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Over the years we have had a huge amount of feedback from those using Rooted in Jesus. You can read individual stories on the testimony page; on this page you will find feedback and commendations from those who have introduced and used Rooted in Jesus in their own dioceses or denominations. Read on to find out what church leaders say about Rooted in Jesus. We have also posted some of the feedback sent in by group members on the Testimony page.

Commendations from Bishops and network leaders
I would like to take this opportunity to particularly to give thanks to Almighty God for the ministry run by Revd  Barry Blackford and his team during the Rooted in Jesus Conference in Nyamlel Diocese. We got empowered by the teachings and experiences shared by the team members. We have really been encouraged to keep up proclaiming the gospel of Christ in our respective parishes across the State. As I write this email there are some of our members who used to fear to tell others about Jesus due to limited Bible knowledge. But after the trainings some began to share Bible stories and memory verses for the first time from the Bible without fear.– Bishop Peter Garang, Nyamlel, South Sudan, Feb 2024

May I take this golden opportunity to thank Rooted in Jesus as Christian organisation for reaching places which have never been reached in the world. No missionaries have ever come to this place therefore people are thirsty for the gospel. The Bible says a sick person is the one who needs the doctor. Rooted in Jesus is the doctor. I would like to tell you also that the training was very nice – I got news from many of them, they keep telling me ‘let them come again’. Bishop Peter Yuol, Diocese of Tonj, South Sudan, Feb 2024

"We thank God that through Rooted in Jesus teaching our eyes witness to see fruits. Community of believers from different denomination attend the groups and enjoy to share the word of God. Every Sunday worship some parishes receive new believers" – Bishop Elisha Tendwa, Missionary Diocese of Lake Tanganyika, DRC, Oct 2023
"This is a key strategic program for the building the living faith of the people of God in this Region" - Bishop Samitiania Razafindralambo, Diocese of Toliara, Madagascar, Oct 2023
"Rooted in Jesus is a programme which is simple, practical and very profound" - Bishop Manuel Ernesto, Diocese of Nampula, Mozambique
“They seem to have embraced or understood this Rooted in Jesus training, and they seem more determined to go forward and share it with other people, which we haven’t seen before in any of the other courses that we have done – and we have done many other courses! This Rooted in Jesus seems to be the one that has finally helped us turn that corner.” - Bishop Timothy Wumbunya, Diocese of Butere, Kenya
"I have no doubt that God has commissioned and anointed this course for Africa in much the same way as he is using Alpha in more urban and 'western' settings. We are already starting to see remarkable things in this Diocese as people and congregations are set on fire with the love of Jesus" - Bishop Martin Breytenbach, Diocese of St Mark the Evangelist, South Africa
"RinJ is the basis for all our ministry and mission training, supporting as it does our diocesan vision to ‘become a communion of communities in Jesus’, ie small groups studying, discipling one another, church planting and rooting, growing in faith and changed lives together" - Revd Helen Van Koevering, Director of Mission and Training, Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique
“Three quarters of the population are in the refugee camps and others are internally displaced. The believers need Rooted in Jesus at this time of distress and spiritual need. Rooted in Jesus is the only tool and way forward to nourish the Christians and make the newly born Christians grow.” Bishop Emmanuel Modi, Diocese of Kajo-Keji, South Sudan
"RinJ is a backbone of my ministry, I learned more and church have spread faster through groups introduced by RinJ’. Bishop Elisha Tendwa Missionary and Assistant bishop Diocese of Bukavu - Bishop Elisha Tendwa, Bishop of the Missionary Diocese of Lake Tanganyika, DR Congo
The course has had a major influence on our work in Tanzania, bringing many nominal members into a deep commitment to Christ" - Bishop John Hayden, Diocese of Kiteto, Tanzania
"We thank God that we have 77 small groups which have been formed after the conferences.The RinJ groups are doing well. The teachings are superb, they say. A new atmoshere has been developed as the groups have become a place of sharing and encouragement for one another" - Archbishop Jacob Chimeledya, Diocese of Mpwapwa, Tanzania

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Feedback from Diocesan Coordinators
Thank you again so much for your support to the diocese in bringing the Rooted in Jesus Conference. Groups are already starting up and we are putting the follow up programme into operation starting next week to ensure we capture the wave of enthusiasm that there has been. The Bishop is very excited by the way forwards and Opiyo is looking forward to working with the leaders in the sub parishes. I still feel the afterglow of the conference – Preb Simon Cawdell, Holistic Discipleship Officer, Diocese of Northern Uganda, Feb 2024
We really thank and appreciate your support and commitment of sending your Rooted in Jesus team to come and facilitate the conference in our Diocese. In fact, the conference was so colourful and many Christians who attended the conference got transformed" - Revd Albion Akeen, Diocese of Gogrial 2024
“I can’t contain myself when I see how amazing this Discipleship tool is working in the dioceses but also in the lives of individuals” – Estelle Adams, RinJ Coordinator for Growing the Church, South Africa
"We have seen the Lord using the RinJ groups to bring hope and transformation in Butere. This resource is indeed a gift from God.In the course of the year, many people came to know the Lord through the RinJ groups. Broken relationships in families were restored. There was increased commitment and engagement from RinJ members in church activities. Giving in churches have gone up tremendously in parishes that have engaged actively in the groups." Revd Capt Benjamin Kibara, Diocese of Butere, Kenya
“Since the program started some people have reported that they have peace, joy and happiness in their lives.  They confessed that now they are new Beings, New Creations and New Humanity. They didn’t know what it means to have eternal life but since they started on this program they understand fully. Some of them were ill because of holding grudges and not letting go. Many since they started this program they are able to forget and forgive. Some they thought they have misfortune because they were told that by sangomas (traditional healers). But now they realize that they were suffering because of sin. Sin separates them from God. Some of them they realized their callings for various ministries in the body of Christ. They didn’t see the importance of giving generously in the church and ploughing back into the communities where they come from but now they completely understand what it means to have faith in action.” Canon Itumeleng Pooe, Diocese of Free State, South Africa
"Making disciples must be the primary concern of all Christ's churches on earth. Praise God for Rooted in Jesus. This ministry is launching us in the right path leading to the fulfilment of Christ's mandate in our lifetime." Canon John Musaasizi, Diocese of Mityana, Uganda
"The RinJ teachings are changing people and making them disciples of JESUS, solving marriage problems or conflicts and giving peace to people, giving children by the power of the Holy Spirit through the word of God to those who need them” - Revd James Mayundo, Missionary Diocese of Kalemie, DR Congo
"I thank God for this course of Rooted in Jesus because it brings real change to my own life; the roots have added to me day by day, when I read and teach lessons from the book, and I have many things to share with others. One of my group members said, 'even if we are many, this book is like speaking to us individually'; another said, 'this book is a revelation from God' - and I agree with her." Revd Charles Unjiro, Diocese of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

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Feedback from Group Leaders

"I want to say a couple of things people have said, how RinJ has taken them out of their comfort zone. Someone said, it’s not complicated to know Jesus, it’s just following the instructions.” 
Group leader Wilma, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Rooted in Jesus is a real eye opener! There is a lot l didn't know about my parishoners. Group introductions alone reveal that our parishoners are dying in silence and I am very convinced that RinJ is the real Cure.” Fr Edward Kawinga, Diocese of Upper Shire, Malawi
“The RinJ teachings are very, very important to build a church because at Manono after the first seminar, we went back and started 5 groups of 4 persons each, those groups of 4 persons make now 15 groups of 10 persons each. Those groups help us to expand the church and make the number of believers increase."- Ven NGOY WA KABILA Vincent, Archdeacon of Manono, Missionary Diocese of Kalemie
"The encouragement that I could give to the young people out there is, find a group and join it and experience it for yourself, because this experience is one in a lifetime, you can't find anything like it!" - Renae, a group leader from St Mark's diocese, South Africa
"This is the testimonial we have, there is a big change from the people we teach, and through it 2 chiefs joined the church. The chiefs are giving testimonials on how their village is changing. People in this village as well as members from CDJ Church are becoming born again through this teaching." John Seda, Church of the Disciples of Jesus, Malawi
"I again thank God for you because your coming to us has been a blessing to our church in a way that Christians' spiritual life styles have been revived through that method of 'Get rooted in Christ'. Since your visit to us, some Christians have strengthened their relationships with their God through group discussions like Rwensande, Kyabarungira and Kirabaho churches. It's a new method of preaching and teaching through which many people are fished, and commit their lives to Christ" - Ven Japheth Rvmbathonda, Diocese of S Rwenzori
"The people who are growing the fastest in my group are those who cannot read or write, because they are the ones who have received the memory verses into their hearts" - Group leader, Kibaya, Diocese of Kiteto, Tanzania
"It's never a dull moment when you are in class or discussion. You can feel the presence of God and that people are being touched - Revd Godwin Manganani, Diocese of Luapula, Zambia

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Feedback from the Conferences
"The Rooted in Jesus training not only gives people tools to share their faith but alsoteaches, encourages, and builds up one’s own faith. It was exciting being part of the team and one of my joys was to see so many people engaged in the various messages and seeing them hungry to know more about Jesus and this new way of teaching" - Siphokazi Ngcobo, Diocese of Khahlamba, South Africa
“It was really a blessing to have you in our diocese, I’m receiving encouraging reports from individuals who had attended the conference. Many participants confess that their lives have been changed. It is my prayer that it will have a significant impact not only in individuals’ lives, but that their communities and local parishes will be transformed and grow in maturity in faith and understanding of the Word of God.” Bishop Joseph Mamer, Dioceese of Wanyjok, South Sudan
‘This teachings from Rooted in Jesus is a light to the Church of Congo, it comes to open our eyes as are blind’ – Pastor, Missionary Diocese of Lake Tanganyika, DR Congo
It was wonderful for the first time to meet with the RinJ at Kondoa. The workshop changed my way of leading groups. It works for the group members to grow spiritually rather than to grasp Bible stories.” Abel Obura, Diocese of Mara, Tanzania
“I am totally humbled as I reflect on the weekend—words will never be enough to express what the Lord has done here! It was a wow experience. As Isaiah 43:18 says, “God is doing a new thing.” Joseph Morenammele, Diocese of Lesotho
 ‘Thank you for all your tremendous work during the Rooted in Jesus training period which you initiated to our Diocesel. Our clergy and catechists gained knowledge which they are to impoart to others in the diocese for its spiritual growth. Your hard work to bring the word of God to Mozambique has been greately appreciated, and the Bishop along with the entire organizing team in the diocese, would like to express their deep gratitutde to each and every one of you. Together we make Jesus known and be known by him.’ Revd Shadreck Chithila Kwagwanji
“Thank you for equipping us with the tools to utilise in teaching and discipling many as Christ’s followers. The Rooted in Jesus training was a phenomenal experience. In between sessions we received testimonies that were heart-warming and encouraging." - Revd Dr Zama Mtshali-Dlamini, Diocese of Natal
"I am very grateful for the RinJ training that took place in our diocese, the training was another eye opener to the Clergy and lay leaders that attended training. The participants enjoyed that time of speaking in the Spirit of God and the different ways the Spirit of God can speak to people. What joy that some of the participants hard the experience of the Holy Spirit's touch." - John Onyao, Diocese of Karamoja, Uganda
“I thank God for what happened in my heart. I used to have great sadness, but now the old wounds have been healed. I used not to pray, but now the darkness has gone away and there is only light! I feel happy!  Glory to God!” Lecardie, Diocese of Kigali
"During the training we were living in the presence of the Holy Spirit. During the times of prayer and praise, the following things took place: participants learned how to pray more deeply and effectively; some were freed from family bondages; some received inner healing; demons were cast out; key skills were acquired" - Revd Stephane Makata, Diocese of Katanga
"The books are very well prepared, we appreciated topics discussed which address the learning needs of Christians in our context.The approach of using RinJ in small groups is very useful; it is a rich way of learning and building relationships between church members. A four day residential conference gives enough time to participants, not only to be equipped in leadership but to be spiritually refilled.The team we hosted was a good mixture of people from different age groups, very wonderful, spirit filled and prepared" - Manasseh Tuyizere, Diocesan Youth Coordinator, Diocese of Kigali
"I just attended my first Rooted in Jesus training, and the experience was amazing. On the outset, Rooted in Jesus may look like a simple course in Christian discipleship; but upon a closer look, it is a powerful and meaningful course, equipping Africans in their faith in a context that is relative for them" - Nicole Corlew, Growing the Church, after a conference in the Diocese of George
“The teachings were illustrated or emphasised by demonstrations; It was helpful to have priests within the groups, sharing best experiences was motivating; facilitators were very helpful and they are full of the Holy Spirit; teaching and presentation to me on the Holy Spirit was the eye opener” - Sibongile, Diocese of Zululand

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Feedback from Rooted in Jesus Junior
“I can’t thank you enough for the spiritual armaments that you have imparted into my spirituality as well as ministry through this training. The material is so divine to extent that I have waited for such since 2008, but I really would  not put my head around to formulate anything that, even though I knew that something is missing in the way I teach the children of God. But now with this material everything will be so easy.” –  Phiwa , Diocese of Natal
"Rooted in Jesus Junior is a course designed to help children know God and learn to depend on him. It helps nurture children to be disciples who will be able to disciple their fellow junior disciples. In the Diocese of Eastern Zambia, the training was held in the four Archdeaconries, that is Eastern, Mfuwe, Central and Western Archdeaconries. In each Archdeaconry the conference took three days. After these trainings we have seen that the Sunday school has grown now because children are able to disciple others.” Abraham Phiri, Diocese of Eastern Zambia
"Sunday schools in many churches are meeting under the family of one heart and one mind [RinJ]training. You can find in one church  more than three groups that were not there before. Nowadays we can hear voices of kids memorising verses, which is very encouraging to parents and many Christians that there is something new going on in the midst of children. In the Diocese of Mara we have 54 groups going on and doing wonders in memorising and sharing testimonies. Recently I attended a service for Sunday school to complete book 2 at All Saints, Nyasura, Bunda and witnessed how children carry potential for the future of the church. The Anglican Church has a future in Tanzania because children are brought up properly in a biblical teaching" - Canon Jacob Robert, Diocese of Mara, Tanzania
"Currently, our Grades 2-6 use Rooted in Jesus Junior. Personally, I am enjoying teaching Rooted in Jesus Junior. I find that some of the topics/questions really encourage the children to ask questions, which I like. Ever since my Grade 5 started using Junior, they've always been 10-12 eager-beavers who are so committed to being in Sunday School every week and come at least half an hour before Sunday School starts. We go over what we learnt the previous week and then move on to our current lesson. I give the children rewards for learning their memory verses, and this seems to work quite well. It's all about Jesus, and I can honestly say that the Holy Spirit is indeed with us." Lucy Burgess, Sunday School Superintendent at All Saints Belhar, Cape Town
“Rooted in Jesus has transformed our work with children; it is changing our church; teachers and children are enthusiastic for Jesus. We value the syllabus for the church that Junior has given us. We had no syllabus before now. This is a new experience for us and it is good for us. Rooted in Jesus has given us a curriculum” - Canon James Almasi and Revd Carlos Marcus, Mkomaindo, Diocese of Masasi, Tanzania
I am happy to inform you that Rooted in Jesus Junior worked for us so much. From the time we adopted those materials, we experienced vibrant exiting Sunday school meetings with the children. The Sunday school teachers that I trained using Rooted in Jesus materials have become very good teachers. They are now more practical during every meeting with the children. This has improved much of the children's zeal and love for Christ plus the church. A lot of spiritual gifts were realised among the children. Some of these children lead worship during the main service and other church meetings. The number of the children which was about 25 at our church, it has now has grown to 150+"' - Pastor Ali Mukembo, Jinja, Uganda
"Our ministry is led by the boys and girls. Ibrahim and Kennedy are teaching the programme in our orphanage. They tell me they have seen a great change in the way the word is received by the children and there is a great joy and fun in the meetings. There is growth in the Word of God in their lives." - Pastor Moses, Leader at the New Lease of Life Children's Village, Uganda

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