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Rooted in Jesus works in areas of Africa often served by other related organisations, all of which have their own distinct contribution to make to the life of the church. With some we work in direct partnership, with others we just keep in touch.


Rooted in Jesus is affiliated with the Anglican Witness : Evangelism and Church Growth Initiative of the Anglican Communion. Established in 2010, Anglican Witness's main purpose is to promote evangelism and church growth throughout the Anglican Communion, as well as facilitating the sharing of news, stories, experiences and strategies of various evangelism and church growth initiatives.

In April 2016 the Anglican Consultative Council called for a season of Intentional Discipleship, asking every province, diocese and parish in the Anglican Communion to adopt a clear focus on intentional discipleship and to produce resources to equip and enable the whole church to be effective in making new disciples of Jesus Christ (Resolution 16.01). The report was published as Intentional Discipleship and Disciplemaking. Rooted in Jesus was formally endorsed for use in the Anglican Communion, as was our sister programme The God Who is There.


Growing the Church is an initiative launched in 2007 to serve the churches across the Anglican Province of Southern Africa. Its vision is for a vibrant church which is clearly growing spiritually, numerically and holistically, by facilitating the development of a network of diversely gifted people and organizations in and beyond the Anglican Church in Southern Africa. GtC is formally partnered with Rooted in Jesus, and Rooted in Jesus is supported directly through the GtC office under the oversight of its director Trevor Pearce.

Dignity Worldwide is a Manchester based Christian charity working primarily in Zambia. 'Our goal is to change rural Africa, both by spreading the good news of Jesus and by alleviating poverty. We work as a catalyst to help lift people out of crushing poverty without creating any sense of dependency. We build long-term and meaningful relationships in isolated villages supporting leaders, groups and individuals. We encourage people – through God – to transform their lives and those of their neighbours.' Dignity's work in Zambia is headed by Jon Paul Witt. Dignity uses Rooted in Jesus as an integral part of its ministry.



Alpha is a ten week evangelism course, originally developed by Holy Trinity Brompton as part of its ministry in London, England, and now in wide use both in the UK and internationally. Alpha is open to everyone interested in discovering what Christianity is about. It usually meets once per week, and includes a one-day or weekend getaway. Each session, people enjoy great food, laughter and learning in a fun and friendly atmosphere where no question about life or God is seen as too simple or too hostile... questions like: Is there a God?  Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where am I going? Alpha is increasingly being used in Africa and elsewhere.


African Pastors Fellowship is a UK charity working alongside churches in East Africa in training and resourcing of church leaders. Through training courses and publishing relevant materials APF helps church leaders in East Africa to fulfil their God-given calling to serve in his church. Refresher training courses are held for pastors and their spouses, and Bible Commentaries are produced in Swahili and Kirundi. Children’s Bible-story picture books enable effective outreach to children and subsidised bicycles are provided for pastors. APF is directed by Revd Ian Enticott.



BUILD stands for ‘Biblical Understanding for In-service Leadership Development’. Founded over ten years ago as an initiative of the Education Department of the Church of Uganda (COU), it provides training for local church leaders (lay readers, catechists and other lay leaders) which is biblical, theological and practical. Training is based around ten modules and 150 teaching units, each module focussing on one book of the Bible and the group of books it is linked to. BUILD COU is led by Canon Stephen Ssenyonjo Kewaza and now has presence in the neighbouring countries. It is supported from the UK by Revd Dr Jem Hovil, one of the founding partners of BUILD in Uganda, along with the other trustees of the charity BUILD Partners.


Christianity Explored is an informal 7-week course for people who'd like to investigate Christianity. Based on Mark's gospel, it explores who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him. A typical evening starts with a bite to eat or maybe just a few cups of coffee, then there's a chance to look at the Bible for yourself and ask any questions that you have. There is a short talk, or the DVD, and then a chance to chat about what you've just heard. Christianity Explored was written by Rico Tice, Associate Minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place, London. If Alpha is the UK's 'charismatic' evangelism course, Christianity Explored is the 'evangelical' evangelism course; both have been in wide and effective use throughout the UK for many years (alongside other excellent courses, too many to mention here).

  • visit the Christianity Explored Ministries website here

Rooted in Jesus differs from both Alpha and Christianity Explored in that it is a long term discipleship programme rather than a short term evangelism programme, and in that it was specifically designed in and for an African context. Like Alpha and Christianity Explored, it begins with an exploration of the gospel and the invitation to participants to commit their life to Christ. Unlike Alpha and Christianity Explored, Rooted in Jesus is not suitable for use in the UK, for which we have developed a companion programme, The God Who is There.


Flame International is a UK-based charity that takes teams of trained volunteers from around the world to bring hope through reconciliation and healing to communities suffering the effects of post-conflict trauma. It was founded in 2003 by Lt Col Jan Ransom and six others who had a passion and a united vision to reach out with God’s love both to the armed forces and also to those affected by war, poverty and injustice. Flame works mainly within Africa at the request of, and in partnership with, the national and local church, through conferences, seminars and workshops, teaching about forgiveness and healing, providing an opportunity for the delegates to have prayer ministry for themselves, and teaching them how to pray for others.

  • visit Flame International's website


new wineskins

New Wineskins is a missionary network based in the United States and led by its Executive Director Jenny Noyes. It serves as an online hub for mission resources from Anglican Global Mission Partners, a voluntary, networking partnership of thirty-three Anglican organizations that includes mission agencies, theological institutions, churches, dioceses and jurisdictions throughout North America. New Wineskins' aim is to help Anglicans to be more knowledgeable, active, and effective in fulfilling our Lord’s Great Commission to make disciples of all nations.

  • visit New Wineskins Missionary Network's website


SOMA is an Anglican based mission agency, which began after a prophetic vision in 1978 "to care for the nervous system of the Body of Christ." SOMA's mission statement is: 'SOMA works for the transformation of individuals and churches, and the healing of communities and their lands through the Renewing power of the Holy Spirit by sending and receiving teams worldwide on short-term mission within the Anglican Communion.' SOMA UK is part of an international SOMA family, and the SOMA UK director is Revd Stephen Dinsmore.


Rooted in Jesus

"Go, and make disciples ... who will teach others also"
Matthew 28.19 & 2 Timothy 2.2



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