference, we agreed that the preparation day for Junior classes should be Saturday evening but also allowed each Parish to decide what to do by themselves on that. Also we agreed that, for those who are in school they should meet on Saturday evening. The deanery coordinators will supervise how teachers teach children and give a monthly report. Up to this time the reports that we have been receiving shows that they are moving forward. Afterthe conference, Revd Grace Daudi has been using her time to meet participants at their respective home parishes and discuss challenges arising. The feedbacks that we have been receiving are encouraging and give us hope for the future of the church. At the moment we have more than 64 Junior groups which doing very well and 23 need encouragement so that they may move forward. Our plan is to have short seminars in Deanery level as well as in Archdeaconries."

Diocese of Nord Kivu, DR Congo

Coordinator Revd Mupugazi Bwanamuzuri wrote to team leader Amanda Johnson: "Dear Sister, I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. After the conferences at Beni and Butembo, there were groups that started at Kainama, Lume, Kayna, Lubero, Matolu, Saba, Kitatumba, Eringeti. Some groups leaders sent me their reports but others didn’t. Last year, I was invited by a Baptist chuch to explain RinJ program to the pastors. RinJ program is good to help the church to grow and Christians to  witness. I would like to ask you to plan for our diocese next year."

August 2013

Diocese of Kigali, Rwanda

Two months after the diocese's first RinJ conference, Diocesan Youth Coordinator Manasseh Tuyizere writes: "The future of Rooted in Jesus programme in Kigali diocese seems optimistic. According to a survey conducted in the middle of last month, there were 20 bible clubs attended by 208 people that had begun. We have heard of two new groups that recently began. We hope that people who run these small groups will help people grow; our RIJ administrator (Ruth Kamatali) is now devising a program to visit parishes with many groups whereby she shall speak to their members in order to understand the challenges to hear their stories."

Diocese of George, South Africa

Revd Titus Daniels writes: "With great excitement I inform you that our Rooted in Jesus Discipleship course has taken off very well in four Parishes in our Diocese.  The participants are greatly thrilled about:
  1. Their insight into the Bible
  2. How the Bible speaks into our every day life
  3. Open and honest sharing about their lives ......seeking and finding solutions
  4. Greater meaning and depth to personal prayer life
  5. Rejoice in their spiritual awakening:
    • Cherishing new desires
    • Following new ideas
    • Dreaming new dreams
  6. Feet are being made brave and hearts are being opened to reach out into the community beyond the congregation ......loving and serving.
  7. Learning that all of us belong and are welcome. That all broken and dislocated pieces fit together in Christ.

Be assured of our sincere appreciation for your special and effective contribution towards growing God's Church. With Blessings and continuous Prayer. Revd Titus Daniels, Rooted in Jesus, Diocese of George."

Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique

Helen Van Koevering has written an article for New Wine magazine outlining the recent history of this remarkable diocese. "There have been many significant things which have been part of this difference. Our church is reading the Bible differently. Mozambicans take the Bible seriously, and the metaphors and imagery resonate with rural Africa. When reading the letters to the churches in Revelation recently with community priests, I saw how intensely real and personal those letters were.With high levels of illiteracy and insufficient Bibles, a study method similar to the lectio divino was implemented early on – a method which required only one Bible and one reader in each group. This led to us using the Rooted in Jesus resource, which has led to confidence in the movement of the Spirit leading to some significant growth in the Church. I know well the difficult, hard steps forward and the many painful steps we have taken backwards, but above all I know that God is with and for the wounded and broken, and Mozambicans remind us of that time and time again." Helen Van Koevering in New Wine magazine, Summer 2013. To read the full article click here.

Diocese of Kibondo, Tanzania

"Thank you for the feedback of the recent news. Indeed Rooted in Jesus is the most needed course we need now than at any time before. Our people need this course to be able to go deep and rooted in knowing the word of God. This was our first time course and it was so enriching and encouraging to us. We have a seminar this week we hope to get feedback from the parishes. We will let you know how things are going." Bishop Sospeter Ndenza


July 2013

Diocese of Morogoro, Tanzania

After the Junior conference, Revd Godson Madibi gave testimony to this move of the Holy Spirit in his life and a new focus in his ministry:

“After I finished my Diploma in Theology at St Paul’s Limuru, Kenya, I was ordained deacon in the diocese of Mbeere, Kenya and served there as Assistant Pastor for one year. Then I was taken back to Tanzania and given a parish at Mahenge District in Morogoro. I worked here for two years than I got a chance to go to St John’s University where I finished my BA in Applied Theology. When I came back I met a seminar of Rooted in Jesus Junior and the General Secretary of the Diocese invited me to attend and be a translator. On the first day there was a Workshop where we were divided into groups. In my group we heard a testimony about  the workshop leader’s daughter who started to prophesy and share God’s message to others, and other children also received Christ as their personal Saviour, when she was the age of seven years. This and other many testimonies from other participants on how they witnessed children being good followers who are making disciples touched my heart, challenging me and flashing back to how I was handling children’s ministry. Then I came to realise that in many cases as a pastor I didn’t have any concern with children, even if there was a Sunday School team in my parish; I was taking them as children who are like an empty (white)board where one writes things then the board is cleaned which means they are always playing only, they can’t get anything at their age nor send the message to others. So for me I saw children always they are coming to church for fun and nothing else. For that reason I didn’t give them room to participate or do anything because I saw them as coming for fun. But after I received the course, now I am regretting my past because in one way or another I was a stumbling block for the children to see, know and test the love of God and to make others to be followers. Always I depended on adults only. Not only that but also I didn’t include children as one of my works of Christian mission. This is why even for their teachers I was just choosing people who have no qualification and sometimes l was leaving them outside from the church to play, sing then dismiss them to their parents. My dear friends in Christ, I believe many pastors and other church leaders they have done or are still doing the same. Please my friends it is a sin before the Lord. To my side I repented before the Lord and now I am a new person who wants children to be given room to perform or practise their gifts in the church and before the Lord. They are God’s creatures as you who has the duty of making others to be followers. Please let us change these attitudes for the glory of the Lord. Amen.”

St Mark the Evangelist, South Africa

"The Diocese has adopted RinJ as: Basic training for Confirmation preparation (at least Book 1); Foundational training for Lay Ministers – where we have various categories: Worship Leaders, Preachers, Pastoral Carers, Evangelists and Youth Pastors (at least Books 1 & 2); Foundational training for Self-Supporting (also called “Community”) Clergy (Books 1-4)" - Bishop Martin Breytenbach

Diocese of Bujumbura, Burundi

"I felt refreshed by the teaching, testimonies, praying for one another and I'm excited about being strengthened for the future work - I'm expectant of more from God"; "I was challenged by the sketch on leadership and not to be so harsh and unkind. I feel God is calling us to love one another more as we walk towards heaven"; "I was touched by all the people gathering from far who laid hands on me in groups and prayed for me. I was healed of sickness" – testimonies from conference participants

UK team members write:


June 2013

Niassa, Mozambique

Over 5000 people in RinJ groups as growth in Niassa continues: "Writing my report for our Synod in July, interested to see some stats from the priests for last year's ministry: of around 65,000 members, apparently 25,473 are children, and 6484 youth are actively in youth groups; in 2012, there were 5135 baptisms and 1898 confirmations around the diocese (phew!); 5604 people were involved in 250 'Rooted in Jesus' groups, but I'm sure there's overlap with the 7212 members of the 331 PCC groups (Small Christian Communities formed in churches, who follow this programme and other studies). In the most organized, established groups, great growth: MU now has 211 branches and 4108 members (a growth of 3000 since 2004!), St Agnes for girls has 75 groups and 1529 members, Sunday Schools have 66 groups and 3039 kids. Lots of work to do, but loads has been done too..." Revd Helen Van Koevering, Diocese of Niassa

News from Deacon Jaime in Messumba: "He has 6 groups studying 'Rooted in Jesus', for confirmation preparation and otherwise, and is now up to Book 4. Discipleship is what folk are yearning for. One-off mission teaching days and distribution of Bibles etc are always well-attended, but discipleship-in-community hits home, literally. For everyone who attends a discipling programme, there is the ripple effect of taking the teaching home to families and neighbours, and the large church turns 'small' church as news is chatted on..."

News from Hilario, community priest candidate from Chiure near Pemba: "This rainy season has seen not enough rain and there has been cholera (the parish MU president died with cholera amongst others). He tells me nearly 1,800 are ready for confirmation by the Bishop next time he goes, and all on the 3rd book of 'Rooted in Jesus', which speaks to me of a deep discipling movement going on there."

From the Angola London Mozambique Association newsletter.

Eastern Zambia

Rooted in Jesus standard for baptism and confirmation: In 2008 and 2010 we visited the Diocese of Eastern Zambia to introduce and support Rooted in Jesus. It’s a small diocese with only, at that time, 8 priests, and it took time to establish Rooted in Jesus. I was delighted to meet with Canon Susan Chulu, the diocesan coordinator, recently in Wells, where she was visiting us as the link diocese. Susan tells me that RinJ is now the standard preparation for baptism and confirmation across the diocese, and people completing the first book are given certificates from the diocesan office. There are also groups running in most parishes; Susan’s own group is now on book 3. Alison Morgan.

Bishop William writes: "Feedbacks from parishes that have embraced the programme so far are very encouraging. In appreciation of the blessings that arise from the use of Rooted in Jesus  material, the Diocese in its 10th Synod held at the Cathedral of St Luke’s in Msoro resolved to extend the use of the four courses under RinJ to the preparation of baptism and confirmation candidates in addition to the material already in use. St Paul says: So,faith comes from listening, but it’s listening by means of Christ’s message (Romans 10.17)."

Radical changes in health and lifestyle: I asked for news of Rhoda, who came for prayer in 2008 suffering from STD and AIDS. Following the prayer the STD had cleared up, Rhoda had been found to be HIV negative, and she had had taken a job. Now, in 2013, she is still well; she has just got married. I asked also for news of the 10 prostitutes who were meeting with Susan in Chipata and doing RinJ together. They have all now found other means of supporting themselves. Two have got married, and five have returned to their villages to farm. Alison Morgan.

Northern Zambia

Dear Alison
Greetings to you and family. We just had impact team leaders meeting at Mkushi with Jon and it was a successs story so much is happening in the villages and we had planned for the year activicties.I thought I should just write you this short message. God bless you and family, Cornelius.
from Ven Cornelius Chalwe, working with RinJ in partnership with Dignity International.


January 2013

South Africa

"God really is on the move! Since the Anglicans Ablaze Conference last year we have had more than 15 invitations to run Rooted in Jesus Training Conferences in Dioceses around the Province. That is more than half of the Dioceses in ACSA, in addition to those that are already running RinJ programmes. There is no doubt that God is using this course in a remarkable way throughout Africa, and it is exciting to be on board with it in ACSA" - Bishop Martin Breytenbach


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